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on 2 January 2013
I am a software programmer and over the years my view of computers has changed from really getting into the nitty gritty (taking them apart and tweaking them until they broke) to just wanting something that works and lets me mess with my software development. As a traveling consultant I am never in 1 place for long and I missed the past where I would generate programs for the sake of it. This laptop was my way back into this so I needed portability, light weight and reasonable power.

Anyone looking at ultrabooks (and yes, despite Samsung distancing themselves from calling it an Ultrabook it is one) for power and ultra performance needs to think again. However I was wanting something good enough to let me write my programs using Eclipse, play back HD video, play audio and stream HD video content from my home NAS for when i was at home. This laptop does all of that with grace.

Windows 8 is a nice addition. Anyone not scared of change will find it easy to adapt to from Windows 7. Although Windows 8 is clearly a tablet OS and this is not a tablet so scrolling in places tends to get quite enthusiastic. But this is no fault of the laptop.

My only real issue was the amount of RAM installed and size of the SSD. I was able to restore much of the SSD by removing the recovery partition - but dont expect to be storing your HD content on this. However, the RAM I had to order more on day two of purchase. 4Gb RAM just inst enough for Win8 - Samsung should realise this fact and pack at least 6Gb. Although at £15 its not expensive and considering the next laptop up in the price bracket isnt significantly better (not when considering price to performance ratio) its a cheap way to get extra memory.

Other comments around the keyboard are true. Although you do get use to this and learn to accept that you cannot have a keyboard with good key travel in something as thin as this. If you want good key travel - get a thicker laptop.

The magnesium case is a nice touch - and to be fair is one of the reasons why I was willing to pay that bit extra - its nice to have that quality feel on a device you plan to use a lot. Its an Apple thing as it adds nothing to functionality, but is nice anyway.

All in all, a happy purchase so far as its doing everything I want it to very well.
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on 15 May 2013
For those who are not sure about the various models, here are the main differences:

NP900X3B - Older generation CPU, Fast Solid State Drive, Expensive
NP900X3C - Newer generation CPU, Slow Solid State Drive, Expensive
NP900X3D - Older generation CPU, Slow Solid State Drive, More attractive pricing

So I have been using this laptop for several weeks and I absolutely love it - apart from the WiFi which I will come to later, despite the downgraded hardware the machine is actually pretty fast. Boot up takes about 2 seconds. I don't do anything graphics intensive on the machine but the laptop handles HD videos with no problem. Battery life is a godsend and if you only browse the internet and use Microsoft Office you will get around 5 hours from it.

For me, this is the first truly portable laptop and I love it. My recommendation is that if money is not an issue then get the NP900X3C otherwise you will be happy to have saved an few hundred pounds.

WiFi Issue and Solution
So this is a problem that I have been having with the WiFi taking a long time to reconnect and constantly dropping to "limited" connection. Updating the driver does not fix the problem. The solution that I finally found is to:

1. Update to the latest driver
2. Go to Device Manager, Expand Network Adapters
3. Right click on "Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235, select Properties
4. Select Advanced tab, go to Preferred Band in the list of options and change value to "Prefer 2.4GHz band".
This should fix the problem. It seems to be a problem with some routers and the technology used in this wireless adapter.
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on 22 October 2017
Too flimsy - keyboard not great - easily marked
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on 17 April 2013
The courier lost the one I ordered, but they did me a favour, because I realised this is the wrong model to buy. You should buy a 900X3C instead, unless you really can't afford the extra £100. Despite the 3D being sold as a replacement for the 3C it has the previous generation of processor:- Sandy Bridge instead of Ivy Bridge. The extra 200MHz in the Ivy Bridge model won't make a huge difference, but the battery life and graphics performance are considerably better. And most people prefer Windows 7 to 8 on a PC.
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on 20 December 2013
Unbelievably light, great performance. Have had it for about 5 months and no problems so far, even while gaming. The gesture-enabled trackpad is really good, responsive etc. Fans are basically silent. Start-up is crazy fast. As is copying and data transfer rates thanks to that ultra fast SSD. Pretty much every bit of the laptop is perfect!

I see some reviews saying the trackpad is dodgy. I had this same problem but then updated the driver using SW Update which comes with the laptop and it works really well now.

Only thing is I would recommend getting an external hard drive as well though if you plan to use this laptop for much more than Office because only about 95 GB of the SSD is usable. Now that I have a 500 GB external hard drive there's nothing more I can really ask for in a laptop.
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on 4 July 2013
I thought it's only fair having benefited from many people's reviews over the years to give something back today.

I bought this laptop having been attracted by its gorgeous looks and competitive price for a samsung flagship model.

All I can say is, it's cheap for a reason. The reviewer below has got it absolutely spot on in terms of the ram. 4gb of ram for this laptop is an absolute joke. what the reviewer didn't know was that the ram for this particular laptop is soldiered onto the motherboard and there are no available ram slots so if you want to upgrade the ram, forget it.

The real problem is in order to sell a series 9 at this price, samsung has to find the cut from somewhere, and that axe fell into the ssd. the ssd that comes with this laptop is the sandisk U100 128gb ssd, which frankly, is hopeless. If you think i am exaggerrating things here, don't take my words for it, google it.

what happens is when you ram is exceeded, which is easily achieved with a few tabs on the lowest consumption browser, windows starts dumping virtual memory into the ssd. the fact that this is the slowest ssd in the market right now means it can't handle reading and writing at the same time and it starts choking. no joke, literally choking. You will know exactly what I mean as soon as you experienced it. like the computer freezes for 10 seconds every couple of minutes, rendering this laptop unusable. this is a common issue with this model and the only remedy is to replace the ssd. that itself is a problem with windows 8. I do not want to go into details on this topic as I spent the best part of the last 3 days trying to figure out how to do it. There are plenty of discussions in the web if you are really interested in going down this route.

the reviews below regarding the trackpad is also true, it freezes without notice and there's nothing you can do about it apart from force rebooting the laptop. After a week I have had enough of it and returned it to the retailer.

to their credit, money right back to my account and it really is no fault of the retailers. I am really disappointed by this laptop as it really is genuinely beautiful. the case itself is almost art at its finest. It is also ironic that samsung itself make some of the best ssd in the market only to sell them onto macbooks and put a sandisk in this model. From what i gather, the previous model 900x3c also has this rubbish ssd so don't bother with that either.

Having been a long term samsung fan I trust that this is only a major slip up so I put my faith in another samsung 7 series ultra 740u3e, which works like a treat, if you are wondering, free tip of the day, john lewis is doing it for £699 at the moment, almost £300 cheaper than anywhere else in the market.
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on 20 November 2012
Updated review

What do I use my PC for? Basic word processing, emails, Skype (with an external webcam), surfing the Internet, viewing documents etc. In other words, I'm not a computer fanatic and was basically attracted to the looks and portability of this laptop. My opinion about the features are as follows:

Nice little PC. However, the built-in webcam quality is HORRIBLEEE. It's grainy, blurry and dark despite having adequate lighting in the room. For the price I expected perfection. Well, maybe not today... Minus one star

Windows 8: daunting at first, and takes some getting used to, but it is just windows 7 with some minor tweaks and loads of extras added. It's really not that bad

Keyboard: shallow, but now that I've gotten used to it, typing is easy and fast. Also, it has a backlight which is useful for working in the dark

Appearance: sleek, good looking, very light. I can hold it in one hand without straining my wrist. Extremely portable.

Trackpad: not very responsive, but ok for me. Then again, I'm not in much of a rush anyways. But still, minus one star.

Sound: pretty impressive for the size of the machine. Not very loud, but audible. The system sounds are quite soothing as well

Display: not bad. Better than my previous laptop. Quite clear. Not sure why the webcam quality is so poor though.

CD/DVD drive: absent. Guess we have to sacrifice something for the portability...

In conclusion: great looking laptop which is small, fast and portable. It is excellent for personal use/,study (I'm a medical student) However, I doubt that this is the machine for more heavy duty computer needs. All in all, I'm satisfied for the time being. (Just invest in an external webcam as the built in one is 'muy horrible'
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 26 November 2012
I appreciate that giving a brand new Ultrabook only two stars won't endear me to anyone, but I honestly wish I'd bought a different machine.

Leaving aside the Windows 8 software, which is so obviously built for tablet/touchscreen users and is clunky and horrible on a keyboard based ultrabook, the laptop itself has been very disappointing for me. The speed is there, the keyboard is personal taste but I find it lovely for heavy text inputting, and the screen resolution although a little grainy is good enough for me (not sure it would be good enough for anyone professionally working with images), but it fails on basic usability.

The trackpad is truly dreadful. To the point that the ultrabook is barely useable without an external mouse plugged in. This is a major black mark for me as I need the machine to be portable and self contained, for use in theatre style conference rooms and squashed spaces on commuter trains. There's just not the room (or the will) to balance the laptop on one knee and an external mouse on the other.

The built in webcam is awful as well. It's fine for a quick chat to friends, but nowhere near good enough for professional use in a teleconference or Skype situation. The image stays dark and grainy no matter where you sit.

Yes the machine looks great, sleek and shiny and all that. But with the trackpad problem, I do genuinely wish I hadn't bought it and I'd happily bin it tomorrow if I could.
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