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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£3.99 - £32.86
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on 13 November 2013
For some reason this game seems to come in for a bit of stick and I can't understand why.

The storyline is good, the graphics far surpass a lot of what is in, wait for it.......COD games (I bought this for something to play waiting for the release of Ghosts), and it has good gameplay (I am using the battlefield layout).

Gamers ask for realism with these games and for what I can see the developers have been brave enough to try and provide it and they have come into for some flack for it?!

"..it's to dark" now I am far from a Ross Kemp styled veteran of warfare but I have never heard of a war in which both sides stopped and rigged up a bit of better lighting first. ".....the aiming is erratic" nope, what it is is more close to the truth. Guns have recoil they don't stay where you point and automatically return to the same point after firing. Also they have, not sure if anyone has noticed added bullet drop to ALL shots. Meaning those sweet moments so easy to come by in COD when you take a headshot to someone standing 100 yards away is a bit harder to come buy. This is also because, even though previous reviews have stated the AI is poor (?) the enemy takes cover, they work as a team and will try and work towards where you've tried to hide yourself. "....you have no compass" yeh because every soldier I have ever seen walks around with one strapped to their face! This game is more tactical and about you making the right decisions. As said, never been there but if I was being chased through the hurricane swept streets of a strange city pursued by gunmen I wouldn't have a compass in hand.....more likely toilet paper.

Only criticism is that it is far to short!!! Well worth £10-£20 though.
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on 29 November 2012
I'm going to try to do this review without mentioning any other FPS games (you know what I'm talking about), because this is a game in it's own right. First, let me say that I have not completed the campaign, nor have I progressed a great deal in multiplayer (I'm 43 years old, and just not that good at live gaming). Having said that, there is nothing more fun than a good MP game against actual humans. The campaign mode is fairly linear, as has been said elsewhere, but it IS involving. What I mean is this; I'm actually fighting for/with my squad because that's what soldiers do, fight for the man next to them. That sounds daft, but I'm finding it more fun this way. After reading reviews that said the campaign was far too short, I decided to play on 'hard' setting right from the start, and I think this is the right choice.
Ok, multiplayer then. This is a little more of a thinking man's game, and not a 'run 'n' gun' arcade shooter. The maps are a little bigger and more open than you would expect from the R&G games, but not on a scale with the more complex/intelligent shooters available. I'm particularly liking Basilan and Shogore Valley, though I am struggling on the jungle map. The level of interaction with the scenery is superb, though only in small detail like barricades and the like. This is down to the excellent Frostbite2 engine that creates it. There are a few annoying spots where you would expect to be able to walk, but the game will not let you go there even though it might look clear. Map edges should be more clearly defined. At the moment there are only eight maps to play on, but there is almost certainly some DLC to come. One thing I don't like is the inability to explore a map on my own without being shot at. If you enter an empty server, you can do nothing but spin on the spot. I want to look for the good firing-points for later use as I'm not Chuck Norris.
A new idea to this genre of game is the buddy system, and I like it. You get teamed with another online player for the duration and I am definitely seeing better results when we work together. If one of you dies, and you will, you respawn on your squad mate, if you chose to. Running around flat out on your own is going to get you nowhere but the next respawn point, so this is an original idea that works. The thing I don't like is the complete lack of choice when you first play MP mode. I'm unlocking characters, countries and classes every time I play, so as I'm only on a low level anyway, some choice could have been available from the start. I looked online and read lots of reviews before buying this game (already available here 25% cheaper than release. Just don't forget, if you buy second-hand you are likely going to have to buy a new online pass @ £7.99 from the online store), and noticed a pattern emerging. All the industry reviews panned this game, and most the individual gamer's reviews are good. Bear in mind that these are the same industry reviewers who, every November, say the latest run 'n' gun rehash is wonderful when it brings absolutely nothing new to our consoles, so it doesn't really help our choice. I felt I was taking a bit of a chance when I ordered this game, which is their fault. Their awards of 4/10 and 5/10 seem grossly unjustified to me, and probably have lost this title lots of sales. If you are worried, rent it first, but I am happy with my purchase and am going to go online again today for another session. On the basis of my incomplete assessment, I would award it 8.5/10 so far. I will update this review in a week or two, when my eyes need a rest.

1 week on, and PSN is down tonight, so it's update time.
I am thoroughly enjoying this game, both campaign and multiplayer online. Not everything is good though; the MP menus took me ages to figure out, and I still find them a little confusing and awkward to navigate; picking a nation in MP right at the start of a career is a bad idea. I chose based on weapons stats., which vary between nations, and it now means I cannot play as British forces in this class until I unlock it! Not fair; also the lack of variation in my primary weapon early on is a little annoying, but really not much different to other FPS games. Things I do like then; The MP maps are very good, and vary somewhat in different game modes, which is new; weapons skills are more accurately recreated here, which will not go down well with young avid gamers, but I like; the various classes are the most balanced I have played with and against. There is no great advantage or disadvantage to any class; the buddy system has lots of benefits. Play it right and stay within 20 metres of each other and you will get some points for things your buddy does, and vice versa. Not sharing points, but getting some for being in the area is all it takes.
I have also been reading more reviews and forums on this game, and it's quite polarized. The main criticisms seem to be about the realism and the personal aspect in the game. It seems a lot of gamers don't want things like recoil etc., nor do they care about forces personnel's stories. Hmmmn I didn't expect that. Most people who are enjoying this game seem a little more, shall we say, mature. So I am aware that this game is not for everyone, but I would be on it now if the PSN was working tonight.
Oh yeah this helped with the MP a lot. Medal of Honor: Warfighter Official Game Guide #Prima Official Game Guides#

Final update. I'm really having fun with this one. A couple months later and I'm still having great fun on MP and revisiting the campaign on 'easy' to earn the trophies I missed first time round. There have been two DLC maps (£8 in UK in total) and both are awesome! Both are set in Pakistan, and one is a compound complete with crashed helicopter. If that sounds familiar, it also does to the Pakistani government who have banned this game. I also enjoyed the campaign more than the other fps titles, particularly the last mission where you get to 'do' an obvious OBL type character, and earn the trophy called 'let him rot'. This is not the only mission based on real events as you will see if you follow the news.
Lastly, EA have announced they have suspended the MoH franchise to concentrate on Battlefield4. I don't know what this means really but it doesn't sound good. I can only hope that they will continue to support existing MoH titles with DLC etc.
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on 15 June 2014
I'm not a massive fan of first person shooters. I don't get involved in the pointless rivalries and meaningless discussions about Call of Duty and Battlefield and which is better and which is more innovative and which is more of a corporate sell-out and, and, and...It's just human nature that the more popular a thing becomes, the trendier it becomes to dislike it, as is the case with COD and BF.

In the case of MOH: Warfighter however, the hate seems to stem from a conceited attempt to compare it with COD and BF and to slate it for the things it does which the others 'do better'. "Why bother playing MOH when you can get the same (but better) elsewhere??", "It's been done before, it's not original", or, "The multi-player isn't as good as COD or BF" are just some of the typical gripes I've read online about MOH:Warfighter. Hating the game for these reasons is like hating Pringles because Walkers have been making crisps for longer or not wanting to visit the USA because they're just 'copying' Britain by speaking English the whole time. There seems to be some overwhelming need for the idiots of today to require originality in every single thing they experience. Even the slightest notion that something in a video game has already been done in another video game once or more times before, seems to be a sure fire way for that game to be given 4 or 5 out of 10 by reviewers and buyers alike.

MOH:Warfighter is a good game. It plays well, looks great, sounds great and does what it says on the tin; it's a military FPS with lots of bad people to shoot and things to blow up. If you want to do those things, MOH:Warfighter will satisfy your need, and for the current price, you can't say fairer. The single-player campaign is a little short (but so are most FPSs nowadays, MOH isn't unique in that sense) but it tries to tell a story and look at the emotional and personal side of war and the effects it has on the lives of soldiers and those around them. If this sounds a little sappy to you, it's because it is! But whatever, I enjoyed this alternate approach to story-telling, and preferred it slightly to the "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Chopper Bogey at 10 0'clock 'I think I'm a real soldier" approach which other military FPSs often throw at you. I'm not a soldier, I don't want to be one but I do want to be entertained and am open to all ideas and stylistic attempts.

All in all, a good game. It won't go down in history as one of the best, but in my opinion, it certainly is one of the most underrated games I have ever played by far.

Thanks for reading.
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on 18 November 2015
The text on the screen is too small...and the voices of the characters in the game cannot be heard clearly. Not sending this game back due to the cost, as it would cost as much in postage to return it...so it will probably go in the bin.
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on 2 August 2014
Great game on ps3 Medal of Honor games are diffrony from call of duty this shows in the multiplayer whee you can get killed very easy. The main game play is good but a little shourt but over all good.
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on 23 February 2013
Why this game has not had that much marketing i do not know. Its a really good game just like the rest of them. I'm not one for looking deep into detail and comparing with COD or FPS. I just enjoy the graphics, the length of the game and the different weapons available. The only thing i would say is its not a long game. I finished it in 2 days.
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on 6 October 2016
Amazon service was perfect. For the game however, i was hoping for a little more than a simple "shoot-em-up" title. The game promises to be so much more than this, with unique battlegrounds and missions, but pretty soon you find yourself stuck in 1D game play, fighting through a bombed out street, with a repetitive, and frankly boring look-shoot-hide-die style of play. (Where have i seen this before?) A couple of differences from CoD, your allies are next to useless, and literally couldn't hit a barn door from 3 yards, and your enemies all appear to have the training and equipment of Royal Marines Commandos, despite being Somalian rebels. One peak out of cover and you're shot. Regardless. Also, your enemies won't spawn until you're physically at their spawn point. Making it fairly to not die. In short, it'll kill some time, perhaps even entertain you in some places.But it's nothing groundbreaking and I can't recommend anyone to by this.
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VINE VOICEon 17 June 2016
A solid FPS, made a refreshing change to the yearly onslaught of Call of Duty games. The campaign was excellent, and the gameplay is an improvement on the previous Medal of Honor game. It's a crying shame this game was slated upon release by gamers expecting a COD multiplayer experience. The Medal of Honor franchise has been laid to rest after the poor sales of this game. Hopefully it will return to the frontier of FPS games, maybe when gamers are wanting a return to WW2. In the meantime give this a decent shooter a go. Especially since it is now a bargain.
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VINE VOICEon 29 November 2013
I like and play Battlfield & COD, but this destroys both of them (especially the increasingly lacklustre COD) with incredible graphics & the most realistic FPS action yet. You really feel like a Tier 1 operator, with authentic weaponry performance and tactics. I am commenting solely on the single player campaign, but this is the alpha male of FPS.
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on 20 January 2013
I myself and I suspect a few others bought this game thinking: 'Why not?' First-Person Shooters like this one feel a bit like space fillers, each one elbowing the other out of the way in order to grab some attention from the main duo (who shall remain nameless). In fact, this game stands on its own legs just fine. Graphically adequate (matching its rivals well enough), the game delivers on the authenticity it promises. My biggest gripe would be map sizes, as it opts for somewhat of a middle-ground, which for me is second best to the larger battlefields. Still, it ticks all the boxes a FPS should and costs relatively little to enjoy. 'Why not?' Indeed.
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