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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 October 2011
This is an excellent album for dance music lovers, in my opinion not as good as One Love but still worth buying! Collaborating with old favourites like, Akon and Flo Rida as well as new hook ups with Jennifer Hudson, Nicki Minaj, Taio Cruz & Chris Brown as well as others, the first CD is great as is the 2nd disc which is instrumental only. Tracks 3 and 10 has left me wondering why they weren't released as the lead single instead of a promotional ones as i believe they're by far the best singles on the album, Repeat ft Jessie J is also worthy of being released as a single.

Where The Girls At - 8/10
Little Bad Girl - 8/10
Turn Me On - 10/10
Sweat - 9/10
Without You - 9/10
Nothing Really Matters - 6/10
I Can Only Imagine - 8/10
Crank It Up - 7/10
I Just Wanna F - 7/10
Night of Your Life - 10/10
Repeat - 9/10
Titanium - 9/10
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on 7 May 2012
This is SUCH a good album, Guetta has absolutely nailed pretty much every track on here. Wasn't familiar with the electronica section (2nd CD) but it is just as good as the vocal stuff and a chance for him to show his skills without the other collaborators. Best song on here is Titanium, massive club tune, but the rest is not far behind. If you like ANY of Guetta's latest few hits, you will love this whole thing and probably discover a few new tracks. Buy and enjoy.
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on 6 April 2016
A very good album and not a bad song on it. I like to listen to it when I feel energetic (or want to feel energized!) and every song is so catchy it's hard not to single along to all of them! I didn't realize he'd done so many songs with Sia, and I'd never heard the Jesse J song either, and I love all of them! Very recommended.
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on 30 September 2011
Wow what a CD could not stop playing it for days - played it to all my friends - most went out to buy it
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on 22 August 2012
I have got two of David Guetta's previous albums (Poplife 2007, and One Love 2009.) and this one annihilates them in terms of musical prowess.

The first CD was show stopping with 6 out of 12 songs at the very least recognized by me, and the other half of the album equally good. Titanium is a brilliant song and is undoubtedly the highlight of this album and the ideal ending to this album. An inspiring song about self esteem, this really gives out a brilliant message. David Guettas collaboration with WILL.I.AM "Nothing really Matters" is the weak link of this album and the soft spot in the centre of this CD.

Unfortunately, the electronic album was slightly underwhelming with "The Alphabeat" being the best song and unfortunately also being the first. The Alphabeat is very Daft Punk like and I think is a tribute as they was recognizable clips of Daft Punk songs. The rest were rather average with a couple of bright sparks.

I would have given this 5 stars even if David hadn't bothered with the Electronic Album, and I am thankful that the record producers didn't release the CD's separately to get more money out of the album.
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on 20 October 2013
This is one of the best albums I have bought for my collection, it has all the hits guetta has released. Also I like the fact it comes with 2 CD's so you don't have to listen to the DJ instrumental CD which isn't so good. This is a very good CD.
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on 29 August 2011
Im a big fan of David Guetta and thought it would be hard to beat his previous albums. I was quite right. Dont get me wrong, there are a couple of tracks that I enjoyed. But I did also find, the album is good to listen to for about ten minutes and eventually I got bored and left it to collect dust on my shelf. I felt he only put the album together in five minutes before sending it away. 2/5
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on 4 September 2011
I'd like to begin this review by stating that as a long time fan of Mr. Guetta - can you believe Just A Little More Love came out in 2002 - I first got hooked by the catchy title single (and second single Love Don't Let Me Go featuring an always reliable Chris Willis) throughout its heavy airplay on radio.

Just A Little More Love was surely one of the top radio anthems of that year, but it didn't enjoy widespread success until Guetta teamed up with The Egg (great name) for an inevitable remix. Having bought his first album it was a bewildering mix of odd experimentation and feel good dance floor hits (particularly end track You Are The Music).

Second album Blaster (I never got the glaringly obvious title reference) was more consistent overall, despite being a departure from Guetta's original output. It was largely an all male vocal album geared towards collaborations with the likes of J.D. Davis and Stereo MCs. However, a couple of tracks did grate my eardrums - particularly Last Train and Movement Girl.

Fast forward nearly seven years and the world's most popular dance producer has a tough act to follow (himself). It could have all gone so wrong when you consider that One Love was easily my most played album of 2009. Anyone who's bought, owned or listend to it as much as I have will undoubtedly understand why.

I disagree with the reviewer who states that lead single Where Them Girls At (featuring Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj) is a 'disappointingly shameless rehash of Sexy Chick'. Not the case, even more so because Akon's nowhere to be heard. I love the vocal play on this track, Nicki Minaj sounds fresh and arresting (she so easily could have been a major irritation). Her crazy raps add to what's already become a sure fire club bouncer - it's catchy, singalong and will stick in your head for days. She's perfectly matched with Flo Rida who just sounds like a dude at the very top of his A game - vocal harmony perfection, autotuned or not.

Second single Little Bad Girl is equally catchy with it's pounding beat, heavy chords and Akon beating vocal (sorry Akon) by Taio Cruz. He simply owns this track (until Ludacris turns up halfway through) and sounds abosolutely incredible. As for that Ludacris rap, it's one of the most memorable guest raps I've heard in a long time.

Nicki Minaj returns for the excellent dance anthem Turn Me On, heavy beats are the order of the day with a chorus the likes of Cascada couldn't produce for trying. This is a fairly short track, but it will make you want to get up and dance or just go crazy for the hell of it. Nicki's bizarre rap is thankfully kept minimistically short.

Third single Sweat (featuring a mature sounding Snoop Dogg) is one of my favourite tracks and definitely a surprise hit. Snoop's casual vocal plays out against a pounding deep bass beat and trance style anthem. If anyone wants some work out motivation stick this on and you'll be wet in no time. 'Can you get me up like I'm late for my first class?'

Without You features Usher and is the albums first attempt at a ballad. It's a heartfelt, emotional song which showcases both Usher's range and vocal ability. Whoever wrote the words for this track deserves a lot of credit for, well, making it credible. Cliched, generic, forgettable or dull do not apply. This is stunning dance/pop at it's absolute best. If only R. Kelly would come out with a song like this.

It's fair to say that Will.I.Am has inevitably been toned down a bit for his colloboration. As much as I loved One Love's I Wanna Go Crazy and On The Dancefloor, Nothing Really Matters is another feel good number which deserves to match (or at least be on par with) the Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling in the popularity stakes. This is an album highlight with it's string/guitar intro, soft vocal and that crazy pre chorus groove.

It might be wrong to admit, but I Can Only Imagine (featuring Chris Brown & Lil Wayne) is arguably my favourite track. Chris has taken a lot of stick in the press (for obvious reasons) and I think he's right to concentrate on making music. I Can Only Imagine ought to do what When Love Takes Over did for Kelly Rowland. Yes, all the tracks utilise the same formula, but when they sound this good it's not a negative. Compare this to say, Firework by Katy Perry and she's left holding nothing more than a sparkler. If dance music could rock out, it's right here.

Crank It Up (featuring Akon) doesn't fair quite so well. It's still a great track, but anyone expecting another Sexy Chick will be disappointed. It has a bit of a reggae type feel and you can almost expect Sean Paul to turn up unexpectedly (he doesn't). If Guetta could pull off a David Guetta and friends world tour I'd want this played in a jam packed stadium through massive speakers.

I Just Wanna F is (unfortunately) a borderline mess and doesn't really warrant mention on an otherwise fantastic album. Whilst the insinuation is an obvious one, it's not in any way required or maginally appealing.

What's not to love about Jennifer Hudson's power-house (no pun intended) voice and soaring vocal ability. For anyone who recalls Gloria Gaynor's disco classic I Will Survive, Hudson ignites Night Of Your Life for a new generation. Whereas Jessie J almost sounds drowned out on Repeat, Hudson matches Guetta's hard house rhythm with effortless style and power. Without question it's the best track here. If only because Jennifer sounds so fresh and rejuvenated.

Repeat is an intelligent lost love/revenge song which wouldn't sound out of place on a Rhianna album. It's essentially a Firebomb equivalent, but is Jessie J up to task? At worst she sounds flat, at best she sounds drowned out. Someone like Mutya (Buena) would have been a far better choice.

Final track Titanium has probably been the most mentioned for Sia's soaring vocal and anthemic quality. It's a hardcore trance/house classic, the likes of which rarely comes along and (even more rarely) gets listened to by a mass audience. I'll save any further comment for you to make your own decision.

And that's it, except it isn't, since David thought to include an entire second disc of pure house/electronica without any vocals or guest appearances. He really goes to town here bringing in elements of breakbeat and synth samples, which also place him head and shoulders above French counterparts (Daft Punk, Justice etc).

All I can say is go get it.
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on 21 April 2012
I hardly ever buy full albums these days. So many artists release amazingly catchy upbeat addictive tunes as singles and then the rest of the album is dreary slow plodding mush. Not so with David Guetta! He is the golden goose churning out golden egg after golden egg, each track an epic hit! Best value album of the year!
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on 3 October 2013
CD's are cheaper than buying on itunes, and can also use in my car. Brand new and for a good price.
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