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on 5 November 2013
The cover illustration sets the right tone for this lighthearted, spoof thriller - an entertaining romp with echoes of James Bond, George Smiley et al, in the oh-so-dated world of 1980s computing. This setting had extra resonance for me, as one of my first jobs was in a small computer software company in the 1980s, and, dare I confess, I married one its salesmen?! And aren't they real companies that he's talking about? Not just Microsoft (obv) but also Sphinx and Zylog?

Although this certainly isn't a novel for feminists easily offended by sexism (or indeed for easily offended Russian spies or CIA agents), I found it all great fun, in the tradition of Carry On films, whose purposely caricature-like characters and wafer-thin plots are contrived primarily as vehicles for jokes.

Having had a spate of reading serious, grim novels over the last few weeks, this was a breath of fresh air and I lapped it up.

I also thought it was a creative, memorable and interesting way of drawing attention to the cause for which he's raising money and awareness - the very real and serious condition of haemachromatosis. Well done, James Minter.
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on 5 June 2017
Light hearted story. Easy to read.
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on 18 April 2013
This book is recommended reading for for Haemochromatosis sufferers and since being recently diagnosed have been reading anything and everything I can get my hands on. After sifting through tomes of studies and reports it was refreshing to come across this light hearted contribution. Although it may be aimed at us with the condition I'd highly recommend it to anyone who likes their spy thrillers with their tongue firmly in their cheek.

Peter Morgan
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on 27 May 2014
This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:

The Unexpected Consequences of Iron Overload
James Minter

Cover 9/10
Excellent, fun cover with a strong central image and easy-to-read fonts. The readers loved the cover and blurb too. One reader wrote: ‘I loved this cover. The blurb was pretty good too, but it was the image of the hero in a DJ and underpants that sold me the book.’

Editing 7/10
Generally, the readers thought this book was well edited with no problems with punctuation, spelling or grammar. They did, however, feel the pacing needed a little work and the very strong dialect of a few of the characters was over worked making speech difficult to follow. One reader wrote: ‘The author worked hard to show how the Russian characters spoke English. I applaud him for this. However, it did make the dialogue in the book hard to wade through. I think, perhaps, he over did it.’

Theme 7/10
A very interesting and fun way to look at a medical problem. Although the readers felt the characters were a little bland and two-dimensional, it probably fitted with the genre of the book i.e. a light-hearted comedy.
They liked the twisting plot and the ‘spy’ elements of the novel. They also enjoyed learning about Hereditary Hemochromatosis and they felt this novel was an excellent way of increasing awareness.

Style 7/10
The readers felt the author’s sense of humour was the strongest element in this book. One reader wrote on her feedback: ‘This author is really funny and most of his book is speech. However, his character/setting descriptions seems a little rushed and there is little in the way of character development. If I was in the mood for a light-hearted, fun book, I would happily pick this. If I wanted a book with depth of character and remarkable settings, I would not.’

Of the 15 readers:
15 liked the cover.
12 enjoyed your way of mixing a fun story with a medical problem.
6 felt the characters were a little too shallow and did not develop in the story.
9 thought the dialect was overdone, slowing the pace of the book.

‘A fun, laugh-out-loud read. Highly recommended.’ The Wishing Shelf Awards
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on 13 April 2014
I love James Minter's sense of humour and his choice of characters in this fast London based comedy. Jimmy discovers he is magnetic in more ways than one. After saving his colleagues from certain death from a falling lightning tower at a Microsoft conference, including his beloved Barbara, Russian and American secret agents compete to capture him and harness his amazing skills. Enter the voluptuous cafe owner, Shelia, who is persuaded to act as a double agent and the story takes on an hilarious twist. A must buy and for a good cause too!
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on 15 November 2012
Minter manages to do it again, blending simple everyday life with the most extreme & incredulous
events, all combined to produce another piece of humoristic brilliance.

In this book, we are introduced to a certain Jimmy Kavanagh who has the misfortune to become
something of an unexpected hero by averting a near fatal accident at a corporate celebration. What
he, nor those around him, don't realise is Jimmy suffers with a genetic condition where he absorbs
and stores iron from his diet over and above the body's requirements (Haemochromatosis). Jimmy
discovers he is magnetic. Following his heroic act, he soon attracts the attention of the gorgeous
and very attractive Barbara Cooke from the office. Jimmy, thinking his world is about to be made,
does not realise that it's about to take a roller coaster like turn, involving KGB & CIA paranormal
investigators, Sheila, a young attractive café owner, and several other unfortunate characters along
the way. Jimmy, even with his hidden talent, just can't win; no matter what good fortune he has,
something hilarious always happens to ruin it for him. Minter serves up some hysterically witty and
charming twists and events.

No matter what advantage Jimmy Kavanagh tries to obtain using his talent, some unexpected event or
outcome always occurs to frustrate him. Minter allows the main character to recall some wonderfully
funny childhood stories like when he explains how he got the nickname "Magno Man" from his
father. Girlfriend Barbara even gives him the not so flattering nickname of Didcot Power Station. As
Jimmy Kavanagh tries to live his almost perfect day to day life, events elsewhere are conspiring to
ruin his plans. The scheming and planning of the KGB & CIA agents is nothing short of side-splitting
genius, as both parties manage to mess up their best laid plans, even with the assistance of a "Femme
Fatale" in the form of a dolled up - Sheila, to entrap Jimmy.

The actions of the Russian and American agents, is definitely not the stuff of James Bond however; it
certainly has that Johnny English like humour and quality. The ineptness of the lurking secret agents,
the brashness and innocence of the Australian-Irish Sheila and the developing relationship of Jimmy
& Barbara, all contribute to serve up a funny, rib-tickling and thoroughly entertaining book. The
bundling escapades and unexpected ending will not leave the reader disappointed.

Once you pick up this up, you honestly will not put it down. Minter always manages to capture and
make fun of any life situation, and turn it into truly classical British humour which is hard to find in
any other modern humour books.

Minter's books never fail to make you laugh, at the same time they feed you information that you
would not ordinarily have even been aware of and all in the name of a very worthwhile cause.
This is another witty gem, well written, creative & imaginative and a real humourous gem. I can't
recommend it enough for anyone wanting a good read and plenty of chuckles in a book.

An outstandingly comical book by the author.
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on 19 May 2013
Magnet man Jimmy, Barb his glamorous girlfriend, Oleg and Vladimir from the KGB, the two CIA men Brad and Matt, Sheila the sexy waitress!! This eclectic group of characters bumble their way ineptly through the story-line while Jimmy's past history gradually unfolds. The intrigues of the plot and the cat and mouse tactics are a laugh a minute.
But enough from me !! Read the book for yourself, amuse yourself with this disfunctional group of people and discover the wit and intelligence of James Minter's writing.
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on 29 January 2013
A light-hearted read and the story certainly highlights awareness of a little known medical condition.
I loved the twist at the very end - worthy of a sequel ?
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on 2 March 2013
A good read for those who understand the condition as explained at the beginning. A very amusing read which made me chuckle.
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on 14 October 2012
This was a really pleasant read with a good underlying plot, plenty of humour and an ending that surprised and made me smile. Would definitely recommend giving it a read, especially as the sales are raising funds and increasing awareness for The Haemochromatosis Society. And if you are sat wondering what Haemochromatosis is, then you should read this book!
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