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on 7 May 2013
My old Acer 8920 was being put in retirement so I ordered this machine after reading Amazon reviews But have been disappointed I thought this Lenovo i7 G780 8GB ram would be the answer to speed and security with its published Veri-Face recognition feature .
But the boot up seemed slower than my Acer 8920 and then no sign of Veri-Face on set up so I searched the system for the application but the result returned “NOT FOUND”. When on the internet I was continually getting pop up’s for system backup, flash player update and speed test even after cancelling them out and having not installed or downloaded any new stuff myself to let them in and still after 4 days they appear every 5 minutes. The battery only seems to charge up to 60% and when plug in reports “plugged in not charging”? Then only runs for approx 90mins.On speaking to a Lenovo operative over the phone he stated he was not sure if the windows 8 model had “Veri-Face” Well if he does not know who does? Said he would phone back (Not yet).Also I would state that when asked about if the software was included as suggested not only did he say he did not know if that model had it installed at the factory settings but then suggested Amazon was wrong to advertise it as such (if he does not know then how can he say Amazon are wrong?).
I wonder if this machine had been returned and sent back out without a check.
I thought I was buying a new machine with all the software installed as stated on Amazon Web Site.
So now I am trying to return it But I would like to add that all three Amazon telephone operatives were very helpful and even put me through free of charge to the Lenovo premium rate number to talk with them (Alas to no avail)
Mr David Bayfield.
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on 6 May 2013
Bought in haste when old T60 screen failed after 7 years. Now repenting at leisure.
This is too big and heavy to be easily portable. No dedicated docking. Screen prone to minor vibration when open.
It's windows 8 and that really needs touch screen which this hasn't.
It seems quite fast, it is very quiet, screen is very sharp and clear when inside. USB3 is like magic compared to USB2. Start up from sleep slick and is instantaneous. Ok I`ll go from 2 to 3 stars.
Sound is OK but not rich or particulalrly loud. Battery 2 hours easy 3 hrs with performance modearted. Easy get through a DVD on it.
Tip if you get one. The lenova help centre and another thing disappeared from wherever they where ( thsi windows 8 thing is weird. Rebooting did nothing but when I switched off AND disconnected the battery they re-appeared. It does feel like dark magic.
I'll learn to like it but if doing this again would search out an anti glare screen, go one size down and maybe consider the super slim efforts.
For simple folk like me I think it wise to test drive and buy from somewhere like PC world.

1Sep13..and now I have got to know it 1 star!
I prefer working on my old t60 (the one that died, it was the screen so I repaired it) with LINUX compared to this festering pile of s*****.

This laptop has slow Disc read write, programme installation is slow and troublesome, my file folders keep on disappearing, IT'S SO SLOW, it's cumbersome but worst of all it's Windows 8.
I tried loading an old game given this i si& with a dedicated graphics card etc. It took 2 hrs to install and then the game (Empire Total war) was unplayable everything was so SLOW.

IF MS don't sort this (8) out soon we will be witnessing corporate suicide.
I need to replace ny ageing PC but am too frightened. Frightened I will end up with something WORSE than what I have at the moment.

I may just go back to the Kalamazoo.
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on 26 March 2013
This product is excellent. Windows 8 a bit fiddly at first, but it doesn't take long to get used to.
The screen is great, the keyboard good, and the whole thing is blazingly fast!
Very pleased
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on 8 May 2013
I am quite pleased with this Laptop. It's a lovely big widescreed form factor, which is exactly what I was looking for really. Some reviews complained about some stuff so I'll try address.

Screen: Some had issues with screen(getting lose, not staying upright as well as degredation of quality at slight angles) which I found to be very slight/to plain not true. The screen is quite tall, very wide, quite heavy and THIN! These all lead to a big heavy thin screen pivoting on two very small hinges. This is marketed as a desktop replacement. it's not a screen to be slamming open and shut 10 times as day, or to be manhandled balanced on the top of your knees in bed. This is perfectly fine with me as it's usually on a desk, and i'm quite careful and gentle when opening and closing meaning that my hinges are still perfectly stiff with plenty of resistance after a month of heavy use.

As far as loss of quality at slight angles; nonsense. There is slight loss, much the same as any laptop. The screen is still miles better than my previous middle of the road laptop. I didn't buy so four or 5 people on a couch could watch a film on my laptop, I have a tv.

Finish/construction: Some complained that its a fingerprint magnet. This may be true... though again, not that I give a crap. I'm more interested in Performance and sheer "grunt" of a machine, which I'll get to. But it is a handsome computer, elegent and serious looking.

Performance: This is where I was really interested in when buying. Again, the main issues with performance people seemed to be having with this machine, as far as I could make out where all "Windows 8" based. The OS is a bit of a pain when u first start using, but like everything, doesn't take long to get used to it and learn all the short-cuts, gestures etc. I usually go straight into desktop mode and it's business as usual. In my opinion all the last few Windows OS's, are very resource hungry. It's my view that theres no point using the OS with any lower spec than in this laptop. It feels quick, punchy and immediate. ESPECIALLY if your moving up from lower specs. The only "ONE" performance drawback i've found, though not unexpectedly, was the speed of the HDD. There is LAG. At the end of the day, this is a serious Laptop, for very little money when you factor in what your getting. Putting a lower speed HDD has been the only cut corner ive found.
But again, this makes absolutely no difference to me. I bought the machine with the intention of immedietly upgrading to a SSD, as well as up to 16GB RAM. Ive not done the upgrades yet because

1/ The machine is performing brilliantly, and RAM upgrades hasn't entered my mind yet, and

2/ I cant decide weather to upgrade OS to a SSD, and install old 1TB drive in the optical bay, OR just put old HDD to one side as spare, and fork out the cash for a LARGE SSD.


One thing that really annoyed me about my last laptop was, when I upgraded to Windows 8, the LOUD fan started coming on EVERY, 2, BLOODY, MINUTES. I used to start hearing the noise in my dreams it was on so much. This machine is QUIET AS A WHISPER. And it stays cool. Really cool. I was playing PORTAL 2, WOW, and EVEONLINE, with everything on maximum settings/resolution/anti aliasing/quality, and the left hand side does get warm after a while. But, the usual day to day stuff never makes the temperature rise. And the right hand side of the machine is always ICE-COLD. LITERALLY. It's just the left where the air outake that gets warm under extreme stress.

ALL IN ALL, BRILLIANT MACHINE, BRILLIANT PRICE, AND UNLESS YOUR ANAL ABOUT STUPID DETAILS, YOU WONT REGRET BUYING. This is coming from someone whos VERY critical of electronic devices in general and need things to perform the way they're supposed to.

God be with you.

hah! just kidding. lol
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on 23 January 2013
I like the machine very much, using a wireless mouse which gets over the everything-on-LHS issue. BUT having bought it & an extended warranty from the Lenovo Online Store, I have registered both machine & ext warranty but still driven crazy by automated messages demanding further action, & Lenovo staff who either can't or won't read English. Result: stress levels astronomical, & wasted several days with no resolution in sight. I wish I had bought another machine with i7, 8GB RAM, & 1 TB HD. Avoid Lenovo like the plague!!!
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on 24 September 2013
Excellent specification for price aluminium bronzr, looks nice however needed multiple replacements of same product as each one had distinct faults, all of them had a loose right mouse, one had a loose left key, one had crackling speakers which my old laptop got after 4 years and the third one had a broken USB port which was discovered two weeks after receiving it. Amazon did their best to refund it after a months trouble with impeccable customer service but would never recommend this
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on 31 January 2014
an extremely great laptop. the screen size is perfect and has great resolutions. the download speed for CD's to itunes is mere seconds with the 4 cores and the graphics card can handle most newish AAA games bf3 and older id say indie games and anything smaller "war thunder" CS:GO fallout 3/new vages etc work great on this laptop. the sound is great and the keys are a perfect size and well spaced apart so rarely a miss type. the fan is great at keeping the laptop cool even when a game is CPU intensive the laptop stays cool AND the fan is rediculously quiet, like i mean sometimes you wonder if it even has a fan. there is only one downside to the entire laptop and that is the touch pad, i would recommend buying a USB mouse with this laptop as it can be a pain to use the touch pad especially with windows 8 as theres loads of features that get set off if you move your fingers in a certain way on the touch pad. other than that the laptop is very reliable a little on the heavy side but thats to be expected but is an incredible laptop
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on 17 August 2015
I have waited a long time to review this so as to be as fair as possible. This thing updates itself when it wants, not when I want it to. This thing needs to have its browsing history deleted nearly every day or I can not look at Ebay and other sites without it refusing me. This thing has crap sound. This thing will be replaced very soon, but not any product of this company.
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on 28 April 2013
Buyers beware, this laptop is NOT full HD (1080p), it is in fact only HD+ (900p).

I only discovered this once the item had arrived.

(I had actually spoken to an Amazon agent online prior to purchase who confirmed it was full HD, like I said it's not.)

The laptop looks the part but a number of issues:

Sound quality is poor, noise from the speakers is tinny.

The dvd player software(Cyberlink Power DVD) froze and crashed repeatedly.

Touch pad is unresponsive one minute and overly sensitive the next, with the new Windows 8 user interface it is a nightmare to navigate as it keeps jumping from one screen to another (e.g. between the apps screen and the desktop).

The high gloss screen creates reflections that are very distracting when you're trying to watch a film.

I only had it for a few hours before I packaged it up and sent it back for a refund, yes it was that bad.

I guess you get what you pay for!
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on 13 May 2013
Disappointed that this machine does NOT include the security technologies listed in the advert (Veri Face). If this is the feature which influences your decision to purchase, do not buy this one. Lenovo informed me those features are not compatible with Windows8. Waiting for a response.

If this is not important then it is a fine laptop, in the meantime Amazon MUST update the advert, it is false.
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