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on 9 November 2017
Normally I refill my ink cartridges down at the local ink refilling place, but I thought I'd give the genuine article a go because it's a new printer. Boy am I disappointed. I have managed to print less than 50 pages of plain text and the black ink cartridge is already running low, and printing with lines. Not a happy customer. Not worth £20, and certainly not something I would purchase again or recommend to anyone.
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on 11 February 2018
Absolutely shocked when I put these cartridges into the printer they could not read these! It came up with an error and said unrecognisable cartridges. When you take a closer look at the outer plastic logos etc they are slightly different from my other originals.

Amazon have apologised and refunded thank goodness, sad to say this happened just when I was desperate for some printouts so this has ended up being a lot of hassle for me. Hey ho...
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on 15 July 2014
Terrible. Really disappointed as had used this supplier before. Ink arrived and was marked with a sticker as Black Ink on the box but the box and the contents were of a tri coloured ink cartridge. I then looked at other reviews and this happened to a lot of other people who were also having subsequent problems with returns. I kept it as I will eventually use it but it was not what I ordered and paid for.
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on 27 July 2017
I used to buy the normal size of this 301 ink, and as a student, and my partner running his own business we do a lot of printing from home. The black and the colour both ran out SO quick in the standard size. Honestly spend £5 more and this XL last SO much longer. This lasts us probably X4 or X5 times longer! Worth the extra money.

The actual cartage itself is NOT bigger in physical size, so yes it still fits in your printer if you usually buy 301 standard ink. There is just MORE ink in the cartages. I have a HP Envy fits perfectly.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on 7 February 2017
Very disappointed with the cartridges.I bought them on a Lightning Deal,and was pleased not to pay the usual high price. Sadly my printer would not accept them,I kept getting a message that I needed to replace them! I must have used half of the ink trying to get the printer to accept them and having to keep printing an alignment test each time I did so. Eventually I got tired of doing that and got in touch with Amazon who sent replacements . I had to put the previous cartridges back and they worked fine.
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on 4 June 2016
It does last considerably longer than the standard size cartridges and you do get what you pay for, but it is a little pricey. That seems to be the case with all original cartridges nowadays.

I've had bad experiences with the self-fill or re-manufactured and refurbished cartridges. With those, you have no assurances of the quality of the ink or the amount that it's been topped up by the seller. At least with the original sealed units, you can have faith that it is standardised and you also have recourse should it fail.

Using my printer for maybe 10-20 sheets of black printing every week, this product has lasted me 3 months so far, and it's still going. I suspect it may have to be replaced soon, but I will be buying the XL again, given its longevity.
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on 23 August 2015
This item comes in both combinations of black cartridge and coloured cartridge. Black is best used to print out simple text as in letters whilst coloured are suitable for pictures and photographs when using photographic paper. I used this fir my HP printer and scanner machine as it is compatible with most of them as marked on the side of the packaging. I inserted this in my printer and it accepts it and prints out good quality documents without any flaws. You can get this product at a reduced price occasionally, so it is best to keep a good lookout and purchase it when the price is lower but the terms of value for money on Amazon is more or less the same compared to those on the high street, if you include the delivery charges. They don't charge delivery if all items brought costs £20 or more. Apart from this, item has been a good buy for me and I am happy to purchase this ink cartridges from Amazon any time.
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on 16 January 2015
cheap and arrived quick, seems to be the genuine product, ie not reconditioned or re-filled - i'd recommend it
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on 13 August 2015
I recently upgraded to a HP Deskjet 1514 from a Canon Pixma MP280. I wish I'd stuck with Canon! But let's stick with the ink, not the printers...

The quality of the ink is not very good to say the least. I am printing on the highest quality setting and it's still grainy and pixellated in places. Really not impressed! (Again, I am contrasting with my previous experience with a lesser quality Canon printer/ink, which still produced better results!)

It also lasts all of five minutes. For an XL cartridge, I expected to get a LOT for my money. Not so! I'm currently printing my wedding invites - I only have 60 A4 colour pages to print. Not quite full colour, but quite colour rich. After printing about 20, the cartridge is half empty. The catridge before this (which was the sample one in the printer), run out at about the quarter full mark (according to the diagnostic tool on the HP software!), and ended up printing about 10 pages of streaky, lined prints - all these have gone to waste. Goodbye expensive cardstock... I'm dreading when this one runs out, whether it will do the same.

I wish I had never bought a HP, I wish I had stuck with Canon - now I'm stuck refilling with these rubbish cartridges as this is the printer I've got!
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on 15 October 2017
I have no do doubt that this product is suitable for "HP" products but be careful, I used this and got "incompatible ink cartridge" message. I do not believe this is due to the supplier but more likely it is "HP's" product protection protocol, my HP Envy is now a paperweight (actually gone to landfill).
My best advice is "DO NOT USE ANY HP PRODUCTS".
You will no doubt notice that their products are cheaper but include features that are at a premium when purchased from other suppliers, that's because they make huge profits from the sale of consumables (ink).
I'm guessing that if your printer is connected by wifi then it is assumed that you use "instant ink" therefore if you install a cartridge from any other source you will need a new printer. Before buying search HP timebomb!
I personally will never again buy an HP product.
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