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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2013
I like this book. It has been well planned to take maximum advantage of the Kindle format. I have played through it myself and learned from it. Many of the problems are easy but they are from real game situations and needed to be seen and sometimes weren't. I run a junior chess club and I have seen these sorts of mistakes ie missing simple opportunities for gaining advantage, numerous times. I am also a member of a league club and these same omissions crop up from time to time in mine and other members games. I think they wil be less frequent in mine now because I have learned to recognise the conditions for the tactical opportunities to occur. No doubt the book will get described as being too easy but I know alot of players who would benefit from reading it. Very good value for money.
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on 3 December 2014
I have been a fan of Tim's 'Tactics Time' newsletter for years now, and always enjoy receiving it and digesting the contents. I've only just bought a Kindle though, and it was a while before I realised 'Hey all of Tim's tactics can go on here'. Slow brain you see, my rating only hovers around 1450-1500. No exaggeration though, I did the first seventeen exercises and then wiped the floor with a 1675 on Chessbase. Might not be the book, but you never know. I give four stars because although it's billed as error free I found in mistake in tactic #17 (should read Ne3). Statistically this means there are probably quite a few other errors too. But it's amazing to have all these tactics in your pocket and try one when you have a spare thirty seconds. Also, can't believe that at the time of writing there are only 14 reviews!
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on 31 December 2012
It is an achievement to put together 1000 puzzles. The layout is good. However I feel that in order to get the target number of puzzles into the publication the writer has stretched the meaning of tactics. It would have been better if the number was reduced and those puzzles concerned with pawn pushes and hanging pieces were omitted. In addition it would have been an improvement if the puzzles could be split into easy medium and hard categories. The explanations could have been expanded in some cases but this is a minor quibble

The book is not going to make you a grade A player. Nevertheless it is an enjoyable read. If you are like me that buys a chess book with the intention of reading it to the end but never quite finishes it this is the book for you.
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on 3 May 2013
Despite studying various openings and fitting in plenty of games, I found I was making little progress. After asking around, several players recommended studying tactics instead and it has certainly done my game a lot of good. Tactics Time is a very easy to use book of chess problems that one can pick up or drop at one's convenience. Definitely recommend to any beginner/intermediate player seeking to improve their game.
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on 24 July 2016
Do you read tons of books with detailed analysis but still lose games by missing relatively simple tactics? If so, you are one of the 99 percent who will never make master level but still want to improve. This book is for you and will help you recognise patterns which come up in everyday games - those situations where you just know that there has to be a good move but you can't quite work it out. The book is well laid out with puzzle/solution format rather than solutions at the back and black-to-move puzzles are shown from black's perspective (why do some show them from white's perspective?). A minor criticism is that some of the positions are so clearly won that there is more than one winning move but only one is given. Works excellently in kindle format and an absolute bargain. I intend to reread in the near future.
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on 14 October 2014
Fantastic book. As a beginner, these are exactly the kind of situations that come up in my own games. I'm now becoming much better at spotting simple (and sometimes not so simple) tactics whilst playing games... I would recommend this book to any other beginner...
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on 10 April 2016
Really good useful chess tactics book. The fact that the book is aimed at bumbling amateurs like me is the true strength of the book. Coupled with the sphere volume means you notice a massive improvement in your playing ability.
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on 10 May 2013
A book for learning real game tactics. Someone with a basic knowledge of chess will be benefited from it. Lots of examples and you get newsletter in your email from latest competitions, so will help you.
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on 24 July 2014
OK, some of the tactics are just too easy to be in the book, but overall I have found it very useful when coaching. It has a lot of problems, of the sort that you have to do really well if you want to be a decent club player. It is certainly not just for beginners or near beginners - even players in Minor sections in congresses will get a lot from this book.
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on 10 March 2013
When I say in the review title that I think this is the perfect tactics book for normal players I mean no disrespect to the master level players who would get a lot less from this, and most other, chess books. But such players are not normal.
This book avoids what I find is the biggest problem with most chess books. It seems to me that many books on chess are written by the strongest of players with little memory of how it feels to be an ordinary player, keen to improve. I am not a very strong player but I want to get better and I get frustrated by books which assume a level of understanding which, if I had, would mean I didn't need their book!
This book is different in that the positions used to illustrate the ideas I need to learn and understand are taken from games played by club level players, games I could easily have appear on my board in my next tournament. It is almost certainly a psychological thing, with my expecting to understand these games more than those of grandmasters, but mainly I think the games and positions are chosen well and the solutions explained clearly by an author who either knows or remembers how it feels to be a club level player.
Add to that the facility to click a link on the solution page and go to an online board where you can play through the whole game and you have a winning package. I have only lost one of the 25 games I have played since I bought this book. I'll take some credit for that- and my 120 point rating increase- myself but I have to be fair and also give credit to this valuable wee book.
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