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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Price:£37.47 - £75.60
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on 17 January 2009
I bought two of the T7 torches (the same innards, just a tactical body), one for home and one for work (police). I was an owner of a Surefire torch who are supposed to be the industry leaders. Surefire torches are good, but they cost a fortune in batteries as they take 123A ones which are £3+ each. I then had a LED Lenser V2, which was a great replacement, but then I saw this. The T7 / P7 is the best torch I have seen, and everyone is suprised when they see what output it is capable of. It is not going to compete with the larger LED Lenser X21, but for it's size and price you will not find anything better.

Included in the box are the batteries which should last you a good while, as well as a heavy duty nylon holster. I would recommend this torch to anyone who needs a light source, be it dog walkers, hikers, military, police, ambulance, fire and security personnel. I can also vouch for the personal security side, this torch will temporarily blind someone when used in the dark, they should be seeing spots for a couple of minutes! Surefire is still the industry leader, but i think the only reason for that is because LED Lenser have not developed the tactical side of their products such as gun mounts for military and special forces applications.

The reason I place LED Lenser ahead of Surefire is value for money. The LED Lenser costs less for the same power and build quality, comes with a holster included (which is an extra with Surefire) and the batteries are cheaper and more reaily available.

In summary, best torch of this size and under £100, stop looking for anything else because you have found what you a looking for.... buy it... actually, buy two, i did!
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on 7 August 2010
I have owned many torches over the years, from the 'old style' torches that used to take massive batteries (think 1980's car batteries!) to modern LED based torches. By far and away, this is the best torch I have ever owned.

The torch is extremely well built, the barrel is made of high grade metal, with a good grip. The on / off switch is in the end of the cap, with a click to switch on at full power, then another click to reduce to low power, then another to switch the torch off. Lightly pressing and holding the button puts a high power beam on, which goes off once released.

The power source is 4aaa batteries, which sit in a small case that slides into the torch. It is amazing the quality and strength of the beam that is generated by the led and these small batteries.

I am one of those sceptics that thought 'No way can a torch that small give out a beam that strong, or that throws that far'. but I am humble enough to say how wrong I was! The beam lit up the house at the other end of my street a good 100 yards away, with all the street lights on. In the dark, the torch can light a set of football posts from the other end of the pitch in the flood mode. It has also lit up a hedge that is three football pitches from where I was stood. The head of the torch slides up and down to turn the beam from flood to spot and is easy to use. In the pitch black, it is like someone switching the sun on! I exaggerate not - however you plan to use this torch, the biggest warning I can give is the light - be very careful not to shine it in someone's eyes. As simple and common sense as this sounds, so many people wave a torch around going 'It's not very bright' but if you do this, you will leave someone seeing white spots for 10 minutes at least.

This is suitable for professional trades people, campers, dog walkers, car owners........ the list is endless. If you need good quality, white and strong light at any point in time, spend the extra and buy one of these - you will not be disappointed.

I visited a remote part of Cumbria, that at night was literally pitch black. This torch illuminated the way forward very well, and walking down an unlit road I felt totally safe. In fact a car driver coming the other way pulled over to talk to me, he had thought I was a vehicle with only one light on full beam! So far the torch has been used extensively at home and abroad and is still using the original batteries it was supplied with. With over 30 hours use, there has been no reduction in light output.

The original batteries are still in this product - it has been used in the USA, the Southwest of England and in Finland's winter, as well as general use and it is still as bright as ever!
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on 1 January 2009
24 hours after buying my P7, I felt I had to comment on the quality and performance of this torch. Having used Maglites for many years, with constant battery and bulb changes, I went looking for an LED torch, with similar performance to the 2 cell mags.

After reading the 5 star reviews for the Police tech with 1.25W output and 60 lumens of light, I decided on the 4.4W, 170 lumen P7 for only £15 more.

The first time I used this torch I was impressed with the spread of light in flood mode and amazed at the power of the spot mode, which can pick out objects at several hundred feet easily. The light is bright white and is similar to a single car Xenon headlight, well almost! When I returned home from the walk I discovered that I'd not even tried it on max power, the high power setting provides only 80% of the available light. The 100% setting is only available by constantly pressing the power button, but this is not a problem, as 80% gives more than enough light.

This torch is a 5 star product for Build quality and performance, go and buy one now.

Bought this torch locally, as the price on Amazon was more than the store, not sure why this was the case....
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on 19 October 2009
I've had a 2AA cell Maglite for years and found it well-engineered and reliable. A few days ago I needed to go out after dark to post a letter. I picked up the Maglite to help me through the local unlit park, switched it on and thought again. The beam was weak, yellow and near useless. I stayed inside and decided to post the letter another day, but signed on to Amazon to find out if there was a better torch available. I was looking for one of those 3 million candle light torches. I knew that would do the job.
But the reviews spoke of 10 minutes' usage before a full recharge was needed, and they are really bulky. Not ideal. Then I saw the LED Lenser reviews. 170 lumens and amazing battery life in a very small unit. I thought it expensive but the reviews persuaded me to give it a try.
It really is as good as everyone says! Not much bigger than my Maglite but MASSIVE light output (I would guess equivalent to at least ten of my 2 cell Maglites), enough to light up every corner of that park I hadn't wanted to walk through after dark. It really gave me confidence to go out at night knowing that I could be safe and see anything I needed to see and, yes, shine this into anyone's eyes and they will be disabled for quite a while.
If you live in a city centre this might be of little use, but if you're in suburbia or the countryside you might find it's invaluable.
For me, money well spent and it probably will be the last torch I will ever need to buy.
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on 30 September 2010
After hours upon hours of trawling forums and and product reviews I decided to purchase this torch and I'm seriously impressed.
The main usage of this will be for night commuting along poorly lit country lanes on my bike. Most bike lights are made to be noticed by drivers and don't exactly light the path in front of you very well unless you go for something which has a seperate battery pack and they are very costly.
This light is phenomenal, as soon as I turned it on I was shocked by the intensity of the beam! I honestly think that this could blind you if you looked into the lens.
It lights the road in front of me like a car headlamp would and I feel very safe riding at night now.
The build quality is solid and I would recommend this HIGHLY to anyone considering a torch or bike light of any kind.
Thanks guys for making such a top quality product and I will be recommending this to anyone who is in the market for such a thing.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 February 2011
The first thing one notices with the packaging is that this box has the same length/width as the LED Lenser Police Tech Focus Torch but it's 50% deeper (for those who have them), however, the torch inside is the same size.

I'd already bought the LED Lenser Police Tech Focus Torch, Grey, LED Lenser Police Tech Focus Torch Grey which is advertised on Amazon at 60 lumens and I was so impressed with it I bought another one, black... still impressed LED Lenser Police Tech Focus Torch - Black, but in contrast, this one which is advertised at 200 lumens, and which I reasonably believed would be better/brighter or just generally superior is instead a very poor comparison. (I should say `was' because I'm returning it).

Not only is the beam duller, even at short distance (10-15 feet) it's lost its crispness with lots of halo effects (light rings), and at long distance say 80+ feet or so, yes it will still illuminate objects that far and farther, the spot is fairly diffused and quite hazy.

I've been so highly impressed with the LED Lensers I previously bought placing them side by side for comparison this one is surprising because it's very disappointing, therefore, I presume (or at least hope) that I must have been supplied a rogue.

Unlike the LED Lenser Police Tech Focus Torch which is a twist-to-focus torch, this one is a slide-to-focus and, therefore, doesn't `lock' on focus as my original does and it's pretty easy to lose the focus with it if you happen to hold it in a fist so that the light can be thumb-operated. Incidentally, there are 2 brightness levels; 1-click = full brightness, 2-clicks = ½ brightness, 3-clicks = off.

The canvass holder is quite substantial, the Velcro belt strap is held in place with a snap fastening, so that it can be completely opened to attach it to more than just a belt. There's a tight fit inside the holder for the torch, this enables the focus to be changed whilst the torch remains in the holder (by sliding it out 1cm or so), and why would you want to do this? Because there's 1.5cm hole at the bottom of it to allow the torch light to shine through. A nice touch perhaps, but in use it feels a bit superfluous.

All in all, although the light is still brighter than your average torch, the one I was supplied is a poor relation to both of the LED Lenser Police Tech Focus Torches I've already bought.

PS - the Amazon description is wrong; the box does not contain a "LED Lenser P7 black keyring torch"!
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on 13 September 2011
The torch has just arrived and I am impressed with the quality for the price. I purchased this with 2 universal brackets for the 2 bikes I use to commute,
The torch fits the brackets well and is very stable. For a 4inch long torch which gives about 170 lumens the light is fantastic and just what I was after. I have tried it out in the garden and the focused beam allows a direct light onto the hedge at the bottom which is 100ft away. Easy to alter the beam This is a quality product at a fantastic price when you consider that if it was sold as a bike light with over 100 lumens then the price would be over £100.
I would recommend this torch!!!!!!!

New Review 19/03/12
Ok guys now for the bad news. The off/on switch has stopped working as of 10 March 2012. I have contacted the seller who says its returns policy last only 90 days. An item like this should last at least 12 months. So I am out of pocket and would say to anyone looking do not buy, the sellers are not gentleman (if I say anything stronger then this will not be allowed).

I repeat do not buy.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 August 2010
Cannot fault this product.
Design is flawless. Material is flawless. Finish is flawless. Moving parts are secure and well built.

The Light is absolutely astonishing. I have an LED torch before and this one blows my old one out of the water even on its lowest power setting!
I've never had a torch as powerful as this in such a small package; let alone an LED one.
Pure white light; I can light up my entire garden in flood mode; and i mean light up!

If you are not needing intense brightness I'd recommend the LED Lenser "Police Tech" torch; much similar but less wattage.
If you need a tactical body for this; the T7 is the same as this P7 with a different shell.

Only had it a few days; but it feels like a torch im going to be using for decades instead of years.

Maglights? History. I had a bad experience with LED Lenser on a different product; but I think that was a one off and had excellent service.

IF YOU BUY THIS: NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE DEVICE WHEN IT IS FOCUSED TIGHT AND ON FULL POWER! It does have a "Laser" warning sticker on the side of the actual torch when shipped. Only shine it in the eyes of an attacker... seriously.

So lets talk about the light patters; I've not seen anything quite like it. The "flood" mode is similar in nature to what you would expect from a spotlight, only a wider angle. It forms a neat and defined perfect circle of light.
Focussing in concentrates that light with next to 0 loss of light to diffraction away from the beam. Focusses down to a beam slightly narrower to what I would see on my normal LED torches.
Focus by sliding the head of the torch in or out; no twisting required like on Mag lights; this can be done single handed with ease.

3 Power settings; the button has to be held in for brightest; the middle setting is not so different from the brightest and the lowest power setting is near to what you would see from a 1 or 1.5W LED bulb.
Pressing in the button puts you from OFF -> HIGH
Releasing then does HIGH-> MEDIUM
Pressing again does MEDIUM -> HIGH
releasing again does HIGH -> LOW
Pressing again does LOW -> HIGH
Releasing this goes from HIGH -> OFF

Comes with free belt "holster" with velcro cover and velcro / popper belt strap.
Comes with the worlds worst carribena but I never use those

Batteries included (4xAAA) : Battery housing is like something next gen; quite novel; a good thing.

If you need a very powerful professional light; do not hesitate; this is a bargain! If you need the same quality but not as powerful then they have the Police Tech torch also,
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on 2 September 2011
First of all, without any disrespect to anyone who has posted a picture review, I have to say the photos of the torch in action don't do it justice! It's almost impossible to find a setting on the camera that realistically illustrates the contrast you find when using the torch in complete darkness.

It easily lights up a small garden at the dead of night and can be projected onto buildings and trees quite some distance away. I'm almost afraid of using it in case the neighbours get worried!

The best thing I can compare it to is having a portable vehicle HID headlamp - but smaller. The light is sharp and white, the focussing is easy and the overall feel is solid and chunky.
The carrying case feels very sturdy and everything on it feels secure.

If you're looking for a light, discreet torch this isn't for you. Go for one of the smaller models; but if you work in one of the emergency services or are a very demanding nocturnal explorer/dog walker you'll be happy with this torch.

I have to agree with previous posters - I have owned a few Maglites in the past but now they'll be consigned to the dump. This is the only torch I'll need,
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on 10 March 2009
Saw this at the Excel Boat Show and was impressed by the construction, the LED 'bulb' and that it could be used one handed. Very compact too.
The beam is certainly very bright, much more so than other torches I've used (e.g. Maglites). The on/off button actually gives three settings, low, high and full power only if you hold it in - although high is plenty bright enough. Comes with a robust case which fits nicely on a belt. Recommended.
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