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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 October 2012
I do not know how much each contributed to this tale, but father and son have combined well to tell a creepy, unsettling story. They do not waste time with too much backstory and get straight into the meat of it. This leaves the reader to imagine how the church relates to the field, the origin of the item in the clearing, the role of the locals, etc.
I started this story late one night and had to force myself to stop so that I could get some sleep before work. The next morning I was reading on through breakfast. Finishing it was the first thing I did on return from work.
I hope that King and Hill do more collaborations.
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on 6 February 2014
Joe Hill, in case you don't already know, is Stephen King's son. He's also a talented writer. Which isn't surprising. Either it's in the genes, or, more likely, Joe Hill grew up with the world's greatest writing teacher at his beck and call. What writer wouldn't benefit from having Stephen King as his live-in editor?

Anyway, In The Tall Grass is a short story co-written by father and son: by teacher and pupil. And it's a good one.

Reminiscent of King's earlier work Children Of The Corn, it's the story of a sister (pregnant) and her twin brother who find themselves in the middle of nowhere, wading into a field of tall grass to save a lost child and his mum. Before long they realise they can't escape the grass. No matter how far they walk in one direction, they don't get any closer to the road or their car. Every time they jump up to look for the road it's either in a different direction or further away. They're stuck.

And the story goes from there.

It's a simple idea, but King and Hill milk it efficiently, constantly cranking up the tension and mystery of the tall grass.

The writing's fluid and engaging, although a couple things niggled at me, especially the references to current-day celebrity gossip and TV shows. King's known to drop in stuff like that, but it's usually a little subtler, or it's something vague such as mentioning Will Smith or Tom Cruise as a star, rather than a specific titbit of time-sensitive relationship-or-TV show gossip. This seemed more of a Hill affectation than anything. And it grated at times. Not a lot, but enough for me to notice it. It also makes the work, by default, anachronistic.

But that's just if I'm looking for flaws.

Other than that, it's an interesting horror story and worth the 99p. Check it out.
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on 17 December 2012
I have been reading King for many years and always look forward to a new offering but I was disappointed with this. I don't know where but I have read this or something similar before. Not sure if it was Children of the Corn. But the idea wasn't original. For me King has always been a writer who conjures up words which cause your imagination to run riot all on its own. With this story it is just a "slasher type movie" not clever but just blood and gore for the sake of it. Remember IT where just the thought of a clown and balloons could cause you to run a mile. For a short story Mile 81 was far superior.
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on 3 June 2016
There was a time when all I read was Stephen King. But a few years ago, I read a couple of books that (in my opinion) didn't quite live up to my expectations of King. So I wandered off, found myself new authors to read. Now, as those few years have passed, I've realized just how many books have been published since I went wandering.
It's time to get back into King!!

So, to ease myself in, I started off with a sort story written by King and Joe Hill.
This book didn't disappoint! Back to true classic King. His mind scares me! But draws me in at the same time.
A brother and sister on a road trip, driving passed a field full of tall grass, they hear a child call out for help, apparently lost in the tall grass. They pull over and call out to the child, the child again calls for help, so in they go - into the tall grass to find the child......... No spoilers here - read the book to find out what happens. It's not a long book, but well worth the read.
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on 15 March 2014
'In the tall grass' is an ebook title released by the now world famous father and son team of Stephen King and Joe Hill, in which we have a young couple of siblings enjoying a peaceful trip through beautiful countryside when - miraculously - they hear a cry for help in the vicinity of a nearby field of tall grass.

As all good people do, they choose to help the apparent victim and venture from the safety of their car into the field. Somehow the rescuers manage to get lost themselves and by book's end they have lost more than their sense of direction. I must say that page by page, word by word, I was reminded of King's earlier classic, "Children of the Corn", which had a more grisly, and much more shocking ending. ITTG was not a frightening story but the trademark creepiness is there and by its climax the authors had built a pretty high mountain of suspense.

Of course the reader simply HAS to know the ending but once you had arrived you were left with a tinge of reminiscence together with a small dose of disappointment. :-(

On a brighter note however there are two surprises for the KC (Kindle Customer) - one is an excerpt from Mr King's forthcoming sequel to THE SHINING as well as a new title from Mr Hill.

The Shining Sequel appears to be brilliant.

What else would we expect from America's Greatest Hero?

BFN Greggorio!
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on 19 October 2012
Whilst the concept of the book is certainly scary - people getting drawn into the tall grass with no means of escape - there was something about the story that I just couldn't connect with. The descriptive horror is typically King but there was something else about the writing style that I felt didn't elicit any empathy for the main characters; therefore I didn't really care about their predicament.
At 99p this isn't going to break the bank in order to form your own opinion but, for me, I was left disappointed overall.
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on 2 December 2012
A brother and sister driving across Kansas with the windows rolled down, hear a young boy calling for help in the middle of a field of Tall Grass. Stopping to investigate, they enter the Tall Grass, become separated, and get lost in the Tall Grass. Then they can't get out of the Tall Grass because the Tall Grass is weird and you can never leave the Tall Grass once you enter the Tall Grass. Huh. Tall Grass, eh?

The premise is interesting: a field of Tall Grass that is somehow an evil living thing where no matter how close you can hear the people caught within it, you will never find them and so the characters are eternally ensnared within this bizarre field of Tall Grass. But then the story continues and gets progressively more of a chore to read, which is odd to say about a short story that's only about 50 odd pages long.

How can a tense and exciting scenario have the vitality sucked from it? Too much description, repetitiveness, and stupid limericks. The excessive goriness is the literary equivalent of the crappy "Saw" movies and feels like King is trying too hard to shock his readers. "In the Tall Grass" is a decent attempt at horror, at least in the first half, but only serves to underline how fresh his stories in "Night Shift" read today some 30 years after being published and how tired his work these days reads in comparison.
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on 24 October 2012
I didn't like any of the characters in this story or should I say I ended up feeling nothing for any of them.

It was a shame because I loved all of Stephen Kings own original work and this for me was not worth the trouble. Sorry if he is reading this but people are buying the stuff you are doing with Joe Hill and if like me they are seeing it as a scrapping of the barrel to find the most outrageously shocking content and sticking it together then your readers will eventually stop buying.

In what I call a real Stephen King book, one that he has written alone, I always find that I get attached to characters along the way, feel what happens to them no matter how bad or gross it might me. But with this story I felt let down.
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on 8 November 2014
If Daddy's name had not been on the cover I would not have bothered to buy this. I did, I read it, and I wished I had not bothered. The story is rubbish, the atmosphere as frightening as a Big Mac and a huge part of the book is a trailer for another book. Joe Hill should get a day job.
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on 11 June 2013
Previously a big fan of Stephen King and new to Kindle Fire HD so this seemed like a bargain at 99p.

In the Tall Grass feels under developed both in characterisation and plot and any moments of tension are let down by pointless gore and a feeling of being clinched.

Doctor Sleep bodes well as a sequel to The Shining (which was the first SK novel that I read) and I have still to read the extract from the novel by Joe Hill.
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