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on 9 April 2014
Ok so I had this sound system for over a year now and I've changed it twice just to find out that they're all the same. I will try to split this review in two pros and cons to be easier to read and go through.

- Good looks - looks stunning however if you get the one with side mirrors it might be prone to scratch.
- Connectivity - Plenty of connections including two usb, wireless/wired internet for radio and updates, aux in, bluetooth(with a lot of shortcomings read on) iPhone dock and so on and so forth
- Good sound but limited in volume and base response although you can buy a woofer for another £500 - read the cons section
- Touch screen interface with cover flow is a nice touch but . . - again read on
- The dock is hidden behind the touchscreen so now that the 30 pin connector has gone out of fashion the SoundVision keeps its striking design Very smart idea
- Excellent customer service 5*

- Bluetooth DON'T BUY THIS THING IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO HOOK IT UP ON BLUETOOTH. I'm writing this with capital letters because I had my share of pain for this. I've tested three units (THREE) and they all had the same issues with all the updates installed. The THING restarts completely 10 - 20 minutes after the bluetooth connection has been established. This was the most disappointing and annoying bit about this toy. I've tested 3 units with my MacBook Pro 2011 then I've upgraded to Retina Macbook Pro 2013 and the behaviour was the same 10 to 20 minutes into playing from bluetooth the system restarts completely and this would take around 15 - 20 seconds until it's up and running again. It didn't exhibit the same behaviour pattern with my iPhone 4S and iPhone5 however it restarted like once a day or every other day.
- Humming noise is coming from the left side of the unit.
When I contacted customer service they told me that the noise is normal as it coming from the power supply. WHAT?? I pay £1200 for this thing.
Although is not loud the noise is present most of the time when the unit is off, and if the room is quiet you will hear it and you will hate it.
Interesting enough the annoying humming noise stops if you plug in a apple device in the connector at the back of the unit, my conclusion being that the humming isn't "normal" and flaw is in the system. It must be some sort if open circuitry that it's being closed when an iPod dock is being used.
- You can't turn the thing all what up.
Although many of you will not often listen to the loudest volume setting all three units that I had restarted at around 80% of the volume. Just like in the case of the Bluetooth connection the system simply restarts. Upon contacting Loewe Customer support I've been told that "the system shuts down if it's being driven to hard". My answer should have been "Then why did you make it go so loud if it can't cope?"
Another annoyance with the volume control is that the volume bar raises to slow. The volume bar has 100 units if you press and hold the volume button up or down the volume increases by one unit five times and only then starts speeding up. Considering that the scale has 100 units this is way to much. After two units the volume should speed up considerably not make you wait 5-6 seconds and then let you speed up the volume.
- Menu is sluggish.
Touch screen must be nice, but is it responsive and fluid in operation? . . No
The SoundVision suffers from some sort of low processing when operated. The sliding of the menus and the responsiveness of the system itself (not the touch sensitivity) is slow and sometimes glitchy even freezing sometimes for like 2 seconds. This is annoying especially these days when touch screens have been around for years and we expect responsiveness. Again annoying. Even when the menu is responsive and fluid the sliding of the menus is to slow for this era of speed which makes this audio system recommendable for your grandpa' and grandma'.
- Limited small remote or very complicated and heavy remote control
You get either a full feature remote called "Loewe Assist Multi Control" that can connect with all the Loewe devices you have around the house having separate buttons for TV DVD AUDIO and lots of functions that you won't find a use for with the SoundVision.
I believe however that now they ship all SoundVision units with a smaller remote that they call "Loewe Assist Easy Remote". It's so easy that it doesn't have even presets for radio channels or a mode button that could take you from Internet radio to Bluetooth to CD and so on. Instead you have to go inside the menu and select from there. Slow and painful as usual.
- I don't know whether to put this as a con but the way the menu is organised is a bit complicated and counter intuitive in some parts. Takes a bit of time to figure out your way around.
- Base is not his strong point. Don't expect boomy sound. Want boomy sound get a Bose maybe SoundDock 10 it will smash your windows however not as smart as the SoundVision and less appealing to the eye.

Overal I decided to give a 3 star rating for the SoundVision. I am giving 2 stars for the actual unit considering its price and expectations which are high and one star for the customer service and return process. Very prompt, replacement units have been shipped as soon as I signalled the problem.
All in all knowing that Loewe just launched itself in the business of audio entertainment (they've been doing mostly TV's over the years) I believe SoundVision is a step forward and the innovation is there and if there is someone to congratulate a I would give a full 5* it has to be the design team.
Would I buy this product again? Well since I'm not listening to CD's anymore and most of the other features are somewhat buggy I would not pay the full price for the Sound Vision. Probably I would pay around £400 just as fashion statement and to be kept somewhere in a lounge where it's not being "driven to hard" and it plays a CD on repeat :))
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on 10 February 2015
This product fully meets our, albeit simple, needs. We wanted a single box system with good sound to play CDs (no sniggering thank you) and music from an iPod. We haven't as yet fully tested the various connectivity options although the internet radio was good, however, we understand from other reviews that Bluetooth for example can be a bit of a challenge but that's not why we bought it, for us they are just an added bonus. What swung it for us was the design, the sound and to be honest most importantly the price. I've been looking at this system for a year or two and although now discontinued by Loewe they really were £1,250 about a year ago so for just over £500 we are delighted. As ever, it's down to the individual so you pays your money and makes your choice..
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on 16 July 2014
hi, if you are a mac user, SoundVisin has problems of connection with bluetooth: I have a MacBook and an Iphone and they don't work. After few minutes of connection, SoudVision goes on crash and it switch off. Waiting since few months for a software up date but it doesn't come yet...
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on 6 April 2013
My Loewe SoundVision arrived earlier this week - I've barely slept since as I've been playing with my new toy.
Sound quality is, of course, excellent. It's fairly easy to install although some of the manual is in poorly translated German. Connectivity is a delight - it pairs with everything and does so easily.
Display is both intuitive and fun - it catalogues and indexes your music collection enabling you to scroll through your CD library even more easily than you can from your PC; it gives an excellent interface for scrolling through preferred internet radio stations; it provides you with album and artist information from any music you're playing - including from FM radio or from an audio CD.
Only downside is connectivity with streaming sites - it's currently compatible with Aupeo! which, although not bad, is heavily German focussed (think Germanic Last FM). Would be good to upgrade to Spotify etc. enabled.
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on 12 November 2014
Great works well and great sound!
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