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on 21 February 2013
I purchased this laptop to replace another Samsung which my wife now uses. Obviously I chose another Samsung as that worked well and still does. This laptop is much much better for the simple primary reason that it has a non-reflective screen which is a boon. (Why oh why is there this need for computer screens to act like mirrors??). It's appearance is sombre, business-like and up-market. It's light and at first felt a bit placky but has certainly proved robust. Delivery was quicker than quoted and very little fuss to start the machine and to get everything working. This i7 processor 's speed is remarkable and Windows 8 works a dream and within a couple of hours I was zapping back and forth between the Start Page and Desktop and loading Apps! I love it to bits! Only one substantial initial difficulty and that is the Windows Mail version which is standard on Windows 8. It's incredibly basic and won't allow to create subject folders in which to store your emails for reference so I had to download Live Mail from the Microsoft site then import all my emails and then recreate my folders. No massive hassle but a once-off nuisance!

Order this laptop you won't be disappointed!
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on 2 June 2013
I bought this machine as a replacement for my ageing HP Laptop that run Windows XP Professional. I can't fault the Samsung hardware, it has a normal non-slide screen and has lived to and surpassed all my expectations. A big thumbs up for Samsung. Not so for Windows 8 build 6.2 Version 9200. Most normal screen users by now are aware that Microsoft have admitted Windows 8 is a flop and are preparing a Windows 8.1 update which for me cannot come soon enough. Combining slide screens with mouse use was always going to be a hard challenge. There are many time wasting flaws in this edition at the user interface side for mouse users, surely Microsoft knew that most users were migrating from either Windows 7 or XP with non-slide screens and used to mouse use, and I found out to my cost that it is not easy to customise for example the desktop icons you need for instant access to programs (or apps?) of my choice, it is labouring. The lack of a start button is a big flop for mouse users. If I want to shut down quickly I have to do a number of moves in and out of the Metro screen by mouse to achieve it, all this with a very fast machine. I had to program the shutdown and sleep functions to do it quickly. Of minor importance but still annoying is the presence of so many useless features in the Metro screen, but it is possible to get rid of them and have only what you need.
Examples of useless features for me are travel, cooking menus, Sky News, and others, I happen to have a very good news service I can see anytime in my smartphone, this useless features only help to crowd the Metro Screen. Verdict: if Microsoft were to leave windows 8 as is, I would migrate to Windows 7 or XP Pro. They got it wrong big time by not listening to all potential users, and they are now running with a sheepish face. A big thumbs down.
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on 14 July 2013
I bought this laptop as my Samsung R700 was not coping too well with making films from my HD movie camera. It had neither the hard drive space, nor the amount of RAM that I needed. After much research I decided on the Samsung 350e7c.
I had found my old one to be a reliable workhorse for the last five years, and even now it is still working perfectly, even though it had become inadequate for the tasks I was asking it to do. Therefore, I wanted a replacement with much greater capabilities, but with the same build quality.
I love my new laptop.
The keyboard is great and the screen is quite superb, it is non reflective and so clear and sharp it is a pleasure to use.
The machine is fast, and has coped well with everything I have thrown at it so far.
Windows 8 was new to me, but although I approached it with trepidation, I actually rather like it, especially the XBox Music Payer which is remarkable, finding even the most obscure musical items I have asked it for, and it is free.
This laptop isn't cheap, but for the spec it is very good value for money.
I would recommend it.
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on 3 June 2015
I've been delighted with this laptop which has been in daily use with no problems since I bought it. I was replacing a laptop which had suffered from cooling issues and I half expected it to be a routine problem with laptops but I haven't had any such issues with this one despite using it for several hours at a time including streaming content via HDMI to a TV. It gets warm but never too much - my old one could fry an egg! My personal requirement was for high performance mostly at home as an alternative to a desktop. I was therefore willing to compromise on external build quality and weight. The case is plastic and does feel a little less rigid and robust than some other designs but I rarely take it on location so not an issue for me but others may prefer more strength. Likewise, being 17+ inches it is heavy but the screen is excellent and that was my preference. The spec speaks for itself and I've been happy with the performance, using it for photo editing, web design, movie streaming etc.Battery life wasn't a major selling point for me but I have taken it on a couple of trips and got about four hours continuous use. The build quality could be better but I think the price reflects that.
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on 16 July 2013
I wanted a new laptop with a larger screen, didn't really want windows 8 but I think we are being forced into that choice as even after using it at work the first thing we did was use the third part menu programme that's available to give you the start menu back. Well, good on you Samsung, you've realised this and through the desktop have provided their own "Start Menu". It's much quicker than my last laptop having the i7 processor against the i5 a larger hard drive. I'm getting used to W8 now, but generally still use the desktop for mist of my activities as I still fervently hate the fact you can't customise the windows tiles to your own programmes or directories, e.g. email, photographs, music etc. and take it from me it's even worse when you work in a distributed environment across a network when everything is stored on shared drives. But I digress, this is a great product and great value for money, the only downside is the drive spin speed at 5400rpm whereas my last laptop, an HP was 7200rpm and you do notice this.
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on 4 April 2013
I do like this laptop all the specs are great and it runs well however it is let down by Windows 8, first thing I did was download the classic look with start button so I could actually use it in a logical way.

Good points- The keyboard is superb, the fan is quiet and the screen is good no glare at all but still bright.

Niggles- Touch pad is a tad too sensitive but is only a minor thing, the F5 button doesn't always work and the processor is slower than I thought an i7 would be.
I'm not a big PC gamer but the few I do have played fine you do have to switch from HD Intel to the Radeon don't ask me how its was one of those where I had no idea how I did it... lols.
The Blu Ray is a strange one it does play the discs but the crispness of the resolution doesn't seem to be there.

The Bad- Nothing apart from Windows 8 obviously not Samsung's fault, got nothing against trying new stuff but it just wasn't doing it for me I'm sure it would work a treat on a touch screen.

All in all a great machine
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on 12 August 2013
I really like this computer, well the inner workings anyway. The computer casing is flimsy and it does not feel very strong but it has not failed yet so it might just the way it feels. The only failing is the Caps Lock key. How do you know if you are about to write in capitol letters? Who knows. Usually there is a lit area to tell you when Caps is on. Lovely computer though.
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on 23 April 2013
It has two GPU Radeonhd 7670m and intel 4000 if you wanna play games then you need to swich graphicards. Use Crystal application and in search bar write global and then click on the first one then in the section add aplication exe of a game or programm.then click High Preformance and ok .and do it for all the games and aplications that need more power.

The laptop rewiev i love this laptop i can play games finally on high and medium graphic, i like good graphic games.

When i have money i gona buy Laptop cooler so i can cool down my laptop in intense gameing.

8gb ram and two graphic cards are nice combo.Its Hybrid but it's nice one.
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on 5 April 2013
I was looking for a desktop replacement and found this to be reasonable. Got it delivered and really very pleased with it. Updating was a problem at first, but you get that with any machine. What I really like is the bottom of the machine where it clearly tells you what is where e.g. the hard drive/memory etc. I will be increasing the RAM as soon as the bank balance allows, only bcause of the ease of doing this. As for opertion, fantastic, took a little time to figure out Windows 8 but liked it after a few hours use. Very good purchase.
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on 25 June 2013
I used to have a desk top and a lap top. I have replaced them both with this. It had become expensive keeping the desk top up to date. I did my academic and serious stuff on the laptop, surfed Facebook etc. on the laptop. Now I do it all on here.
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