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on 25 June 2014
So before I get to the various plus points of the Series 7, just a brief background to the test I gave it straight out of the box.

I'm a typical 'tall, dark and hairy'. Precious little left on my thinning pate, but plenty sprouting everywhere else, and a stubble you can almost strike a match on. 5 o'clock shadow would be nice, I have to deal with post-lunch shadow!

To up the 1st test stakes even more, I spent a week camping without shaving and just used clippers to get rid of the excess before ploughing straight in, so even my slower growing hairs needed attention.

The Series 7 has some serious grunt, and even with my substantial thicket to take on, it blasted through faster than my old Philips Sensotronic managed a normal, mid-week shave. Furthermore, the result was far smoother and commendably close to a wet shave, but much quicker and more convenient.

The head pivots very smoothly and follows the shape of your face well, and the locking feature does make areas like the upper lip and sideburns more accurate.

As you might expect from a reasonably expensive, German-made device, the shaver is very well made and feels reassuringly solid in the hand without being heavy.

The Clean and Refresh unit is a genuinely worthwhile feature which works well, rather than just being a 'gimmick' as is sometimes the case. This version has the air-dry rather than heated drying, so it takes some time. The advice here would just be to set the cleaning cycle off as soon as you finish, then it shouldn't be an issue. It is a bit noisy as the shaver runs for periods during the cleaning, but this part of the process only takes a few mins.

For those concerned about the cost of the Clean and Refresh refills, I can also confirm that the Series 7 can be cleaned very effectively by a combination of dunking the head of the running shaver into a mug or container of hot water with a splash of liquid soap (hand soap, shampoo or shower gel work equally well). Then rinse under a running hot tap with the stream aimed at the back of the shaving head as directed in the manual. The Clean and Refresh unit can then be used for a once a week 'service'.

All in all, this is a truly impressive bit of kit which feels built to last, well designed and offering really impressive performance. The running costs of the cleaning station are reasonable, even more-so if supplemented by manual cleaning as described above.

This is the first time I have owned a Braun shaver and from my initial findings, I may find that I never own anything else from now on.

**** Week 2 Update ****

Just a brief update some 10+ shaves into the Series 7 ownership 'experience'

Shaving is still fantastically close and fast - honestly it is a significantly faster process and produces virtually blade-close result. For anyone coming from a rotary shaver (i.e. Philips), you will also fine the Braun a much more precise tool, especially for getting sideburns straight and level, because the foils give a naturally straight line without needing to use the trimmer.

Cleaning is also a painless process. A quick open, tap-out, and then running dunk in a sink or container of hot water, releases most debris, so the Clean and Refresh unit only runs a light cycle and uses hardly any fluid.

Amazingly, this shaver has actually managed to make a tedious, daily chore, almost enjoyable.

I will update again when the first Clean and Refresh refill runs out, so I can report just how much the rinse-first approach stretches the lifespan.


So having had the Series 7 for a year, I'm still a huge fan. It still gives a fast, close shave every time, and cleaning is easy with a rinse under a hot tap.

The cleaning solution refills last much longer than expected, especially if you do just rinse under a hot running tap first.

Without doubt the best electric shaver I have ever used and highly recommended.

*17 Month Update*

So still loving the way the Series 7 performs, but I have discovered that when they 'recommend' the cutters are replaced every 18 months, they are not joking.

Spotted today that the foil had actually worn through to make a hole. Fortunately I saw this before I started using, otherwise this could have been painful an messy. I do have tough stubble and shave almost daily apart from weekends, but clearly the 18 month replacement cycle is more than just advisory, and heavy users should probably replace annually. At around £20, that's not too much to ask for a whole year of good shaving.

Oh and incidentally, by mostly rinsing under a hot tap before using the cleaning station, I've found that 3 cartridges can last over a year.
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on 28 September 2014
For the price I would of expected better. I've had it about four months and gone back to wet shave. It's OK. It's just not as close as I would like, I've had cheaper electric razors that get a closer shave. It also creates a few of those "thick" strands of beard that sit just under the skin and you need to pluck out! You don't get these with a wet shave. I'd probably say this is a good razor for a those days when youre in a rush.

Edit. I still use this razor.. but as expected its only when I am in a rush. I still where possible, prefer a wet shave. I can however manage to get a closer shave with this razor than when I first used it... perhaps its down to pushing down more firmly and using a back and forth motion, giving 4 stars for that reason.

Note. The heads are expensive. £40 for a replacement.
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on 4 July 2014
This is the first electric shaver I have bought for many years,once again I based my purchase on the many helpful reviews other purchasers have kindly offered and have found their confidence completely accurate.The shaver is both a fine piece of engineering and a rather shapely piece of ergonomic craftsmanship and it has given me the same smoothness i expect from a wet shave,to say I am delighted is putting it mildly.Its worth every penny and i have every confidence that it will do its job properly for several years.You get what you pay for and this Braun is good value even if the foil cartridges and cleaning fluids are a bit pricey,still i suppose an 18 month life isn't bad for a high quality item and the cleaning fluids do have lubricating qualities to keep the shaver in fine fettle.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 13 June 2013
Nothing beats a wet shave, but in decades of periodic experimenting, I've never mastered being able to avoid terrible razor rash under my chin, so I am firmly rooted in the electric camp. Apart from a couple of Remingtons (including my very first razor, a huge heavy monolithic thing) and a Phillishave (the round heads gave me the worst razor rash I've ever had, dreadful shaver, it half-cut and half-plucked the hairs), I've always plumped for Braun. My previous razor was a series 5 which I have had for many years, but as the trimmer kept falling off, the battery was starting to lose its capacity, and the blade and foil were due for replacement, I decided to replace it.

This Amazon-unique model from the 7 series is certainly not cheap, but it also seems very good value compared to the other 7 series models. It has everything I want and more besides. The cleaning station is ok (my previous shaver had one so I am not new to them). Some people complain that the new models don't have a drying fan like the old ones did. Well I don't think my old one had a fan either - I certainly always had to dry mine with a tissue and leave it open overnight, even after several hours. But that's not a problem. I only used the cleaner 2 or 3 times a month, so the cartridges last me absolutely ages.

But the whole point of the thing is to shave with it, and after a couple of uses, all I can say is this is the closest shave I've had yet from an electric razor. It is definitely an improvement over my excellent old series 5, and anything else before it. Very pleased with it.
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on 18 December 2014
I have for many years used a Series 5 Braun shaver. After I've gone through a number of new heads and foils and feel the battery is no longer holding it's charge I opt for a new shaver. I looked at an appropriate Series 5 which was priced at £125 and then the Series 7 priced at £140. £15 difference and the Pulsonic against traditional cutter heads but also LiOn against NiCd. I went for the Series 7. Whilst I've only used it for a few days I can honestly say the results are excellent. I usually have to set my shaver on the sensitive side but with this I'm able to use the intensive setting with no issues. The feeling on the face is unlike my old shavers with very little 'cutting' sensation more a tingling. So in summary, for me, a great choice and I'd recommend.
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on 23 September 2014
Previous shaver was a Phillips 3-head rotary model which cost around £100 quite a few years ago. I was never happy with it (even with new/replacement cutter heads), as it seemed to be no improvement over the cheaper Phillips it had replaced, and possibly a step backwards. Prior to that I had had a cheapish Braun with a single large foil which kept getting damaged and needing replacement, probably because I was pressing too hard in order to get a satisfactory shave...
I did a lot of reading this time and eventually took a chance on the Braun Series 7, mainly because I no longer had confidence in the latest Phillips models after my last experience. I have to say it is a huge improvement over any of my previous shavers... A shave takes about half the time now and my face is not getting anywhere near as sore after 5 weekday shaves. (I have got into a habit of not shaving at weekends due to soreness.) This is, at least in part, because the shave time is shorter but it also feels more comfortable during the shave. (I am also following Braun's advice not to wash my face before shaving...) There seems to be less resistance as the shaver moves across my skin, less pulling at the hairs as they are cut. I have only used the cleaner once so far - after 5 shaves - and the razor needed a heavy duty clean. I was a bit surprised as the last shave had been much more comfortable that with the Phillips with newly replaced heads... I'm convinced! I won't hesitate to go back to a high range Braun next time. The cleaner could get to be a bit of a chore, but I guess it may be a price worth paying for such a comfortable shave...
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on 3 January 2013
I'm not normally one for leaving product reviews, but feel on this occasion its well warranted. Like other reviewers I've searched for many years to find a suitable electric shaver and all have been consigned to the bin over the years, until I received the Braun 7 series this Christmas!

I have a slightly chubby face with very dark, thick stubble that seems to grow in any direction it wants, whilst at the same time making disposable razor blades quick to become blunt. So I've tried all types of electric shavers since my teenage years, from cheap foil to expensive Philishave and nothing seemed to give a close enough shave that I would call an acceptable standard until now.

I toyed with the idea of getting the 790CC, but opted for the Braun 745 which apart from a few features is more of less identical and (in my opinion) was not worth paying extra for the 790 model. On Christmas morning I eagerly unpacked the shaver which is shrink wrapped for hygiene and placed it in the cleaning/charging dock (once I placed the cleaning cartridge inside) and left it to charge for a few hours.

Several hours later, following a hearty Christmas lunch and a few seasonal drinks I thought I would try a quick shave and despite only spending a few minutes on a 'quick' shave I found the finish on my face to be practically on par to a wet shave, and in fact my stubborn neck area looked better that I usually got with my Mach 3 wet shave.

I will be using the cleaning function after every shave so I expect the solution to last about a month, but I dont feel the replacements are too expensive, and are on par to what I would spend on razor blades for a wet shave. The cleaning switches the shaver on and off when cleaning so be aware of that when you are placing the base.

So overall I give it 5 stars and for me anyway its a perfect replacement for my daily wet shave, obviously other people may get different results and the series 7 shavers are expensive, but for me it the perfect solution and better than slouching over a sink on a cold morning with a blunt razor blade!
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on 2 May 2013
I have been wet shaving for years but had an electric razor for travel and early mornings. My electrics were always at the cheaper end of the market...and was under the impression that most electric razors were much of the same.
Having lost my Philips shaver recently and having read the reviews for the Braun, I decided to "splash out" and have been amazed at the difference this shaver has made. It is brilliant.
The auto clean bit I wasn't going to bother with...but now find it is pretty handy. Using that every 5 or six days and you end up with what is in effect a new shaver! Travelling with it and leaving the charge/clean base station behind is no problem although the razor is a bit heavier than my last. The charge was still reading over half after a week away.
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on 3 June 2014
This the best shaver I have owned you get a nice close shave there is three different modes for your face and there is a nice little Precision Trimmer and the battery last for ages and when you are done you put in the Clean & Renew system and you are ready for a great shave again well worth the money would recommend
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on 24 March 2017
nice shave
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