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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Edifier Exclaim E10 2.0 Speaker System
Price:£99.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 17 July 2013
As ive got older my speakers seem to be coming down in price as my years increase.
When younger and free had the THX cambridge speakers with 300 watts rms which would wake the dead but luckily for them no distortion which was nice....
when they departed along with the "magic smoke" from the subwoofer (ouch) i mistakenly stayed with creative and bought a set of t40s as really did not have the room due to a 6 yr old plus his lego collection for a sub and satellites so went with this 2.0 setup which at the time was getting rave reviews along with one by me (early days) - Please let me pop that 5 star bubble and the bubbleheads who raved about it, i had to replace them 3 times due to failures and not once did they sound anything out of the ordinary

Now the E10s - still 2.0 and only 30 something watts, yes they may look odd, no they probably arent the best known name out there, oh look no separate bass or treble controls or remote for the matter..

But you know what?

They sound marvelous on as desktop setup, that silly shape houses speakers that have no right to sound that good in something that looks so daft with nice low ends and clear high ends (ooh get me).

Music and gaming are well catered for and enjoy them for what they are - PC speakers, You arent going to host an all night party on these but if you want to chill , enjoy one of your favourite mp3s over a cold beer then i think you will be satisfied.

They lose a star as my first set stopped working after a couple of hours - its gotta be me and tech - changed them and 2nd set still going strong, will update further if it all goes horribly wrong
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on 22 February 2014
Moving into university halls abroad, I was looking for a set of speakers that wouldn't take up too much space, affordable and of great sound quality. I bought these after reading a few reviews online (There weren't many because I think this speakers aren't very popular). However, the reviews were consistent in saying these produce great sound. When my speakers arrived, I was pleasantly surprised =) The clarity of the speakers in the mid and high ranges were really nice. Though it may only be a 2.0 system, I find the bass sufficient for my type of music (instrumental, ballad, pop, R&B) but a little lacking when compared with my previous 2.1 set. The speakers are elevated such that the music is directed nicely to your ears when sitting in front of the computer, sometimes making me feel like I'm listening to my music live. I was worried at first because there's no controls to change the bass/treble but I guess there's no need for it because the sound produced is balanced to my liking.

I have to admit I'm not skilled enough and my feedback may not be agreed by others. But in my opinion, I would highly recommend these speakers unless you need big bass.
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on 10 March 2014
Nice speakers design but rubbish quality sound for its price. I was expecting a big sound coming from these speakers considering being an active unfortunately are just a joke.
Over priced, would not recommend
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on 1 August 2013
I didn't even buy these from Amazon, but as a frequent user of Amazon, I wanted to share how amazing these are! The clarity, mids, highs and bass is perfect. Although they may look strange, and whilst I'm not a true audiophile, they out perform most speakers that I've heard, certainly in this price range. I cannot recommend them enough! If you can give them a listen, do it! They also go surprisingly loud, but don't get distorted whilst doing so. Sounds great ranging from Knife Party to Pantera to Mumford and Sons. Instrumentals and vocals is where they really shine, but electro sounds are good too. I'm not saying they have extreme amounts of bass, but their woofer packs a punch for it's size. Really good quality speakers, well made.
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on 19 March 2014
I bought them to replace my £ 20 Logitech LS21 2.1 speakers, because I wanted richer/louder sound. I'm now in the process of returning them. At £70 I didn't expect "big sound" but definitely expected what I was paying for: 3.5 times more sound quality and loudness than my Logitech. Well, unles mine were faulty, the Edifier e10 are a little bit louder but not a bit better in terms of quality. I thought the lack of subwoofer was somehow compensated, it's not, they sound cheap, flat, light. So why I'm going to pay 3.5 times more to get pretty much the same thing? Plus, there's no control for the bass/trebble, and there's no way to know where you are at with the volume, I prefer a knob. I would not recommend this product. I would say, if you want good sound for little money to listen while working close to your computer -low volume- buy the logitech LS21 or anything similar that would cost you not more than £20... if you want richer/louder/room filling sound go for the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III at £100... but don't even consider the Edifier. e10, it's a waste of money.
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on 20 May 2013
02/06/13 - now down to £49.99 at Currys! Bargain!

-Sound is very well balanced and musical for desktop speakers.
-Good value (unlikely you can get better alternative at this price).
- good update to tv, pc or ipod sound if you have space and want something cheaper than soundbar (if you don't need digital inputs)

-(Vertical) angle is fixed too high, and ruins the sweet-spot.
- Bit bulky for a desktop system

Just got these, from high st retailer, where they are end-of-line for £59. I was considering buying a simple hi-fi set-up, but in the end decided these would be better because i mostly listen to stuff sat on/near the pc anyway. They have replaced some Logitech X-140s which were great value but developed a bad buzzing. I also compared the e10s the edifier Aurora 2.1 system: the Auroras sounded ok, but switching to the e10s, the sound was much fuller and more vivid.

Reading the various TechRadar and PC pro reviews of these, I thought they might sound bright, but they don't - listening to them with no tone adjustments, they sound refined, not at all bright. Sound is very detailed and well balanced: listening to some tracks I know well, I've heard details on these I'd previously never noticed or only via headphones (Sennheiser PX-100s at moment). There is plenty of bass for my taste when listening to music, though for games and movies they wouldn't provide the really deep rumbles of a system with a sub, but the sound is very cohesive (unlike with so many sub/sat systems, where the low and high frequencies don't "gel"). Vocals are clear and sound natural. I'm surprised by the width to the sound-stage, and instruments and sounds seem to have positions well defined in space.

For £59 or less... really there's nothing to dislike. However, sat a little way into the depth of my desk they're angled too far upwards, so that the sweet spot of the sound is lost, which makes them sound dull. They're fairly bulky sat on my desk.

I got the Editors Keys Monitor Guard foam pads to sit these on: trimmed them down as the speakers have a relatively compact footprint. Cured passing vibrations onto the surface the speakers are stood on and improved the bass considerably,and the blocks angle the units down into line with the ears.

5star sound at the price now they're sat on these isolator blocks!
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on 14 November 2014
The first thing that struck me about these speakers was the spatial quality of the sound image. All the instruments are clearly defined in space. It's almost tangible. This was quite a revelation for me as I have not had a decent stereo setup for several years. These budget PC speakers are better than the separates I used to have! I can hear the difference in density between various sound file qualities, and I am finding a new appreciation of music I've been listening to for years. No doubt if I splashed out on a fancy system, I would experience another jump in quality, but to my - possibly naive - ears, these are very good, especially for the price.

My only slight niggle is that it's obvious in the sound that the bass is being processed separately. I usually listen to classical music, but when I do listen to something with strong electronic bass sounds, the bass part is not quite integrated into the sound image.
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on 4 March 2016
Due to my job I never settle too long in the one place so always have the best single portable speaker I can find.
But as you know the most amazing single speaker in the world never really gives you an immersive experience. I missed this terribly.
So the search began for a decent 2.0 system that I wouldn't mind leaving behind when I move on.
Enter the budget Edifier E10, I didn't buy on Amazon but on ebay for £35 ( I was trying to keep the budget as low as possible)
Wow! For 35 quid these speakers are phenomenal, I love the mids and highs - such clear treble! The bass isn't as low as you would like but it is more than enough. This was my concern after reading the reviews but all together these are a nice rounded package. The first time I played them I thought the music suddenly had a live, totally immersed sound. With the speakers to either side of me it felt like the music was coming from a space in the ether somewhere in front of me.
Highly recommended, any questions please just ask.
FYI I normally use a Minirig 1.1 system for portable music, this costs £270 and while the bass is better these speakers are simply awesome for a fraction of the price. It's the angle (and quality) of the speakers that make it!
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on 23 January 2014
I bought these to replace the weak USB powered speakers I'd been using and the difference is remarkable. The E10s have an interesting look - almost like a musical note with the rectangle of the speaker attached to the round mini-woofers at the bottom. Either that or commas, but the musical note is more appropriate. I've only had these for a few days and I'm pleasantly surprised by how good they sound out of the box. I'm used to waiting for speakers to break in after extended use, only loosening up after weeks or even months. Perhaps that isn't the case with more modern speakers like these.

The sound is more open and clear than I expected coming from such small speakers. Detailed highs, natural mids, and a decent amount of bass make for a balanced sound profile. The bass isn't particularly powerful, but it's definitely noticeable and it doesn't do a disservice to bass-heavy tracks. I listen to a wide variety of music and I haven't been disappointed by how the E10s have reproduced any of it so far. From the Brandenburgs to 90s gangsta rap, these Edifiers have produced solid sound.

Highly recommended for the price.
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on 20 September 2013
I am not an audiophile, but I love music & listen to lots as I work from home and play music and radio all day as I'm drawing. So, how good are these speakers? I don't really know, but they are a vast improvement on my previous Logitec 2.1 system PC speakers and at least as good as our Bose Sound dock which we use in the house. For the money I'm really impressed and very pleased with the upgrade.
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