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on 24 January 2016
Many people give negative feedback on Google Chromebook's as they are not familiar with their actual purpose. You cannot install regular 'Windows' applications on them as they run the Google Chrome Operating System (not Windows). You also cannot put DVD's into them (as they don't have a CD/DVD drive), but for what they are designed for they are absolutely fantastic!

This is the first Chromebook I purchased and wanted a Chromebook as my requirements for this device were quite basic and were as follows:

1. Fast Bootup times
2. Access to the internet for browsing
3. Access to webmail
4. Remote desktop connection to a Windows machine
5. Lightweight - Suitable for travel

The Chromebook will meet all these requirements. I just wanted a light weight laptop that I could take with me when I am travelling both in the UK and abroad to allow me to keep in touch with business and personal e-mails.

I didn't want a Windows device that was slow to boot up, really expensive and did everything you could possibly want it to do (when all I wanted it for were the basics).

This device is exceptionally fast and works extremely well. I've had it for almost 18 months now and I would not be without it. If it broke down I would definitely be replacing it with another Chromebook.

Chromebooks now allow you to run Skype (web version) as well as Microsoft Office applications (web version) - all of which are free and work well on the device.

If you understand what you are buying you will be very impressed with this device.
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on 26 November 2017
USB ports were all sealed up with metal which cannot be removed, which wasn't highlighted in the description and makes it impossible to use to charge items or use any USB sticks. Buttons have been covered in noticeable labels to cover worn ones and the back which covers the USB under the hinge has popped off and cannot fit back in. Pretty bad condition.
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on 8 October 2015
I bought this almost three years ago with the intention to use it for surfing and browsing as well as for video communication.
This product has met all these requirements with ease, and as Google has improved it with various updates it can handle most Microsoft tasks, so much so my wife now uses it for her teacher planning and finds it very easy to use . All she does is plug in her flash stick and away she goes.
I have used it now for most things I would use a laptop for, it's lighter, has better battery life and ugh more portable than anything else, also much cheaper .
If you know what you are purchasing when you buy a chromebook you will be pleasantly surprised at what it can do and will not be disappointed . After three years you are looking to replace a laptop, my chromebook is a part of my life does what it says on the tin it just keeps impressing me an excellent all-round bit of kit .
I have had no problems with it and if the worst happens I would buy another without any thought .
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on 16 September 2015
Bought as 'pre-loved' refurbished laptop because I didn't know if I'd like a Chromebook. I'm accustomed to Windows, but my Windows 7 laptop crashed after the Windows 10 upgrade. It did restore to Windows 7, then failed totally a few days later. Therefore this purchase. The refurbished laptop itself performs admirably - within it's limits. The difference is that the Chromebook runs on Chrome OS, using Chrome web browser. As a laptop to surf the web without any complicated operating system, the Chromebook is fast, responsive, very light in use, very long battery life between charges, and basically does what it says on the tin. What the Chromebook is not, is a full-fledged operating system. However, with Google's apps, like Google doc, Google cloud (MyDrive) it is very useable, both to surf the web, email (with a free Google account), type documents, save to the cloud. Also to order items, read Kindle books on Kindle Cloud Reader - Google has a Kindle app plus others. I was especially pleased that I could prop the Chromebook on my lap to read my ebook, jot a note, look up the web, or place an order without bothering to start up my other computer. I can't and won't comment on Google's apps, since I only wanted the basic ones - documents, email, with maybe an ereader. Anyway, this review is about the Chromebook. Anyone wanting a simple, lightweight (in weight and range of programmes - you have to use Google's apps for Chrome) might like to consider one of the Chromebooks. Personally I wouldn't have it as my sole computer, but for browsing the web, quick notes, reading ebooks, carrying around, ordering online, I find this refurbished Chromebook very useful indeed. Coupled with a Windows/Linux computer (or Mac, if that's your preference) for my accustomed programmes like OpenOffice/Libre Office, I am happy with my venture into Google's Chrome OS and this refurbished Samsung Chromebook. If you're thinking of a Chromebook, I would strongly recommend you read one of Amazon's ebooks about Chromebooks - there's some very reasonably priced ones to choose from. This is not a Windows computer, and I'd urge you know what you're buying if you choose a Chromebook, which has a totally different operating system from Windows (or, I believe, Mac). But the Chromebook has it's own advantages - fast, light and convenient.
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on 18 December 2013
I got this Chromebook because it's the cheapest of them all — it certainly does the job and is pretty easy on the eye too :)

Things that I like about it:
— very light and easy to carry around,
— the charger is small (12V with expendable socket cable, great for traveling),
— looks pretty nice,
— easy to hold, thanks to the hinge bulge,
— pretty good performance keeping the price in mind,
— pretty loud speakers (but quality is medium),
— great keyboard, easy to type and nice to feel with fingers,
— ChromeOS is definitely nice, personal and hassle-free operating system,
— charges quickly,
— starts up super fast, it's really 7-10 seconds cold start!
— it's easy to attach to HDMI screen and apparently is "smart enough" to operate in expected way (expands by default, when you close the lid it works as a stationary computer),

Things I don't like about it:
— the bottom enclosure is weird, when laptop gets warmer it starts to expand and wobbles on touch (!),
— first one had to be replaced due to a screen defect, the replacement is better, but it has a weird white pixel too (much smaller than the first one),
— that said, the screen is absolute CRAP, I never seen worse screen ever, it's dim and kinda fuzzy (I come from MBA and MBP with Retina, so maybe it's just my subjective feeling), be warned,
— it seems that Samsung uses different manufacturing materials in different series: first had smooth keyboard keys, replacement has rough-finish of the keys,
— first one I got had "soft places", where it feelt like it's made of rubber and screen enclosure was not attached properly, like it could peel off on opening, so check your one upon arrival.

In general I am happy I got this Chromebook, because it's a nice small machine (speaking about the 2nd one, replacement) and does exactly what it should. If you want to check out if ChromeOS is for you, don't look any further :)
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on 17 January 2016
This is a well-designed laptop.
The screen it's self isn’t too bad, it’s not a HD screen by any means but for just browsing the web, watching YouTube videos and typing up documents its fine. The bezel around the edge is quite thick though!
The webcam isn’t the best, but will do the job. I’ve only ever used the webcam once and that was to test it worked!
The keyboard is very conferrable to type on. It is a full UK keyboard, although part of the design seems weird when switching from a standard Windows keyboard (windows key etc.), the CTRL and the ALT keys are HUGE! Which you have to get used to. There also isn’t a caps lock key. The location where the caps lock key is, there is a search button in its place. I did find a way to change this within the chrome settings.
The overall performance of this laptop is good. It handles everyday browsing fine with no lag at all.
You will have to get to CHROME OS though which isn’t easy, I personally don’t like it that much, but I needed a cheap inexpensive laptop for college.
Overall this is a great PC if you travel around a lot or need a cheap little laptop for college.
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on 6 September 2013
I have had the Chromebook for about a month now and am mostly very happy with it. My Lenovo Ideapad's hard drive randomly started failing less than two years after purchase so I wanted a replacement but was not in the mood to spend much money after this reminder how fragile computers are.

- It is very slim and light
- The battery life is excellent, you can take it and use it all day and it always turns on instantly
- The keyboard is comfortable
- I feel secure knowing that everything is backed up online so that if my computer fails or is stolen I won't lose any files and a thief would not have access to my files
- It's nice that others can use it with the guest account so they don't need to have access to your information.
- The 100GB of Google storage means I can back up all my photos at full size if I want

- The trackpad is annoying
- The speakers are not that loud, I use an X-Mini speaker when watching things on Netflix
- The file manager is a little frustrating to use sometimes. I can't easily organise files or even see all the information I could using Windows.
- I am not a fan of the single button trackpad and find that often when I do the two finger click to try to access the menu it reads it as a single finger click. I'm tempted to get an external mouse but don't want to carry it around.
- I cannot attach it to my television using a HDMI cable. The computer recognises that it's linked to a TV but the TV says "no signal". My other laptop connected fine to the TV so I know the problem is not the cable. I have tried researching this online and cannot find any solution.
- I can't sync my Fitbit with it as there is no app for that.
- The top seems it could scratch easily. I found some marks before I had even taken it anywhere. I would recommend purchasing a sleeve with the Chromebook to protect it.

Overall I am happy with the product in spite of its limitations. It is great for web browsing and watching things online.
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on 4 August 2014
I have to say, I am already a Samsung fan so I knew I was fonna be pleased with the chromebook itself - thin, light and good looking-, but the big surprise was on the operating system. I did a bit of research about these do-it-all-online and I admit I was concerned as I am not into computing and very old fashioned, but as I was in a rush to buy a laptop, I just took the gamble and went for it.
I love it!
Is so easy to use it is almost ridiculous! It switches on in no time, no fuss about installing nonsense, I just input my google account details (which I had almost "by accident") and 5 minutes after opening the box I was all set up and ready to work!
the great thing is also that it stores the documents on the account, so if something happens to the laptop itself, nothing will get lost!
I would buy it again.
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on 23 January 2014
I only bought this because it was cheap and looked nice. Im glad I did though! Its a great little machine.
Its so lightweight and sleek, doesnt make any noise. Its so easy to get started with, just turn it on, sign in and voila! I did have some problems navigating the keyboard at 1st due to it being set as US keyboard but that was easily changed.
Im not use to not having a CAPS lock key either and it took me ages to work out the shift button does caps lock, you have to hold and press the key.
Im not very laptop savvy hence why it took me a while to get use to things. The keyboard is nice to use and the trackpad is a decent size. The internet loads up really quickly and I was surprised to find the laptop has a google word, like microsoft but its free so that saves me £80/100 thankfully. All I wanted this laptop for mainly was internet usage, mainly shopping, and writing as I'd like to write a book some day or maybe get back into fanfictions ha!
Laptop only arrived yesterday so cant really give much more detail but what ive seen so far I really like. Im so glad I bought it and its so worth it at under £200.
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on 1 January 2013
I needed a new laptop for university. It needed to be small and lightweight so I could take it to lectures and have plenty of storage for essays etc. My old laptop took an age to start-up so I was also looking for something which started quickly. On top of all this, my budget was pretty low, I am only a student after all! I looked at all the conventional windows OS laptops, none of them really stood out, then I saw the advert for chromebook. I wasn't sure at first, but I decided to go for it. I've had it for a week now, and I must say it has taken a bit of getting used to. If you just go online and don't use any other applications, you will barely notice the difference, but once you start thinking about documents, music storage etc the difference is clear. Here is what I believe to be the pro's and cons:

*Small and very light weight.
*Super speedy start-up- you will be online in seconds.
*Online storage means no more clogged up disk space
*No need to buy expensive software like Microsoft Office.
*No need for security software, as it is all built in.
*Inexpensive to buy and since you don't need software, its cheep to run too.
*Long battery life (I have not measure exactly how long, but I haven't needed to charge it a lot)
*No annoying updates to interrupt your work.
*You can find an app for just about anything and since they are stored online, you can download as many as you want and not worry about using up valuable disk space.
*Websites load quickly, even if you have many tabs open.
*No need to back-up and documents etc can be accessed from other computers and laptops.
*itunes media can be uploaded onto google play, allowing you to access it anywhere. This can also be synced with android phones.
*Documents can be worked on whilst offline.
*Screen shots can be taken quickly and easily.

*ipods etc cannot be updated using chromebook as itunes does not work- this is not a huge problem for me as my old laptop works perfectly well for this purpose.
*Increase in internet usage- if on a broadband plan with limited data be careful as playing music, videos etc which are stored online is data expensive.
*Connecting a printer is much more difficult than with a windows system, though it is possible.
*Not suitable for gamers as games cannot be stored on a hard drive and there is no disk drive.
*There is no caps lock button, meaning I often press the search button (which has replaced the caps button) instead, which is a little irritating.

Overall, the chromebook works well for me. There are some problems with it, but most of the problems can be solved in some way. Its not perfect, but its not far off so 4*
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