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on 29 April 2013
This will be my review in one sentence if you get bored reading the whole review: "This is a very good battery for heavy users which works very well and the reason I have given 4 stars is because of the small little things that I had when received my battery".

First of all I want to say that Anker batteries have proven to be very good batteries and also at an excellent price.

I have previously bought Anker batteries for my older phones, HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S2 and have been very happy with them. I am still using them on them phones and they are great. Now having a Galaxy S3 for a year I thought I needed an extra battery because the original battery wasn't lasting as much as before and also to have a spare and then I saw this battery which I now own for more than a week.

Ordered the battery on the 17th, was posted on the 19th with the free delivery option which is 3-5 working days but received the battery on the 20th. (Excellent delivery there, THANKS.)
When I opened the package the battery seemed well and not damaged however the plastic bag that was holding the battery was a little bit opened and I am assuming that that is due to delivery and not a battery previously owned.

The other thing that I noticed was that on the original Anker package itself the description inside the package was showing with a 12 month warranty instead on 18 month advertised here on Amazon but after contacting Anker Team also with some pictures they've informed me that they have updated the product team to change this in the future so no problem there. Excellent customer service, received feedback very quick.

Now the back cover also has a little tape mark just on the bottom of the case like when you tape something and take the tape off and it leave's a little mark. This does not bother me at all because this is on the inside and you can't really see it but just wanted to highlight this.

I have mentioned all the above because on my previous batteries that I have bought from Anker never had this small little things and considering that people buy a £500+ phone when new or with expensive contracts we want the best extended battery possible and from a trusted company for our expensive phones.

Now the Important bit, the battery itself. I have been using this battery for about 10 days and I wanted to charge this battery for about 3 times before leaving a review. The battery as of now seems to run very well and holding its charge good. I consider myself a heavy user and this battery is excellent for people who use the phone a lot. The battery is lasting me 1.5 - 2 days with 6-7 hrs on screen time which is good and if you use your phone less would last you more with a little bit less screen on time. The back cover holds very well, no noises when you press on it on places or squeeze it and adds a bit of bulk on the back. Now for some this might be a problem but for me this is excellent. It adds a bit of weight which I like and makes the phone just about right which gives me no problem when use it with trousers, shorts pockets etc.

I hope I haven't been too long and boring on my review but I mentioned everything I could with my experience good or bad.
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on 22 June 2014
"Didn't arrive on time... and delivery instruction was not followed.

After first charge, lost 25% in two hours of standby. It would've been value for money if it worked... but for something that didn't, £24 is a lot of money to spend. It has already been a lot of inconvenience and going through returns process would just cause more inconvenience and more money.

Looking at other reviews, maybe I was just unlucky. .. but buying here shouldn't be based on luck. There should be strict quality control.

If you are the next buyer, what if you get unlucky too? Think about this first.

Just writing this short review I again lost 4%."

The only good thing so far is the packaging... So based on my experience 2 stars is quite generous.

Recommend? Again based on my experience, definitely not.

***** U P D A T E *****

Customer service, I have to say, is second to none. I have never known companies to do service as good as this and those considered Giants in the business should learn from Anker.

Anker's team initiated contact by emailing me direct 'coz I chose to move on and forget about my not so pleasant buying experience. They persevered and gave me some tips, and eventually, they have decided that the item was faulty.

Avoiding all the hassle of going through the returns process or the stress that I thought I'd experience if I try to prove the fault in the item, I again didn't ask for refund or replacement and preferred to leave the matter behind me and move on but Anker persisted and eventually decided to issue a refund when I didn't even ask for it!!! How good is that? That only happens here and only with Anker. It's the company's desire to ensure that customers are satisfied, happy, and not left feeling disadvantaged or robbed. Again, I don't think their product is terrible... I just got unlucky.

I still can't comment on how good the product is as I haven't had the chance to enjoy it, but doing business with Anker is good and I would definitely recommend this company based on the customer service experience I've had.

So give them a try. If there's a problem, I don't think they'll leave you feeling lost. They're only a few clicks away.

Thank you Anker. Keep it up!
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on 4 October 2013
I bought this battery as I am a heavy data/gps user.

On the positive side:
* inexpensive
* prompt delivery

On the negative side:
* no initial charge instructions
* no extended use
* doesn't seem to work with other Anker products

I've previously had a 4300 mAh battery, so this isn't my first extended life battery for this phone.

Upon unboxing, I placed it in the phone and charged to 100%, then left it another 30 minutes as per the guidelines on the Anker forum. I'm a bit confused as to why Anker themselves do not provide initial charging instructions, or ongoing use guide, I had to hunt these down in the customer comments on

The next day I managed to get almost a day usage out of it. A bit disappointing tbh, even for the first charge as it wasn't a particularly heavy usage day.

I tried recharging it again from my Astro E5 15000 mAh external charger, but the charge graph on the phone looked like there was no charge being taken, so I swapped over and used my wall charger and it seemed to work.

I recharged it to 95% (the forums say that you should keep the charge between 15% and 95%). I unplugged it and it sat there doing nothing until I turned the phone off and went to bed. I turn the phone back on in the morning and it was at 92%, odd. Then, within 3 minutes it was down to 89%.

This does not bode well. I hope I haven't got a dud.

At this moment in time I'd give this no stars, but as the time to delivery was really good, I'll give it one star.

I'll update this review if anything changes.

UPDATE 2013-10-07
I had an email from Anker off the back of this review, so I thought I'd share the update. I have to say I appreciated the customer support; for this reason I'm bumping the score from 1 to 2 stars.

The advice given is to "discharge the battery to 10% power left and recharge it to 100% for 3~4 times to see if it helps?"

I've been discharging only to about 40% and recharging to 95%, as most of the advice is that these batteries do not need the initial charging cycles.

I'll try the 10-100% x4 and post a further update.

UPDATE 2013-10-22
Impressed with the customer service. Anker initiated the customer service emails. They gave some tips, then when it was decided that the battery was faulty, they sent a new battery the next day. +1

The new battery is certainly an improvement on the previous one. I've updates the score to 4 stars - I won't give 5 stars, as that would leave no room for improvement.

Customer service, as it should be. Well done, Anker!
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on 16 December 2013
Well OK, it's a tight squeeze to fit this oversize battery into my S3, but it's been worth it.

Heavy usage here is defined as being Wi-Fi and GPS enabled, and some web surfing, couple with typical average phone/text use, and power saving features turned off.
Light usage, would have Wi-Fi & GPS turned off, and all power saving features enabled, with usage then only texting, occasional phone calls, and some light web-surfing.

Under everyday use with the factory standard 2100mAhr battery, I get from 1.5 days to 4 days usage, heavy to light usage respectively. With this Anker battery that's more than doubled to 3 days and 10days respectively. The inclusive battery cover is just as shiny as the original, although again a tight fit. It does appear to have some hollow empty spaces behind the cover shell, to allow for a nicer profile, but I didn't find this interfered in any way with the phones handling. It certainly does not interfere with the camera lens either.

I would definitely recommend this battery. Get good battery life from your phone, maybe the original makers will cotton on eventually that not all of us want ultra slim (as paper) phones, but something that is worthwhile.
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on 31 March 2013
Nice product. The case it is ok and the battery is working properly.
Thank you and I recommend the product.

New review.
Unfortunately the battery size has changed and the back case remains open.
It's been a couple of days that the case doesn't close properly due to the size of the battery which has changed as if it was blowing.
I can't trust the particular type of battery anymore since there is a possibility of an explosion or a fire.
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on 15 September 2015
Was not impressed as the case broke after only a couple of weeks....
Ok so after writing the above review I was contacted by Anker customer services who have supplied a replacement FOC hoping to change my opinion.
So far so good, working perfectly.
If it breaks again I will add it to this review!
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on 20 May 2014
The replacement cover is a bit flimsy for my liking and the fact that it takes approximately 24hrs to recharge with the phone turned off (for me anyway) stops me from giving it full marks. Beyond that I can praise it enough, it lasts roughly 2 days even if you give it a hammering using wi-fi and texting!!!
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on 19 December 2013
A heavy phone user, I now dont have to recharge during the day or swap batteries to keep using my phone. Battery lasts a full day of heavy use playing videos,music, using the internet, gps, bluetooth, wifi etc. With the standard battery would frequently get down to 5% by early evening. have not once gone below 30%. The battery is large, but I find with the supplied rear cover, the phone is actually easier to hold, although some might find it bulky/weighty. One point to notice, this may just be my phone, but some of my microusb cables do not seem to connect and charge properly. however the original samsung cables work fine. a GREAT product! now what do I do with all my old 2200 spare batteries!!!!
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on 15 April 2013
I've purchased Anker batteries before and never had any problems. This one is a monster at 4400mAh. Yes it makes the phone much fatter but it's well worth it when you have a battery that lasts nearly 3 days under moderate use. Even on days of heavy use it lasts about a day and a half which is superb and how long phones should last.

The standard Samsung battery that comes with the phone is around 2100mAh if I remember correctly which lasts me about 12 hours under heavy usage and I usually carry a spare battery and a charger and use whichever is convenient. But the 4400mAh lasts around 30-35 hours for me.

As mentioned earlier, the downsides are a bigger phone which will be quite a tight fit if you place them in your tight fitting jeans.
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on 7 February 2014
Seems to work pretty well so far but the proof will be how well it does in 3-6 months time. The downside is can take a day to recharge on a standard 1000Mamp charger. Really need to use a faster charger to make the recharge period more viable. Having said all that, the performance is not much worse than the 7200 Mamp battery I had that failed 3 months down the line..
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