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on 30 November 2017
I have a number of different smart plugs, the WeMo one's are the worst. The smart plug emits a high pitched noise, I had a look on the internet and a lot of people complain about the same thing so it seems like a common problem. If you think customer support will help you might want to think again, they just want to charge you 5ppm to call them, they won't respond by email. There are better, options; I got some EletecPro's, works every time, not noisy, cheaper, no hub, works with Tuya app and Alexa. There are a lot of similar one's which look the same. I'm guessing they are made in the same factory and branded slightly different so be a bit careful.
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on 19 August 2016
Before getting this unit, I used Efergy Ego which basically shares the same functionality. However, once I tried both, I found that the Wemo Insight Switch has got an edge over the Efergy Ego.

Insight Switch Pros:
1. Supports IFTTT, which is not in the Efergy unit. This means that the Insight Switch can interact with other devices that support IFTTT.
2. Stores data for a long period even when switching off the unit. This is not there in the Efergy unit.
3. On the Insight switch, you can set electricity rates per device which is very useful if you have multiple geographical locations. On the Efergy Ego, you can set electricity rates for all switches.
4. The display on the Insight Switch App is a bit more detailed.
5. I felt that the build of the Insight Switch is a bit more solid where the Efergy Ego was more plastic-feeling
6. Export Switch data to CSV file that can be manipulated via MS Excel or any other tool.

Insight Switch Cons:
1- The App needs a definite and urgent revamp. The user interface is not intuitive. I hope someone from Belkin looks into this.
2- The App is a bit slow in fetching the data or reading the setup you have.
3- Not much of feedback on the physical unit .. for example, if the device is in standby the switch does not indicate this (e.g. blinking indicators of the like)
4- There could be more useful built-in rules. For example, if the device is below the standby threshold for x minutes, then switch of the device to eliminate standby waste.

For me, I'd rather get the Efergy Ego for the basic stuff as the App interface is cleaner, but for the more serious things, I would definitely go for the Wemo Insight Switch fundamentally because of: A. IFTTT integration B. Ability to export switch data to MS Excel C. Ability to expand the system via the Belkin Wemo ecosystem.
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on 5 December 2017
Had a lot of hassle getting it connected, and often lose connection.
But I did finally get it set up, and it did turn my heater on this morning.
Just wish the UI worked better.
Also don't seem to be able to turn the plug on, unless something is plugged in to it, and already turned on, as it immediately turns itself back off again. Annoying if you want to plug something in that you might not want on all the time.
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on 2 January 2018
Ordered one, wifi dropped immediately making it useless. Returned it to Amazon who sent a replacement but it also failed in the same way. On reading reviews, it seems to be a common problem and one you would not expect from a trusted brand like Belkin. Amazon of course, made a no-fuss refund so 5 stars to Amazon but only 1 for the product (zero not available).
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on 16 November 2017
This device is very On again-Off again (forgive me for that). When I orignally set it up, it worked very well. The scheduled timers worked as expected and I even used it as a sleep timer for my late night binge-watching.

Unfortunately, after a while, it seemed to forget all its settings and become unresponsive. I could not connect it to the app to reconfigure it or check that it is actually booted and working.

In order to fix this, I would have restore it to factory settings and start again.

So, to summarize, it works well, when it works.

Also, I have the old model. So I can't tell you whether the 'Insight' plug works better. It probably is.
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on 9 January 2017
2 bought at Christmas, both worked. Now I have one working, when they do they are great, the other has stopped working.
Not sure where to look for help on how to resolve.
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on 19 November 2016
Got these through the post today...

Package was very nice and well presented, opened them up to find very sparse instructions that basically said to download the app. I was a bit concerned this was going to be a long process.

After downloading the app from the iOS store it took about 5 minutes to have both plugs up and running. Very simple and they work perfectly, just what I wanted.

I bought two as theirs always something that they can be used for but the main one is for our Christmas tree lights. Finally looking forward to getting the Christmas tree up to try these out properly!

Love them though!
review imagereview image
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on 28 November 2015
Excellent Switch - worked well straight away and the app was easy to use - shame the LED light system did not work and had to be sent back

Modified review as the LED two bayonet light kit did not work and had to be sent back - for some reason this review did not appear and I am no longer able to write a separate one........

Review updated again 21 Dec to reflect attempting to get a second bulb set to work without any success - shame.......

The LED light switch box paired to the internet and the app said it must be updated before it would find the bulbs - updated the firmware and it just kept going into a loop and the box turned off - the app kept asking me to unplug and plug in again - no effect. Did a factory reset and went through same procedure again - still not working - had to send it back.

Belkin should not send out a product that does not work out of the box (I can understand needing an update to get more features - but needing to update to work is out of order).

Interesting the switch worked and I was advised to update - which I did - and the update worked and the switch is fine.

As both the switch and the lights used the same wifi - the same app and the same update and the switch works but the light bulb set does not it shows the light bulb product is faulty and has been returned.

The switch works great.........

Giving it another go - may be mad but the switch is good and I like the LED lighting in principle - ordered another one of each - can always return again if they still do not work - it is clear some do work and some don't (I had one item working and one item not working on the first order) - so fingers crossed that I may be luckier this time (or mad) - I will update after receipt.


Tried again - bought another switch it worked fine

BUT - The light bulbs set is so tempermental they are not worth using at the moment.

The light bulb controller updated OK this time and added to the app fine.

The light bulbs needed resetting - but they added to the app fine

BUT then the light bulbs started updating - one worked fine - one did not complete.

Then the app started counting the light bulbs twice

I removed and reloaded the app and reset up - all was OK for a while - until the "un-updated" light bulb "hung" in the app - it just kept circleing round and round and it did not allow you to edit this.

I reset both of the bulbs (off/on three times)

The updated bulb worked OK but the un-updated bulb did not.

Tried resetting the bulb a few time - no joy

Then the app started reading double on the working bulb.

Sent a message to WEMO support (through the app) - their reply started "Thank you for helping us improve WEMO" - I would have preferred a solution - or at least a comment - I did not want to help WEMO - I just wanted bought items to work - and not to need spending more wasted hours for the benefit of WEMO.

Having now lost the will to live with these bulbs - having spent hours on (this second set) of light bulbs I have returned them to Amazon for a refund.

Yes - from reading reviews it seems some work - and some do not work - it all seems to be down to whether the "firmware updates" go smoothly - perhaps it would be better for Belkin to send out product that does not need FIRMWARE updates to work.

I will wait a while to see if Belkin can get these bulb systems to a better more stable state.

The two switches I have installed work well and the bulbs have great promise - but its a risk if they will work or not.

Downgraded to three stars until the bulbs work OK without bugs and consistently (as well as the switches work).

Amazon are brilliant with their customer service and prompt processing of refunds.
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on 9 February 2018
As a network and IT professional I would advise that you stay away from this product. They work to begin with however after days weeks or months they will stop working and will require regular maintenance, restarting, reinstalling, and no end of frustration.
On a separate note I’d like a refund for three plugs please. 🧐
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on 17 October 2016
Reviewing the WeMo Insight Switch Smart Plug

As mentioned in a previous review, and unless you are using specific plugs (not regular), I would like to see the unit scaled down in size to allow neighboring plug sockets to be used, otherwise an extension lead is required in order to utilize more connections.

The quality of the smart plug is pretty good, nice heavy weight to it, nicely designed and runs silent, the only noise you are likely to hear is the clicking of the switch when powering on and off.

Update as Off 13 Nov 16 - Changed over internet providers and having difficulties connecting with my smart plugs, however, I am sure it's something that can be sorted out with a few tweaks, hopefully! What is annoying to me is that I was attempting to purchase another three (3) plugs and realised that the price has shot up from £34.99 to £54.66 a whopping £19.67 price increase....wonder what the justification is for that...probably because Amazon released their Echo..... Sadly I can no longer recommend this product, especially at this price and will certainly not be making any more purchase..

The initial set-up is fairly easy, I am using the devices with my iPhone 6, and also have them connected to my Amazon Echo so I can switch on and off by voice, to date all is working pretty good, so much so that I am placing another order for more smart plugs and maybe a light bulb or two.

I have not used the function to have items turn on/off automatically and don't think I will as my present set-up/preferences meet my expectations.

All in all I am extremely pleased with the way things are going, albeit my Amazon Echo adds a nice touch...
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