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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 August 2013
This product sorted my horrendously dirty patio in quick time. I went on to clean the entire outdoor area of my house as it was such a joy to use!! Very satisfying. As easy as hoovering - only outside!!
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on 7 April 2015
I bought this power washer to replace an RAC one that broke. I always thought Karcher were a good make but when doing my research I saw quite a lot of people talking about the item breaking after about 18 months. This did concern me but I found the item is guaranteed for 2 years. This is good enough for me, but I do expect the washer will last a lot longer if cared for right.

The performance is wonderful. Using the lance, it just washes absolutely everything off that I gave it. We have decking, patio tiles, and concrete - all of which I assume have never been cleaned (we just bought a house). See the pictures with this review.

Very easy. 4 screws to attach the handle and detergent dial, and slide on the top/bottom lance holders. Finally screw on the tap connection.

I used the lance to clean the decking. There were stones and dirt flying everywhere, it was great. The pressure was very strong and enough to dislodge tiny stones from between the decking grooves. However, be careful - do not spend too long on one spot on the maximum pressure setting as I did strip some of the decking oil off that was applied last year (no big deal, it was being cleaned for the next oiling anyway).

Patio Attachment:
I initially used the lance to clean the patio tiles, but this was slow going and I was getting soaked with the water bouncing back at me from the gaps in the tiles. The patio attachment is ideal. A quick push+rotate to uncouple the lance and push/rotate the patio attachment on, and off I went. The speed at which it just shifted the dirt was incredible. Best thing was, the water was enclosed within the dome of the attachment and wasn't going all over me. After going over the patio once, a quick rinse with the lance at medium setting and it was job done.

The final surface I tried it on was the concrete. Again, the patio attachment was ideal at it was a smooth flat surface. Afterwards, I used the lance for the sides and corners and for the final rinse. Very quick and easy and the difference was amazing. I didn't even use the detergent it comes with.

Would recommend.
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on 8 November 2013
I've been using an old washer I purchased from Wickes years ago, and thought it was the norm... I've just used the K4 T-Lance on my large sandstone patio, it was so easy and no mess. Then used the adjustable spray to wash off the dirty water and was all finished in just under two hours - with my old model I'd set aside a morning to complete the task. Also, very quiet to use. I would give this six stars if I could. Excellent delivery service, ordered late Wednesday evening, arrived Friday morning.
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Colour Name: Yellow|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Although this is my first power washer it's not the first I've used as my father-in-law has a heavy-duty one (different brand) that cost about twice this price and my Grandmother has one of the compact Kärcher's costing about half this price. It's been interesting to compare them and I'm happy to report the performance of this K4 easily rivals the more expensive competitor.

I took the Kärcher along with me on a trip to my Grandmother's as she has a bigger garden which hadn't been power-washed for two years making it the ideal workout for the K4 and so far this week the K4 has... washed the windows, cleaned the car, transformed the concrete slabs on patio and paths, spruced up the garden walls, revitalised the wood decking around the shed, cleaned the painted exterior of the shed and cleaned the concrete interior of a drained (and incredibly slimy) garden pond - and it's done it all without any fuss or bother. You get three tools (and two extension tubes) in this kit: one variable jet (good for more fragile areas or rinsing off detergent or as a water 'broom' to sweep away debris), one very high pressure jet (for blast-cleaning deeply stained areas like concrete or brick - strong enough to strip away paint too, use with care!) and a spinning patio cleaner (for cleaning slabs and decking). The only thing that felt missing was some kind of low-pressure brush to use on the car or on painted surfaces - but of course Kärcher offer suitable optional accessories.

The patio cleaner was a revelation, it looked a bit of a gimmick but it works really well and shifts even ingrained dirt without sending up clouds of dirty water in all directions. The ring of stiff bristles around its circumference also help shift the dirt and on the most heavily stained areas your instinct is to brush with more pressure - but if you just slow down the back and forth motion of the tool instead it usually achieves the same deeper clean, meaning you don't need a lot of elbow grease to use it. It also works well on awkward surfaces like combed wood decking where it's very hard to clean properly down into the grooves. However be aware that on more roughly textured surfaces, like a lock-block driveway for example, the bristles cause some drag and it's harder work moving the tool around than on smoother patio slabs or tiles.

The inbuilt detergent dispenser is a neat idea and the bundled Stone Cleaner did seem to help loosen the dirt on the patio slabs a bit, but it didn't seem that essential as the water alone does such a good job - maybe the car Wash and Wax version is of more value. The detergent is only dispensed when the washer is on a low-pressure setting, there's a special 'mix' setting on the variable jet and if you use a low-pressure tool like the Car Wash Brush it adds detergent automatically. There's a control on the washer itself to vary the amount of detergent in the mix. Kärcher warn against using non-Kärcher cleaners but it's hard to believe the washer would suffer much harm from a squirt of Fairy Liquid, however their own cleaners are eco-friendly and made for the purpose - but they're pricey.

It's probably important to have realistic expectations of what power-washing can do and realise it doesn't always shift the most ingrained marks from concrete - really deep staining left by algae, lichens or oil will usually survive a water blasting. However that dull green slime that seems to coat gardens during wet Winters is a gonner and that alone can make an amazing difference to your outdoor space. In that regard this Kärcher K4 is a really solid performer, powerful enough to do the job and at a fair price, I'd really struggle to say anything bad about it - and my Grandmother seems quite pleased too!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 14 March 2015
If you're looking at this review you're wondering if it is really worth buying a Karcher, are they worth the extra cash? Having used a lesser brand for a year and getting increasingly frustrated with it (particularly the hose which kept popping out) it was a breath of fresh air to get the K4. It wasn't cheap but in use it is just so powerful and well built, and given it's water cooled it is quieter than you would ever expect.

With the patio cleaner and the 2 hose attachments you get everything you are going to need, plus the K4 has a very simple detergent system which I have used on the patio. I haven't bought any extra bits yet but the Karcher range is excellent, if a bit pricy.

The only word of warning is just be careful with the pressure. I have heard scare stories from friends who are K4 owners who have stripped paintwork from cars and ruined plaster on houses, it is so strong. So just keep it turned down, especially on delicate stuff. And mind the cable, you could easily rip through it by accident.

So I would recommend just taking the plunge, go the K4 and you really won't regret it. Buying quality in the first place always works out cheaper in the long run.

Update: just spent a fun Sunday jetwashing the drive. Seriously enjoyed it, this just cuts through the grime. The dirtblaster is great at getting off even cement, it is so powerful (don't aim it at wood - I learnt the hard way!). Tried a friend's K2, the K4 is quieter and gives more pressure.
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on 30 May 2014
this toy should have been better advertised! i wish i had brought one years ago! in my new house, the garden although small was a bit run down. walls needed repainting, decking was mouldy and un cared for. i thought i would use this to give it a quick clean before re varnishing and painting. to my surprise, it ripped up all the old varnish and took the old paint off the walls! it is so powerful! nothing is now safe in the garden! it makes everything look great again and the things that needed some attention IE the walls and decking, it got me back to the base layer again which made it much easier to start from scratch. kids trampoline and slide ( stuff that stays in the garden over winter and gets mouldy) is now looking brand new again! i love it!
the only down side i would say is the decking extension part (round head) is a waste really. i never used it as it wasn't powerful enough to clean the decking. the extension with the fat handle was more than strong enough though! i would prob ditch that part and get the car cleaning brush instead if i were to buy it again.
its also very very quiet when turned on but not in use. once you press the trigger, the motor kicks in and it gets a tad noisy then but to be honest, the power it kicks out i would expect it to be louder!
dont use it to clean the kids with as it knocked mine over.
you can however hold the other half at bay, she wont come never me when its in hand, would blast her clothes off in half a second!
if you have a garden that has decking or paving, this is a must, well, if you have 200 quid spare that is. it will clean ANYTHING!
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on 24 February 2014
I chose the rating for this product because my husband said it
is very easy to use and takes all the backache out of the job.
it is easy to pack up and does a good job, he should have got
one sooner,I would recommend this to anyone who likes keeping
there patio's and driveways clean
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I bought this K4 pressure washer 'combo' (it also comes with a patio cleaner, which with hindsight I think is an essential accessory) a year ago after my previous one (different/cheaper make !) failed dramatically as the motor caught fire when in use.

So, the factors which swayed this particular purchase were not just the 3-year guarantee but also that it was seemingly the only make where a drain/pipe cleaning accessory could be added - something which was on my wish list to try and clear a blocked rainwater soakaway (which it did) :

Kärcher 7.5m Pipe And Drain Cleaning Kit - Pressure Washer Accessory

When I bought this model it came with the T250 patio cleaner - it now appears to have had an upgrade to include the T350 version (not sure of the advantages....).

** Watch out ! Amazon also sell this without the patio cleaner, often for the same price - so make sure you're buying the 'right' one ! Karcher prices are VERY variable, with frequent special offers - occasionally you can get this model without the patio cleaner for a LOT less. Also, as the various models look quite similar make sure you're buying the K4 and not, for example, the inferior K2 variant !! Here are the other K4 'variants' on Amazon:

no Patio Cleaner
 Kärcher K4 Water-Cooled Pressure Washer

adds 'Suction Hose & Filter', different detergent supplied
Kärcher K4 Premium Eco Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer

What I DO know is that for me the T250 patio cleaner has proved to be an essential item, since it works very well as a 'first-time' sweep over badly soiled surfaces (including walls) before detailed attention is given with the other tools.

So, for my dirty/neglected decking (which was almost black in appearance !) I used first the T250 patio cleaner. The cleaning task is easier to assess/achieve for the subsequent detailed clean using the dirtblaster attachment (NOT the lance, as that doesn't produce a concentrated-enough jet to dislodge aged/built-up soiling) on all the stubborn remaining soiling.

This washer cleaned everything with ease.

*** The handles on the patio cleaner are actually of use as it can occasionally move about quite aggressively when used (eg over ridged decking) - the handles allow you to control it's movement in those circumstances. NOTE the user guide warning about using it on completely-cleared/flat surfaces, otherwise you risk the 'whirling' nozzles within snapping-off if they hit something - they are NOT cheap replacements !

The other features of this washer that showed themselves to be useful with this task were :

1. The 6m-length pressure hose, which when combined with,

2. The 5m-odd long mains cable

means (for safety reasons, water and electricity don't mix well !) that you can be well displaced from both the unit itself and the electricity supply.

Noise isolation is less of an issue as the unit is really very quiet.

A few downsides:

1. The unit is quite large (esp in height) and deceptively heavy, but it can be moved around quite easily due to the decent carry-handle and that it's on nice chunky wheels.

2. I also think that the patio cleaner can only effectively be used with just one of the extension pieces where it's just about long enough for satisfactory use, allowing me to remain upright and hence avoid lengthy back-bending issues (I'm 6ft+ tall); use both extensions and it flexes too much.

When cleaning my decking, in a few interludes whilst I waited for detergent to act before a second/final dirtblaster sweep, the unit dealt admirably with cleaning the outside of my plastic sheds which had a lot of mould/dirt build-up on them which detergent/brushing had failed to clear - they now look like new !

I'm not sure when I'll find a use for the 'vario lance', maybe it will prove useful for cleaning only lightly-soiled decking/paving which has previously been 'revitalised' with the dirtblaster ? ! The same goes for the detergent dispensing capability....

For me, this K4 model has the best combination of motor specification, power/pressure/waterflow, hose length and included accessories from the choices available.

I'm not sure why the more expensive/higher-specification K5 or K7 models would prove to be worthwhile purchases for the 'average' user. This is especially relevant when price is considered - the K4 can usually be bought for about £150 (as I mentioned earlier Karcher prices are VERY variable, with frequent special offers), so it's often often just £50 more than the lower-spec models but at least some £150 less than the higher-spec models !
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on 23 February 2015
Feb 2015: This certainly cleans the back patio well. Both the vario-lance and the surface cleaner are useful in removing the layer of algae that has accumulated. However, I have significant reservations:
Although the K4 works well on the patio, which has stone flags, sealed with cement, it's less satisfactory on the block driveway, where it creates a mess washing out all the sand that I spent hours brushing into the cracks.
It is easily pulled over by the two coils of tubing (the suction tube and the one that delivers the pressurised water). The detergent casing is now cracked as a result of one fall.
I could not break the seal on the detergent bottle just by inverting it on the plastic spike. In the end my Swiss Army knife did the trick and got it working. It seems to have stopped delivering detergent again, even though the bottle is still almost full.
The suction hose arrived separately as a piece of tightly-coiled tubing and this is the biggest problem. I have not been able to uncoil it, so it's effective length is between a third and a half of its real length. I've tried stretching it out in the garage for a few days but it still coils persistently. This means that it coils back on itself in my water butt and then sucks in air. The clip that is supposed to retain it in the water butt is useless and it all too easily pops out, smashing the filter (which is now broken) on the patio. Someone has suggested weighting it down with metal weights (is this part of your design, Kärcher?). I've tried fixing it to a piece of plastic tubing that I had around, but this is not heavy enough.
The other problem is filling it with water to prime it. Again, due to the way it coils on itself, this is difficult and certainly a recipe for ice-cold fingers in the winter. To be honest, you only need to have it partly filled with water. I've considered buying a much longer piece to help me reach the bottom of my drive but the thought of priming a longer tube puts me off. I don't want to run the K4 off the mains tap for environmental reasons.
Anyway, between trying to stretch the tubing sufficiently to use it without it popping out of the water butt and stop it coil itself so the filter is out of the water, it's a fairly useless piece of over-priced tubing. I'm thinking of rigging up a compromise that will run off the tap on the water butt with a filter in the tubing. I'll have to find an adapter as the water butt tap is quite small.

In summary:

Cleans effectively, even without detergent
Car brush works well to clean the car (again, without detergent so far)
I can't think of anything else that would be effective in cleaning the back patio

Expensive and extravagant to run off the water main and suction hose is infuriating
Not good on a block driveway where the cracks are filled with kiln-dried sand (which they need to be to promote drainage)
Flimsy casing
Detergent dispenser appears to be temperamental, to say the least

Jan 2016 update: The cars constantly get filthy in winter and, with a seemingly endless supply of rainwater in the water butts, it is a quick job to use the vary-lance and brush attachment to clean them. Today the machine stopped delivering water. At first I suspected an air-lock or sediment blockage in the hose from the water butt but that was siphoning water fine. I decided it was probably a blockage in the machine itself so fetched the garden hose (packed away in the shed for winter). That sorted it out but it's another indication of the machine's limitations. Once it was working again I reverted to rainwater and cleaned both cars and much of the patio.
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on 30 July 2013
I purchased this product from Amazon in April and it was defective out of the box --the on/off switch didn't switch on. Amazon replaced the item immediately and the replacement worked fine for a couple of uses before water started pouring out of the casing and the on/off switch outlet. It is now unusable and I am trying to get a replacement.

I believe this is a newish model and, whilst it is excellent when working, the two models I received had significant quality/build issues. Judging by other entries on this site, my problems are not unusual.
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