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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 17 September 2012
When Cage York aspiring baseball player gets a DUI, his coach is furious. Left with the choice of being thrown off the team or spending the summer working on a farm. Cage is left with little choice.

Eva Brooks has spent the last eighteen months of her life in limbo, since her fiance Josh Beasley was killed in Iraq. They had been friends since childhood, so it seemd only natural that their relationship blossomed into something more meaningful as they got older. Now Eva is just a shadow of the girl she once was. Josh's brother stays close to Eva, hoping that she will pick up the threads of her life. But she refuses to even take off her engagement ring.

When Cage arrives at her father's farm Eva gives him a hard time. Her friend Becca is all over Cage like a rash, and suddenly Eva starts to feel jealous. Eva knows that Cage is poles apart from the sort of man Josh was. Cage is the archetypal bad boy. Love em and leave em. But she soon starts to see another side to Cage, and the fact that he is drop dead gorgeous might be a bonus.

Loved this story from Abbi Glines, beautifully written well developed characters, and just an all round joy to read. This really is the definintion of a romance book for me. Highly recommend.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 August 2012
In my view, this book is the best in the Sea Breeze Series. However, that may be because it is not a YA book like the other two. It contains this warning on the Amazon page : This is not a young adult book. It is impossible to get into Cage York's head and keep it clean enough for YA. Language, sex, and alcohol were used in the making of this book.
Whilst I agree with the author that she couldn't have written a book about Cage without featuring sex and language, I am a bit disappointed she also chose to write scenes featuring unprotected sex. I'm sure YA's will read this book as it is part of a series and they will want to know what happened with Cage so I think it's a bit irresponsible of the author to have the characters have unprotected sex.
That rant aside, I liked Cage in 'Because of Low'. Yes he was a womaniser but you could tell he was also caring because of how he looked out for Low.
I think the author is relying on readers having read the previous novel to understand Cage as she doesn't go into it again much in this book. I would have liked her to explore more about Cage's past. Some parts of the book feel rushed, especially the last few pages. We are told Eva sorted things with her Dad but I would have liked to read how she did that. I would also like to have been told what Eva was going to do once she made her decision to be with Cage. Was she going back to College etc?
I liked the love story and how Cage makes Eva feel again after the loss of her young fiance. The book does contain sex scenes and they are well written (apart from the lack of condom!).
It was good to read about Cage falling in love and knowing heartache after his womanising ways. Eva is a good match for him. I liked her.
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on 5 January 2014
Cage York is a man of simple pleasures. He breezes through his life taking what he wants, when he wants it. And the women he takes it from are more than happy to warm his bed, even if it for a brief time. His laid back attitude adds to his charm, but it doesn't hide the fact that Cage York, straight-shooter with no graces, has a very bright future ahead of him. With a full ride to college playing baseball, no one doubts he is headed for the big time. But then he makes the stupid mistake of drink-driving. His coach demands he spends his summer on his brother's farm baling hay and learning how stupid his decision was. The farm is the last place Cage wants to be. An hour away from his friends and no beach with hot girls in bikinis. But then he meets the daughter of his new boss. Ava with the bluest eyes he has ever seen...and that wants absolutely nothing to do with Cage.

Ava Brooks had her life planned out when she was eight years old and as she grew up it never changed. Ava loved her neighbour, Josh Beasley, more than she could ever have thought possible. He had been her first in everything that counted - first kiss, first date, first boyfriend. And then she got the letter Josh had written her in the event that he died whilst serving in Baghdad. Ava's plan and life erupted and when she had the strength to pick up the pieces she discovered she would never be whole again.

Cage stands for everything that Ava hates. Womanising, careless, cocky. He irritates her beyond compare so why can she not stop thinking about his smile?

What was supposed to be the worst summer ever may just be what these two need to turn into something whole.

Cage do I put him into words? He leapt off the page like a jungle cat, padded around my subconscious and told me to love him or get the hell out. It was a joy to read his story and to finally find someone of worth to share his life with.

While It Lasts was bittersweet and very moving, whilst obviously having the trademark Glines heat. It was a beautiful instalment of the Sea Breeze series and think it may just be my favourite.
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on 22 July 2013
Book 3 in the Sea Breeze Series and I have to say I liked it alot more than Book 1 and Book 2.

Cage is a complicated character. He's had an awful childhood which has left its mark (although we don't really get told much about his childhood). His usual routine is to use and discard women, with the exception of Low - his best friend.

In this book we know he was caught driving under the influence of alcohol... but we don't know the circumstances around it. We don't know the court's decision/penalties. We just know he isn't allowed to drive and is in danger of losing his scholarship at college... What he is studying is anyone's guess. What he wants to do in life is also anyone's guess. This is my main complaint with this series. There is no real fleshing out of the characters.

Eva is a wonderful character. She is so hurt and lost after the death of her fiancé... Eighteen months have passed from his death and she hasn't been able to move on. Her anger towards Cage in the beginning is believable. Her growing attraction to him and the way she opens up to him are well done and her hesitance and confusion are all understandable and relatable. BUT we don't know much about her. Does she go to college? Does she work? What does she want in the future? Marriage? Babies? To be a professional musician? No fleshing out!!

The relationship between Cage and Eva is sweet and sexy and develops in a way which is completely believable... The ending is particularly sweet.

Also, I liked the update on characters from the other books(Marcus and Low, Preston, Rock etc.)

Basically is was a good read. Not great but enjoyable enough to pass a day.

3 out of 5 stars.
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on 19 July 2013
I think it's impossible for Abbi Glines to write anything bad. Anything she writes just has that WOW factor and While it Lasts just proves Abbi knows how to write and sell hot and steamy stories!

After meeting Cage in Marcus and Low's story, I've always had a soft spot for him and yes, even with how he is. I just want to wrap Cage up and keep him safe because no matter what he says, he needs to be loved by someone other than just Low. So when Eva comes along, she literally knocks the breath out of him. He can't understand how one girl can get under his skin so much. And for Eva, Cage is the last person she ever thought she'd find attractive but looking at him while he's a work on her Daddy's farm, well, what girl could keep away from a guy like that?

Plain and simple, I loved Cage and Eva's story! Because of Low was such a hard act to follow and with Cage being so popular with the ladies, he needed to be wrote very believable and I definitely believe Abbi did it that just right. What I love is how steamer these books get with each book. I feel like Abbi is more comfortable writing them and taking more risks with each and every one, so it's really showing in her work.

Cage is major hottie - you'd be stupid not to fall for him. I always love stories that have local man slut turn good, it's always such an interesting journey - and Cage's story didn't disappoint. His and Eva's relationship was a slow one to start with, so Cage really has to work at building her trust and proving he isn't the person she's assumed he is. But once they start opening up to one another, it's beautiful and did I mention hot? Cage has this slightly possessiveness to Eva - and that growl he does? Oh yeah! It's hot!

Out of all the books of Abbi's I've read so far, it's really hard to pick a favourite couple. They all have certain unique qualities to them, so it's hard to pick. This leaves me very excited to read Just for Now which is Preston's story.

In all, another hot and fabulous read from Abbi Glines, Cage and Eva's story won't leave you disappointed and if you haven't picked up the Sea Breeze series yet, then what are you waiting for?
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So I think it is an understatement to say I was looking forward to reading Cage's story! Having loved him so much in Because of Low (where he possibly stole every scene he was in) - I was really looking forward to a whole book filled with Cage-y-goodness! And yes, I loved it!

So Cage messes up and is sent to a farm to work, where he meets Eva, the farmer's daughter. Straight away there is an intense connection between the two (but I'm not sure if I'd say it is attraction or hatred lol) - but Eva is still coming to terms with the death of her fiancé - so is there room for Cage in her life? And does he want there to be?

I liked Eva. She was different then I thought she'd be - more uptight (but I actually found I liked this - it made her more relatable!) - and it goes without saying that I loved Cage. I was pleased to see Low pop up in this - I really do like the way the stories connect and continue - and there is an obvious set up for the next book in a scene with Preston and Amanda.

Again - this is fun to read, with lots of romance. Yes it is insta-love - but I also find that the characters do find a way to connect properly too (in this case Cage's reaction to hearing about the death of her fiancé and how he treats her after he finds out). I also loved how this one is resolved. And the setting!

So yes, sign me up for Just For Now!
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We are first introduced to Cage in Because of Low he is the stereotypical hot jock player; sowing his wild oats would be an understatement for Cage. Yet, we've seen glimpses of his tender, caring side with his relationship with Low. Revelations about his childhood and the physical abuse he suffered all add to the puzzle that is Cage.

Raw emotions flow from the pages, the prologue sets the tone for the whirlwind of feelings this book brings out.

One of the things I enjoy about Abbi's books is the way she manages to incorporate music into them (swoon).

Eva has had her whole future torn away from her leaving her devastated and a shell of her former self. At first she seems a little judgmental but its a defense mechanism for her. Cage's reputation causes a barrier for Eva and she holds herself back. Due to her upbringing she is overly concerned with what other people think.

The harsh realities of life and how they change us/shape us/define us into the person we become without realization Alongside the ability to find the perfect person to see us for who we really are and accept all aspects of us without judgement are both poignantly portrayed within this story.

Lack of communication and the fear of rejection are the basis for a multitude of problems in relationships and very realistically brought to life by Cage and Eva. The ultimate message between the lines is that being in love/loved is all about opening yourself up and taking a chance There are no guarantees in life and not trying would be the equivalent of not living.
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on 27 July 2013
I didn't expect this book to be so sad but it was I know we never actually meet Josh but reading his letter and listening to eva talk about the life she lost with him was really sad. But I am glad she found happiness again and cage finally settled down with one girl
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on 24 July 2013
Ok I loved this book it totally re-newer my love affair with Abbi Glines! She's the first author to actually make me cry! This book was a great read for me and I devoured it in less than 24 hours, and I am pleased to say there's going to be a sequel!
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on 27 May 2013
This Sea Breeze series just gets better!

I loved Jax and Sadie's story, then there was Marcus and Low's story, which was fab. And now we just had Cage and Eva's story.

So bad ass Cage, love em and leave em, was all he ever had with regards to girls, except for Low, who was more like a sister!

After getting done for drunk driving, he got shipped out for the summer, to earn his place on the baseball team, and his scholarship, he'd loose everything if he failed this.

He was not expecting to meet someone quite like Eva, she had him hooked from the get-go!

We meet Eva, when Cage turns up for work, both trying hard to ignore the bad boy, because she was still nursing a broken heart.

She felt the sparkle straight away, clearly love will not and does not run smoothly! So we run through their relationship, good one minute, bad the next.

Cage was warned off and Eva didn't want anything to do with him. Cage is unbelieving that he is good enough for Eva, Eva thinks she should do better, I am really pleased they work out their problems, Eva started to believe in herself, and consequently believes she is worthy as is Cage!

the epilogue was great
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