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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2013


Initially I was quite skeptical when I received this item, because when it is brand new the support/stand system doesn't work that well.

Indeed, I was initially very tempted to log on to Amazon and give this case 1 star, as the primary reason I was interested in it was because of the ability to have a better viewing angle when watching movies, and at first it didn't appear that this did that.

However, I held fire, because I thought that maybe the folds in the case just needed to be bent a little more.

Having done that and waited a little while to check that was in fact the case, I am pleased to report that the two stand settings do in fact now work.

You may need to bend the folds on the front of the case a few times to make them work properly and get a proper grip on the case. So do that when you first get it and the stands should work fine.

The case itself is rather attractive and the ipad mini fits very snugly into it, so there is no real sense in which it adds greatly to the slim features and light weight of the ipad mini, which are two of its primary selling points.

I weighed the case on my digital scale and it weighs 105 grams. The ipad mini itself weighs 312 grams. So together the two weigh 417 grams which is not at all heavy.

I like the fact that the volume buttons (and indeed all the buttons) have cutouts from the case, so that none of the functionality of the item are affected. And can confirm that these are all in the right places and dimensions, so that for example the camera on the back of the case still works fine while it is in this case.

If you look at other cases you will find that often times the volume buttons ARE covered up by the case, and that for me seems like a design flaw.

The magnet on the front of the case works great. It is a little weak however, as others have pointed out, and could probably do with having an additional magnet on the other side to make it a little more secure.

Overall though it works well, and the ipad does turn off and come back to life when the cover is opened and closed.

I also like the fact that the case does not cover up the face of the ipad at all. And yet the back is properly covered up, so the principle flaw in the design of the Apple cover is addressed in a cover that costs 1/3rd of the price.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and would be happy to buy it again.

UPDATE - 28th July 2013 - I have knocked a star off to take this down to 4 stars. Overall, I am still very happy with it, and haven't noticed any problems with "peel away" that some others have spoken about.

The quality of the material and the basic design is good. My iPad mini is very well protected by this, but with no noticeable bulking up.

The case remains good to use. The stand feature continues to work fine, and overall it protects the ipad very well.

There is however one recent issue that has led me to decide to downgrade my review from 5 stars to 4.

This is that the magnet issue is a little more irritating than I at first appreciated.

If its just on your desk, or loose at home, there is no problem. But if you put the unit in a backpack, then because the magnet on the front cover is weak, the case does open up from time to time and turn the unit on, and also drain the battery.

You can work around it, because you can put the case in a separate compartment in your backpack etc, to stop anything from catching on it and pushing the front open. It really isn't the end of the world, especially given that the all-around protective arrangement in this cover is still vastly superior to the silly "front cover only for three times the price" Apple solution.

But it should be nevertheless be sorted out.

On the 3rd April 2013 (almost 4 months ago), a representative from Forefront Cases commented on this very review:

"Hello Stuart,

Thank you for taking the time to review our product. I agree that if you do manipulate the folds it does make the standing positions work more effectively. I will also pass on the feedback regarding the magnetic closure too see if this is something we can improve on for future products.

Once again thank you very much for taking the time to review the case.

Forefront Cases"

Four months have passed Nicola and the magnet is clearly an issue.

Has this been rectified?

Update 30th July 2013 - Nicola has been in touch and offered to send me the "new case design" which is now what is apparently being sent out when you buy this. It apparently has a stronger magnet and one or two other fixes to some of the issues folks say they were having.

Once it arrives and I have had a chance to have a play around with it, I will update this review as to my thoughts.

28th Aug 2013 - Haven't yet recieved the new case with the better case magnet. So will update when I do. I contacted Forefront a couple of times in the last few weeks, but the messages went unanswered. I subsequently spoke to Nicola at Forefront today (who replied in the comments to this review with a number to contact her - may have been removed by now) who said that the messages hadn't been recieved. She said it was something to do with the fact that Amazon fulfills this product for the company or something, and so they weren't getting the messages. Seems odd. But Nicola seemed straightforward enough, so if you have any issues try leaving a review if they don't responded to a contact through your account. It may be an Amazon contact issue. The case is apparently being sent today, so will advise as to any differences in design etc when I get it.

Update 2nd Sept 2013 - New case has arrived (read whole review for reasons). Wrong colour supplied. Purple, not red. As to the cover magnet, well, honestly I can't see any difference with the last case I was supplied with. The purple case weighs 105 grams as opposed to the old case which also weighed 105 grams. So it seems unlikely that an extra magnet has been added as it seems logical it would weigh more, not exactly the same. It also looks the same (though the internal felt material looks ever so slightly darker - But I think that's just the batch of cloth rather than a change of material). But overall I am not sure how it has been modified? Overall the case is still fine. I would be happy to buy it again. But it doesn't seem to me like the magnet issue has been fixed, (or in fact that anything has changed about the case from the first one I got) so the cover magnet may prove a source of annoyance. Accordingly, my review of 4 stars for a generally good cover, but with possible weak magnet issues remains. Accordingly, the below review and comments are still accurate and will remain as is.

25th Nov 2013 Update - Bought my Dad one of these in blue for his new Ipad Air. Can confirm that the case is a good fit on the bigger device, looks great and my Dad is very happy with it. For the price it is great and really makes the official Apple ones look like someone is pulling your leg by charging £67 for a case! For £12 this is a great buy.
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on 18 February 2015
This was in a disgusting state when i received it. It had dirt marks all of the case furthermore the inside of the case what covered by something that seemed to be rust i didn't dare touch it. Absolutely ridiculous definitely wont buy again.
review image review image
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on 26 February 2014
This cover is okay but it doesn't stand up at all - like it seems to in the picture. I tried many different configurations and it never worked. The cover also leaves some (temporary) marks on the screen where it touches. These marks wipe off, but a bit annoying if you are OCD about the screen like me.

Also i suspect many of these great reviews are "encouraged", I was offered a second free cover if I gave a five star review.

I replaced it with one from Anker and it's much better, imho.
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on 26 September 2014
I have bought several of these cases, the oldest was a red one in mid-January. I was impressed with it when it arrived.

Over the last month the case's red colour covering has cracked and split. The red is starting to flake off.

I have contacted Forefront Cases to ask if there had been a faulty batch of red cases and their final reply is that they will not replace cases after 6 months. I conclude that this is the expected life of the case. Very disappointing - even though the product was inexpensive 6 months is rather poor!

Can only hope the other colour cases from Forefront I have bought last longer.
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on 5 December 2012
I purchased this and the official apple mini ipad case which was £35. After using this product for a day i took the apple one back. This product is great value for money. For me, the best feature about the product is the back protector which the apple case is lacking. I don't know why anyone would pay much more for much less. It's incredibly lightweight and doesn't get in the way when the cover is folded behind and i'm using it with one hand. The material feels nice and the entire product feels high quality and well put together. Folding the stand is a bit stiff at first but once you've done it a couple of times, it works perfectly. My biggest worry was if it would fall over when the stand was in use and i was taping the screen. I've had this for about a week now and not once have me and my clumsy finger been able to knock this down accidentally. Finally, the ipad sits very nicely within the case and all the ports, buttons and camera are in no way obstructed.

This product is much better than expected and with Christmas coming up, this will be a perfect present for those expecting an ipad minis from santa!
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on 14 November 2014
The product itself is of a good design, looks smart and is sturdy. My only complaints would be that upon receipt, it had scuffs along the edge on the plastic/resin piece and some dried, almost adhesive looking material at the top, which I had to scrape and wipe off.
review image
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on 10 November 2013
After just a month this case is still working like a case, I mean it closes and stays closed to protect the Mini, but the lid no longer keeps it upright when sitting on a table. The folds have become sufficiently loose and flexible that it just falls over.
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on 8 January 2015
This item is not as advertised. It has no sleep/wake function as claimed (which was why I bought it). It is plastic not leather. It does not stand up very well and the front cover does not sit well over the screen. I feel ripped off. I'm surprised Amazon allow such shoddy products and shady marketing to use the platform. I will certainly think twice about the validity of merchants claims on the site in future. Very disappointed.
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on 23 May 2014
Great case, whilst it lasted. Bought only 6 months ago, turned my ipad portrait and the ipad fell out of the case, one of the plastic holders on the corner had sheared across. Lucky this case is cheap!
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on 7 July 2014
7th July 2014. Just started using it; the initial feel is good and the star rating reflects my first impressions.

Bit disappointed that it doesn't swivel to allow portrait format support and the stand puts it at too vertical an angle when viewing at an average desktop height. I'll reserve full judgement until it's been in use for a week or two at which time I'll update my review.

It looks and feels good quality and it holds the iPad mini nicely secure. Apart from my small reservations above, I like it so far. As far as value for money is concerned I'd rate it at 5 stars provided it doesn't loose any functionality over a period of continuous use.

8th July 2014: Having tried to work with it for two days, I have to change my first impression. The stand is poor and the iPad Mini keeps falling over no matter how I try to enhance the hinges (as suggested by another user). Also, the angle at which the iPad is supported is too steep, making it difficult to operate the keyboard or to read what's on the screen.

Sorry, but I find it unusable.
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