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on 17 March 2017
Excellent machine very pleased with it and still going strong with Windows 10. Many Thanks
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on 22 April 2013
I know very little about home computing, but what I do know is that my old Sony Viao was creaking under Windows Vista and just starting it up and getting onto the web was about a 15-20 minute job!

Since I've had this laptop, I've encountered no problems - if you exclude getting used to Windows 8! The machine is quick, looks good and so far (about 6 weeks in ) has performed brilliantly. I did a fair amount of research across lots of websites and I couldn't find anything that came close, in terms of specifications for the money (£499).

Coming from an average user, who only really uses the laptop for storing music & photo's etc and surfing the web it's been a pleasure to use.

I highly recommend it.
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on 1 April 2013
I bought this laptop for my husband for Xmas.. he loves it..... on it every day.. glad I got it for him worth every penny...
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on 5 May 2013
I'm a web developer so always need a fast machine. I bought this laptop and very happy with my purchase. It's fast, slim, good graphics, decent screen size, impressive touchpad it doesn't heat up very quiet. It has a decent battery life 4-5 hours but most impressively it recharges so fast.
I give it five star. Highly recommend it.
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on 28 May 2013
Moving up from my Asus 10 inch notebook, I must say the amount of space and spec the laptop gives me is a breath of fresh air. Shut down is amazingly quick (18 seconds) and carries out even video rendering and hardcore genetics computer programming software within an hour (on most laptops this would take a good 16 hours, from my experience) When I first got the laptop, admittingly, windows 8 almost made me chuck it out of the window, but with time you get used to it! Amazing for the price. Now considering moving to touchscreen. Had the laptop for 5 months now and so far no problems. I must say, it has randomly shut down on me twice so far (but saves everything by the minute, so nothing was lost) and has a 4 hour battery life now (did have 8 hours) but other then this, no problems.
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on 14 September 2013
I bought this laptop back in June, for £499.00, to replace my 3 year old Toshiba Satellite, which is now too slow and cumbersome for my current computer requirements. Sadly, I had to return the Asus K55A because an increasing number of the keys turned out to be faulty. Now, I'm hoping my experience was just a one off, and that perhaps it was the dud in that batch of laptops, because in every other sense, it was wonderful. I had the machine for two weeks, and in that time was able to use it for my lectures at university, as well as playing computer games, and you know, it ran like a dream! With the Intel i7 processor, the 6GB RAM, and the incredibly power efficient (albeit infuriating) Windows 8, this laptop could boot up faster than other other computer I've ever used.

Unfortunately, this beautiful relationship that was blossoming between myself and my shiny new laptop, just wasn't meant to be. The space bar was incredibly stiff from the get go, and whilst that was tolerable, it soon began to stop working at all. I began to find that much of my typing was littered with typos, where certain letters were consistently missing. To begin with, the worst culprits were the space bar, and the letter D key. But this soon developed into several of the punctuation keys such as essentials like the comma and the apostrophe. Then finally, the same thing happened to the Backspace key, and Return (Enter key). At this stage, it began effectively redundant, because I could not even delete and correct the typos with ease. It got to the point when I was pressing a key for upwards of 30 times,and still NOTHING. So, alas, I returned it. I decided to look for something else, and I am currently eyeing up another Toshiba, or an Acer.

I was frustrated and disappointed by the way things turned out with my beautiful new Asus. When we first met, it was love at first sight. It was a sleek and stunning laptop, with such efficiency that I thought I would always be able to depend upon! But you mustn't judge a book by it's cover, and the same goes for laptops too, sometimes. If Amazon ever begin to sell these again at £500.00 or less, then I just might give this one another go, as I was really hoping that perhaps mine was just one faulty exception. But fortunately, there was some light at the end of this tunnel, and that was Amazon's excellent customer service. Returning the laptop was simple, and I was swiftly reimbursed the cost of the laptop.

All in all, a very stylish laptop, fast and enjoyable to use. £499.00 was a rather reasonable price, and I definitely feel as though I would have had a good value laptop, had it not been for the fact that the one I received had so many faulty keys.

I would definitely recommend any reliable brand's laptop (such as Sony or Toshiba for example) with this one's specifications, as the large amount of RAM and the exquisite Intel i5 or i7 processors make a HUGE impact, and really boost your laptop's productivity.

And, a final word to anybody who is dubious of Windows 8... I recommend that if at all possible, find a way to try it out (perhaps on a friend or relative's computer), and try before you buy. If you find that the new dashboard and charm bar features of Win8 just aren't for you, then there are several ways of installing the classic start bar, and restoring it to look and behave much more like Windows 7, only with the benefit of the speed of Windows 8.

Anyway, that's about it! Hope it helps! :)
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on 5 November 2014
It was under £500 when I purchased it here.
A bargain at that price.

Very fast processor & lots or RAM which is ideal for my video processing needs - my main reason for buying it.

The HD4000 graphics is not great, but I knew that before I bought the machine, and as I didn't want it for gaming, it was not an issue.

The screen is a little reflective & not very high res (1368x764), but I actually prefer that resolution sometimes as it means the icons and text can be seen more easily rather than everything being minute on the screen.

There seems to be for some, a problem with the space-bar not working unless you press it quite firmly in the middle.
I resolved this by taking of the space bar, adding a bit of folded paper to the pressure sensor in the middle, then replacing the space bar. It is now much more sensitive and works with just a little tap even on the edge of the space bar.

Windows 8 didn't impress me enough so I put in windows 7 instead.

All in all, if this laptop was 'normally' priced when I bought it, I'd have probably given 3.5(if possible!) or 4 stars.
As it was under £500 at the time I purchased it, that made it somewhat a bargain.
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on 28 September 2013
I have never been keen on laptops after mostly using desktop computers, which always seemed easier to use. I brought this laptop for university and was not disappointed.

I specifically wanted a laptop with an island keyboard as I always found typing quickly on laptops difficult, the keyboard on the K55A is perfect. From the picture on Amazon, I thought the laptop was brown but it was in fact black, which was an added bonus. The touch pad is very responsive and the area does not get hot like on some other laptops. Windows 8 is not great but you can always put a previous version of Windows on it. I chose to leave it on there so I could get some experience of how to use it. The unnecessary boxes on the start screen can be unpinned leaving just the important ones. I tend to just go onto the desktop to start programs anyway. The laptop also charges very quickly.

I had one slight problem with the laptop losing internet connection. This was easily resolved by disabling power saving on the wireless adapter.
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on 13 December 2013
It performs better than I expected, and I admit that I hesitated to give it 5 stars because the display is not as great as I would have liked for my photography. But then, if I wanted a great display I would not have got an i7 processor with 6 GB ram and a 1 TB disk for £500! Other jewels include USB 3, HDMI, Lan and Monitor ports, quite reasonable speakers, web-cam, DVD/ CD burner, card reader and a very acceptable battery life. If I'd replaced my old desktop with a similar spec desktop, it would have cost as much, if not more if you include a monitor, but without the flexibility of a laptop. I've had it for about 8 months now and have travelled quite extensively with it without having a moment's grief. It is a solid well-built piece of kit that really carries it's weight, and I would recommend highly it! I do love it!
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on 1 December 2012
An excellent quality product. Windows 8 DVD is not provided, but the internal hard disk contains restore partitions that can be used to restore Windows 8 on its original state. For the purchasers outside UK be aware that the keyboard layout is a UK one, so special characters like @ or # are on different key buttons. This can be bypassed with changing the keyboard setting accordingly on Windows 8.

@amazon.co.uk. Please update the description of this product. The laptop has no Bluetooth!!!

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