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on 3 April 2014
The price of this item was the real deal breaker for me, as I needed to replace my accidentally damaged 84" electric screen. Strangely, apart from the size, it is visually exactly the same as my other screen, (which cost almost twice the price about 6 months ago - further reinforcing the value of this product).
As others have said, I too was initially put off by the suggestion of fake reviews, but needn't have worried - this is a brilliant screen, giving a sharp, bright image!
Despatch and delivery was fast, so no real need for paying for the quicker delivery option!
The motor is quiet in operation and the screen descends/retracts slowly and smoothly - for added convenience, an RF remote control is supplied in addition to the wall mounted control unit.
I mounted the screen using hooks from the ceiling, but you could also wall mount it as an alternative, if more suitable to your installation.
You can pay several hundred pounds for an electric screen and I really wonder how much better they can be to justify this huge cost difference? For those of us on a 'more realistic' budget, this screen performs exceptionally well (used with my Optoma HD25e projector as the source)
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on 14 April 2015
The screen has a smooth and quiet motion and is very impressive when being lowered or raised. One thing I am disappointed with is the sag along one side. It's almost as though it needs a little bit of weight to help even it out. On reflection I should have perhaps paid a bit more and bought a tensioned model.
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on 29 June 2013
Just had the screen as a gift for fathers day.
It replaced my pull down optoma screen and i must say its very good. 2 weeks in and im very happy with it.
Its not the fastest screen ive seen but its clear with little glare.

Five stars
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on 22 December 2013
Very fast delivery by DHL. I am in Spain and it came within 3 days!
The screen is actually very well made, and it does not need the 3rd
bolt on the middle. HOWEVER be warned about the measurements!
Its actually 248cm or 97.5 inches across in TOTAL! The box the screen
rolls into is a lot larger than I expected, and they do not quote that size.
The screen is 225cm or 88.5inches which I think is what they quote. I
had to make some alterations to make it fit! Electric motor is quiet and works
well with the simple up/down and stop remote. The screen has lines running
across it every 30cm? They are faint and only noticeable on white parts of
the picture and only if you are very close to the screen. When watching a movie
and sitting back 4 meters you CANNOT SEE the lines. Not sure if the lines are
supposed to be there, but have to fair it does not effect the viewing at all when
you sit back in the right position. Great bright picture, detailed from Optoma
projector. Just watched Despicable me 2. The 3D was spectacular! Never
seen this movie before so not sure if its really made to higher standard, or if
we can blame this all on the screen giving off that much better picture than my old one?
But I think it is safe to say its better than my old manual one (which broke) and that
one cost me 200 euro! So for a quarter of thy original cost (although shipping to
Spain added another 30 GBP) I have brought a better, bigger electric screen that
does give a great picture without doubt! The little niggles aside I have to give it the
full 5 stars .......and 10 Stars for value!!!
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on 26 March 2015
Superb value for money screen. Quiet operation when lowering/raising the screen. There is some smell when the screen is first dropped but if you keep the screen down overnight, it does eventually diminish. Some faint lines on screen due to it being stored in the casing, but have not noticed any viewing problems at all. I guess it's pot luck really when you buy it. I have left the screen lowered a few times. Possible for some creases to go if tensioned by placing a weight at the bottom. I haven't needed to use weights at the moment but if you are unlucky, try it a few times and the creases will fade I am sure. Due to the size of the screen, it is so immersive when watching 3D media. I recommend 'Holotronica 3D' If you like electronica music and love 3D music videos. This was truly amazing on this screen. My only quibble with it is the control-box unit. Both input and output leads come from the same side on the box. Poor design really. The cable should be down from the screen into the box and other end down (on the other side) into the mains supply. Use Trunking on the wall to hide cabling (cheap enough from B&Q etc). You can either hang from the ceiling using the fitted hook rings, or use two screws either end if fitting to the wall. Note: this screen does not have normal holes to fit screws. It is the type whereby you insert the screw into the wall, then insert the screw head through the hole and slot downwards. Just make sure the screw is screwed in enough to lock in place or screen could pop off the screw head. Screen didn't appear as heavy as my older 92" manual screen. Highly recommend the screen and the seller (betty is amazing help).

Note: Amazon are up to there old tricks again and merging all reviews for the 100" screens with the 120" versions. Be warned!
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on 28 May 2014
I am very happy and equally impressed with this screen. It arrives very well packaged and delivery was fairly quick too. Nothing really technical about setting it up. It can be mounted flush to the wall set on two screws or hung from hooks.
The motor is really quiet as the screen winds up and down. It comes with an inline control box and remote.
The screen itself is very well constructed. The glass bead reflect very well.
I purchased a Epson tw 5200 3D projector and I am very impressed with the picture.
I could never believe after years of having Dolby and DTS sound suites, I would have my very Large movie screen in my home. I have`nt a dedicated cinema room, So I have this set up in my lounge. The screen slides down slightly in front of my 55" tv .
If you purchase this screen Im sure you will not be disappointed.
I can highly recommend the supplier and this product.
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on 26 March 2014
The only bad thing I can say is wrong with this screen is that that the mains lead comes back out of the top of the control box where it would of been better if it came out of the bottom. Other then that its a great screen. Very quiet when it comes down and up. Looks very neat.
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on 2 April 2014
Product arrived in good time and installed it last night, the housing was actually smaller than I originally anticipated which is a bonus. The motion is smooth and the screen is good quality! for the price tag this item is amazing, would happily advise anyone to buy it.
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on 7 June 2013
Really good projector screen. i had Duronic EPS92/169 HD before but it didnt work so i get refund. Duronic was 20 £ more with no remote and borders was really bad. They look like some one will make them by brush and smell really bad (paint or so), I had him for few days before being pickup by courier and the odor didnt go by that time. This One is just fine it smell (of plastic) only first day and then it just gone. Borders are perfect straight and top border is adjustable up to around 30 cm. motor is fast it rolls down in around 20 sec. Fast dispatch. Onle one downside are few horizontal line across on the screen (they must be they way its rolls on the pole) But they gone overnight by left rolled down (i attached small weight to the bottom of the screen for extra stretching of a screen) And thats It I using it with JVC HD350 and its really good. Going to post some pic. later on.
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on 22 April 2014

- Dispatched quickly and followed up by an unprompted email from the seller to check everything was ok.
- Extremely good value for the price when compared with other products available.
- Had it a couple of months and operating well.


- Couldn't get the remote control to memorise a preset stop as per the instructions - it has to be done manually or allowed to fully travel.
- Had a small dent in the case which was not really noticeable. As per the previous review, the transit packaging appeared undamaged. Seller very apologetic and provided a partial refund (and the option to return if I wanted).

Overall I would fully recommend this for the price - well worth it and very helpful seller.
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