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on 11 October 2013
This is a very good mirror, in the sense that it's strong yet bendable. You don't have to insert it into the end of your handlebars like so many others (not all of us have ends that can be inserted into - I use the GP3 palm grips by Ergon & the stubby bar ends mean that the grips aren't hollow).

The tiltable mirror section is very sensible, working well in use, so that you don't need to adjust the whole angle of the arm, just press the side of the mirror & it moves within its circular casing.

Interestingly, it comes supplied with a hexy tool & 2 spare screws but not 2 spare nuts (& these, not being glued in might become as necessary as the screws, so this aspect doesn't make sense).

No shims are supplied but for my narrower tubes I just used a bit of spare inner tube (excellent cheap rubber home-made shim to aid grip) as my tubes are rather narrow, but once I did this it grips well.

I personally found I needed about 4 hands to fit the thing though (although once it was on it's been great). This is because the 2 halves (the half with the arm/mirror section & the other half which goes on the opposite side of the handlebar) have to be totally separated before they can be done up. Trying to get the nut to stay in the hole & then put the screw in (without dislodging the nut), whilst holding it in place on the bike was very tricky indeed.

What made it worse was the lack of length of what I'm calling the guide posts - 2 little "arms" on one half of the connection which align it with its other half. It's not until they're almost touching that they're of benefit.

The length of the arm is fixed but you can change the angle quite considerably. Also, TG are a good company to deal with & I found them polite & responsive.

All-in-all I'd definitely recommend them & this wing/rear-view mirror. It would've got 5 stars if shims were supplied, there were 2 spare nuts in addition to the screws, the nuts were glued in place & the guide posts were longer. Although to be fair, if the nuts were glued, then having longer "guide posts" would probably be redundant.

Hope this helps.
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on 23 May 2014
This is the second mirror i have bought this one for my Husband we have electric bikes and the controls take up room on the handle bars so a long handled mirror is a must Hubby fixed it on bike with out too much bother. I think its a shame that the mirror part is not a bit bigger i find it a bit difficult to see into the distance, but very good when doing a right hand turn in busy traffic when close up, it is also very good how you can bend the mirror to where you want it and it also stays put over rough ground, if you bear in mind about the distance problem and are okay with that then the fact that this is my second purchase speaks for its self. Yes i would recommend this mirror, thank you.
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on 24 April 2014
Just taken up cycling in my retirement and found looking over my shoulder difficult. In principle this does the job but not as effectively as I had hoped. Pros: Fits to handlebars easily. Seems well made. Cons: Convex mirror makes vehicles look too far away whereas in reality by the time they heave into view they are almost on top of you. The flexible stem slowly moves out of the position it's in after a few miles. Being flexible it always wobbles slightly even on dead flat roads making it difficult to see images clearly.

Addition - Having used for a mon now,have got used to it and I am much more impressed and just bought a second as a spare in case I need another and they are unavailable.
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on 12 January 2014
UPDATE after nearly two years: the mirror had become a little green at the edges thanks to being used in all weathers, but still perfectly usable.


This seems to be a well-made product. This review might help you to fit it properly. At first I could not see how to fit this to my handlebars and get a good view, because when it arrived the mirror was in line with the bracket and not at right-angles to it as shown in the photo, and I could not work out how to adjust it.

In the end I realised that the stem, stiff though it is, not only bends but also twists. You can bend it - and also twist it - to any angle you like! There is no need to unscrew the little flush black cross-head screws at each end of the stem (which I did - to no benefit, nothing can be adjusted).

So, just use the supplied tool to unscrew/screw in the long silver bolts and attach to handlebars, then carefully bend/twist the stem - it really will go where you want it to, and stay there.

I have knocked off one star for lack of instructions, but I like the product.
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on 23 October 2017
I did a huge amount of research before I chose which mirror I should buy. I looked at all the reviews of practically every mirror for sale and this seemed to be the one that came up best. One reviewer said 'this is the only mirror I'd put on my bike' that swayed me. Other's said it was very versatile. I was looking for a flexible mirror that wouldn't shake and I didn't want to start sticking things in the end of the handlebars. The mirror is indeed flexible. It fitted the bars well and I was impressed that it's supplied with a hex key and longer studs. One reviewer marked it down because there were no nuts supplied with the longer studs. Perhaps he didn't realise that the bottom bracket has built in threads, so extra bolts would have served no purpose! Turning to setting it up I noticed that there is a small self-tapping screw on both the bottom and top end of the arm and I thought this was to be able to rotate the mirror through 180 degrees. It's not. The fittings are one way only and all the self tappers do it hold it on. This was where I had to make my modification. Having done it up tightly and set the mirror where I wanted it I noticed that it was still wobbly and loose on the bottom fixing.. not good. Doing the screw up more tightly achieved nothing.. in fact, because it's only in plastic it carried on turning and stripped the thread... answer?.. drill it right through and use a long bolt and nut on the end... Glue it for good measure and now it's perfect. The pics show the lower part of the fitting and you can see the bolt (slot head) and nut on the other side. Also a pic of the mirror itself on the bike set up to the position I want. The actual mirror is small and unobtrusive.. doesn't look like something your Gran might have on her bike, and it does the job. As long as you're prepared to modify it the way I did you'll be pleased. If you're not, or don't have the technical skill or parts it will wobble!
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 13 May 2014
This is a cracking little Mirror! Not quite as big as you might expect from the picture, but is an ample size for the job it is intended.
Easy to mount on my handlebars, (tip.......if you don't need too, don't undo the bolts completely, this makes it easy to locate the mount and tighten up again), and very, very, easy to bend into the required position. It provides an excellent view of the road behind and the mirror surface itself can be adjusted within it's frame. It is no substitute for the 'Life Saver' glance behind, but for general awareness of traffic behind you, it does the job admirably. Constructed of solid materials and although it took just over a week to arrive, the wait was well worth it. That pleased with this I may well order another for the other handlebars.
Highly recommended.
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on 17 May 2015
The mirror is approximately 3 inches in diameter. It has a convex surface and fits on the handlebars by means of a semi-flexible stalk which attaches via two screws to the handlebars.

I have given this 3 stars (I am tempted to give it 2) because it fulfils the basic function of acting as a rear view mirror - you can see whether there's anything approaching from behind. Apart from that, there's very little else to praise about it.

Firstly on my bike (A hybrid), because it attaches via the bracket which goes round the handlebars (has to be on the metal bit, not on the rubberised grip) it is set about 6 inches from the end of the handlebars, meaning the mirror barely protrudes off the end of the handlebars, so the image in the mirror while I am on the bike is half filled with me. If the stalk had been long enough, that might not have been a problem.

Secondly the semi-flexible stalk means the mirror vibrates quite readily depending on the road surface so is impossible to use on roads/surfaces less than perfect.

Thirdly, due to the convex surface, it can be quite difficult at times to determine whether there are cars approaching or not (differentiating between parked cars and approaching). If the mirror is vibrating, then its next to impossible.
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on 29 October 2013
I have tried other types of bike mirrors and this is by far the best. Like a lot of people I wear spectacles and find that turning round does not give me a clear view and I am also not looking where I am going. This mirror gives a clear wide angle view behind and does not require me to take my eyes off the road ahead. I fitted it in about 3 minutes and it would be easy to swap for use on continental Europe.
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on 21 March 2015
This appears a good sturdy mirror, which will attach to the drops on drop handle bars. It does not fit into the end of the handle bar, which may be an advantage for some, personally I find it a disadvantage as it means I cannot use all of the drops.It has a long arm, that could be bent into a position you prefer. I suspect it is best bent upwards, however I think it could be bent forwards and upwards if you wanted. The mirror can be angled both vertically and horizontally within the mirror casing, so you could adjust it to the view you want. Unfortunately I could not find any way to rotate the mirror and so the mirror can only be mounted on the drops, I think it would not work on MTB bars because they are at 90 degrees to the frame, not parallel.
I sent mine back because I thought they would get inthe way at any point on the drops and without being able to rotate the mirror I could not mount the mirror elsewhere on the bars.
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on 3 March 2014
Purchased after having a bar end mirror stolen.Decided to opt for handlebar mounted one for extra theft security and I found bar end mirrors got knocked about when leaning bike against walls etc.Although a bit pricy this mirror feels like it should last.Attached bracket mounted by two allen key screws and inside the bracket has rubber finish to prevent slipping.The arm can be bent and twisted and solidly remains in position.Mirror is about 3 inches diameter and convex for increased rear view coverage.Will probably get one for my second bike as well.Recommended

UPDATE.......Although purchased three years ago,my bike was hardly used,please note bike was stored in my house so rust was not a factor.The inside of the flexible shaft has snapped off.The annoying thing is this was an expensive mirror......Total rubbish
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