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2.8 out of 5 stars
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2012
The epilogue of this book (yes, I made it to the end!) explicitly invites the reader to visit the Amazon review page and contribute their constructive criticism, so here I am, and boy do I have a lot to contribute! To paraphrase Mr Foster, I have constructive criticism backing all the way up my spine to my brain.

Where do I start?

The prose is, for the most part, meandering, flabby and weak, crying out for the services of a professional editor. There are occasional flashes of literary skill, but they are few and far between; their effectiveness crowded and strangled by the throng of superfluous clauses, airheaded internal monologues and confused structural elements.

The characters are thin as hell (and I am not referring to their build). The secondary protagonist, Harvey, is one of the most unbelievable and unlikeable "heroes" I have come across in a very long time. He's a former biker gang member who is now a well-to-do, womanising hypnotherapist. He's never given much of a coherent, consistent personality beyond the fact that he's oversexed, rich (and by God, the author never tires of reminding us just how amazingly wealthy and successful he is, over and over again), has a really big knob and is kinda seedy. I'm not even sure the latter is something we are supposed to feel, but I certainly did, and it sure took the dramatic sting outta some of the twists later in the novel! This guy runs the International Organisation of Hypnotherapy, which sells seminars and franchises across Europe and the US, and -- get this -- promotes the use of hypnotherapy as a cure for cancer, instead of, you know, conventional, evidence-based treatments, all-the-while presenting himself as a doctor without any relevant qualifications. This is presented within the book as an admirable thing. In a lot of ways, this guy seems like an avatar of the author inside the novel, but I really hope that this is NOT where the author made the money he spent on all those Metro ads, because it seems incredibly irresponsible and would probably kill more people, through lack of proper treatment, than Bishman and Leo have snuffed between them.

Harvey also has lots of repetitive, explicit, I-got-bored-so-I-skimmed-over-most-of-it sex with a girl called Anita. These sequences manage to be neither erotic, not funny, nor gross, exactly because they try to be all of those things (e.g. during one long "sensual" lovemaking scene, Harvey remarks that he hopes she's washed the "yogurt and cream cheese" out of her "crinkly bits"). The characters also exhibit a surprising lack of good taste for a pair of jet set millionaires: Harvey has a room in his immense mansion where everything is pink and heart-shaped, and when Anita sees it, she is captivated by it's "elegance"! Haha! It's pronounced "tackiness", dear. Anyway, this is a pretty sexist novel, so as a woman, she is basically a nothing character who exists primarily so Foster can describe her breasts (she gets more to do towards the end).

Bishman, the main serial killer, is probably the most interesting character, not because he is any more fleshed-out, but when he appears you know you are going to get some actual horror-related action for a change, and a welcome break from abysmal sex scenes and pink champagne. He is a drifter, abused as a child, addicted to drink and drugs, and is now a bisexual serial killer. He is not a Dexter-esque antihero, he is a cold blooded murderer of men, women and children, but Foster does eventually have him face off in a massive showdown with an even more despicable villain, and it is in these scenes that the book comes closest to being exciting and disturbing. It doesn't quite come off all the way, however, thanks to the clumsy prose, awful dialogue and lack of any real sense of peril.

Speaking of dialogue, it swings back and forth between nothing special and hilariously cheesy. The characters rarely sound anything like real human beings and have a tendency to slip into a sort of weird, contrived, tabloid newspaper-like register in their speech ("look, it's a multimillion-dollar Trident submarine!", "I'll book a room at the the five-star Marriott Hotel", etc.), and have a tendency to drone on and on like that without actually saying much of any real importance. Other time, they talk at each other like they are dictating postcards. There is also a strange mid-Atlantic cross-pollenation going on with the spoken language, which is quite distracting once you notice it: British characters, for example talk about wanting to "sick up" (a cutesy Americanism that I've ever heard a British person say in my life), while American characters CONSTANTLY use the word "right" as an intensive (e.g. "he's a right b***ard!"), which as far as I know is very much a British thing (and only within certain dialects, at that!), the American equivalent usage would be "REAL b***ard".

As I said before, Foster occasionally displays some flourishes of promising talent here and there, but he totally fails to maintain the quality of the best parts for any length of time. Part of the problem is the convoluted flashback structure of the narrative, which gets confused pretty quickly, with characters flashing back to things they didn't even witness, etc.

It's a shame really: the author has tried so hard to create something freaky and disturbing, but like the rubber monster and hubcap flying saucers in a 1950s B-movie, the fumbled execution makes it impossible to take seriously. The best I can say is: it's been nearly twenty years since this book was first published, maybe he's got better in the meantime. I will check out the next one, if it's cheap enough, because I'm interested to find out.

I give Creep two stars, for the promise it showed and its failure to deliver on it.
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on 6 November 2012
I hated this book. It is badly written, boring, misogynistic and incomprehensible. The violence was graphic, as was the sex, and I am not criticising the book for that as it was made very clear in the description. It is just such a tedious, pointless waste of the three hours I spent reading it. The only good thing I can say about it is that it was free, and frankly, that doesn't really make up for how awful it was.
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on 21 November 2012
Despite the blurb, this book is about as far removed from Silence of the Lambs as you could get!
The only Physiological interesting bit would be the stats of the Authors mind when he sat down to write this. It's certainly not very thrilling at all.

What starts off as rather implausible (from the early car chase scene) ends up as the total ridiculous (Are we really expected to believe one of the girls escapes from the States to the UK, working her passage on board a Trident nuclear submarine?!)

Artistic licence is one thing, disappearing up ones own backside is something else entirely.

The characters are so shallow, and there is no real development of them. I just felt indifferent to them. The story itself lurches around all over the place, with chunks seemingly just pointless and there to make up a few more pages.

The sex scenes end up getting more graphic as the book lumbers along - mostly adding very little to what little plot there is. They are written very crudely and simplistically., and just seem to be there for shock value.

The basic idea of the book was promising - serial killer seeks help from a hypnotherapist and unveils his past. However, the story is just so silly and unrealistic it soon becomes very tiresome.

A pointless waste of a few hours of my life that I'll now never get back.
I can only hope that there is no follow up book to try and fool more people into wasting their time.
Definitely one to avoid,,,,,,
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on 11 February 2016
I enjoyed The Silence of the Lambs and tried this book purely because it was compared to it. Wrong! There was nothing in this book to enjoy. Thinly described characters weaving around an even thinner plot which was weaker than anything I've read in a long time. All emessed in a mixture of violence and sex scenes which the author teases will shock and disturb some readers. It didn't. It bored me. Just an unpleasant cheap book. Leaves an unpleasant thought behind. Like why did I bother. Don't waste your time or money.
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on 6 September 2014
waste of time! its very graphic, yes and it warns you about that but it doesnt give the book any more context or substance because of it. Nothing becomes clear at the end of the book either, so you are left wondering what just happened. Not worth it.
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on 2 October 2014
The preface / health warning hypes the book as the ultimate spine-chilling, nerve-shredding psychological thriller suitable only for those with sensibilities made from cast-iron. I found it toe-curlingly awful and an apparent excuse for the author to use all the rude words in his lexicon in an attempt to shock. He failed; it just came across as vulgar. Having ticked the to-do boxes marked ‘rampant sex’, ‘mindless violence’ and ‘sadism’ he was about to draw the narrative to a conclusion when he realized that he hadn’t ticked the box marked ‘plot twist at the end’ … so he tossed one in as an afterthought. Dire.
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on 2 December 2012
Try as I may, I have nothing positive to say about this book. I saw a review where it was likened to The Silence of the Lambs and another (can't remember which) top serial killer novel. How misleading was that? The characters are the most despicable bunch I think I've ever come across in any novel I've ever read. Non of them have any redeeming features. The violence and the sex scenes are incredibly graphic, but nothing fans of the genre wouldn't have experienced to some degree before. The problem with the story is that it lacks any kind of empathy. Not once did I find myself hoping a victim would survive. In fact I didn't care about any of the characters. I found myself willing the end to come. In the end it took me about three weeks to read this, not because I'm a slow reader, I just didn't want to go back to it! When I finally reached the end I had the feeling of sheer thankfulness wash over me. I don't like putting up bad reviews, but this is a badly written, totally unbelievable tale and I shall be steering clear of the sequel.

I said I have nothing positive to say about this book. I was wrong. It didn't cost me a penny. Thank God for that!
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on 2 October 2014
Most people have seen the crude WW1 British propaganda poster depicting the dreaded and despicable Hun as a deformed gorilla-like creature wearing a spiked helmet who is bearing a limp maiden off to some sort of unspeakable fate worse than death. I felt ‘The Creep’ was rather like that, it tried too hard through the relentless use of over-explicit language to represent the ultimate in chilling wickedness, depravity and evil, but ended up for me at least, to come across like a group of pre-pubescent boys in the corner of the school yard whispering all the dirty words they know to each other.
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on 11 November 2012
This has to be the weidest and most disturbing book I have ever read! Don't get me wrong I don't mind sex, violence and death in some of the books I read but this is on another level. Very graphic and I did wonder about the authr's state of mind! I'm glad this was a free book as I would definitely not have paid for it. I would not recommend this book as it would only appeal to those with a sick mind.
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on 3 July 2013
Wow, I can't believe I made it to the end of this book! So many times I wanted to give up but thought no, I must go on, maybe it'll get better! No, it got steadily worse.

Readers are warned of graphic sex and violence from the beginning. I don't mind either in context, however nearly all of the sex scenes were totally unnecessary and the book read more like a sadist's fantasy rather than a gritty thriller.

None of the characters where likeable, in fact, I pretty much hated most of them. The story jumps around so much that sometimes it's easy to forget who did or said a particular thing. The plot, um, what plot, is pretty much pointless if I'm honest.

At the end there is a preview to the sequel - yes - unbelievably there is a follow up - I couldn't even bring myself to read it, even out of curiosity. Needless to say this is one series I won't be following and all I can say is thankfully I downloaded it when it was free!
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