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on 28 July 2015
My girlfriend refers to this as 'frustration cable' due to the ridiculously long length, and inflexible nature. That aside, it seems to be reasonably well made, and it certainly functions as desired.

The actual operation for putting a Samsung Galaxy into dock mode is very simple, a single specific (420k iirc) resistor to pin 5 of the microusb, having several attempts at making my own connectors and failing to get a reliable audio signal, I bit the bullet and ordered the iBolt. At the time, it was the only premade docking cable available. 10 months on and I'm happy to say it's still working perfectly.

For a relatively expensive cable, it doesn't really have the feel of quality. The connectors are chunky and feel cheap, with untidy trimmings from the injection moulding. Nothing to worry about, they are solid, but it doesn't feel or look anything like a premium product. The cable itself is far too long for my needs, and I suspect most other peoples too. It is also very stiff and prone to retaining kinks/bends (of which there are many from the initial packaging, so don't think you can treat it carefully and be fine). There is no velcro tab or winder to hold any extra tidy, something which is worth adding if you don't plan on using the full length, or permanently routing it discretely behind your dash.

The excessively long length isn't just a cosmetic issue. The electronic effect of having a much longer cable than required is bad news for both charging and sound quality. It seems that most of the negative reviews are due to a ground loop, caused by the charging and audio sharing the same common ground. This will be evident as a high pitched whine while the engine is running. Easily remedied with the addition of a ground loop isolator. This isn't really any fault of the cable itself, a fact of basic electronics.

All in all, it works. And that's what's important. Having damaged the jack port of my Galaxy S4 active, this is now the only means of getting wired audio out of my phone.
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on 7 May 2014
Got to say this is simply a great product.

I thought that I would give the lead ago for £10 after reading a lot of iBolt reviews (£30 for the car holder seems steep to me!).

After a lot of reading and trial and error, I had pretty much just accepted that the Galaxy S4 just simply cannot play music through the Micro USB Port. Nothing would work!. Tried different cheap leads, rooting my device, changing storage types etc etc.

I had accepted that bluetooth was the only answer (using a Belkin bluetooth kit) however with music streaming and sat nav on + phone on charge, the battery would just drain (Plus wired were everywhere) and phone would heat up way to much on long journeys. Also the bluetooth static buzzing sound is annoying beyond belief after awhile. Would rather not bother with the hassle.

This has proved me wrong.

My Car has an AUX input and a cigarette lighter slot. Basically I wanted a way "Docking" my phone in my car in order to charge my phone as well as play media (Music / Sat Nav etc) without the mess of wires everywhere and setting everything up each time you set off.

I have used this in combination with an average samsung desktop phone dock:


The iBolt lead plugs into the back of this stand. My phones switches to "Dock Mode" automatically when connected and everything just works perfectly.

After long journey's my battery charges fast and the sound quality is flawless. Plenty of cable means I can hide the wires quite nicely in my car and now the phone dock looks part of the car. Impressed with it!.

I have an AUX input in my car and a USB adapter for a cigarette lighter.

I have spent countless hours trying to find a method of playing my music in my car with my car other than using bl.
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on 16 March 2015
Massively frustrating. There doesn't appear to be any other solution for a single connection to charge and take audio from Samsung Galaxy Sx via USB. But when I charge at the same time as listening to music I suffer horrid noise that disappears when I disconnect the USB from the charger and leave just the audio connected. I've had three of these, all with the same problem, two of which have also suffered cable failures at the phone end. I wish someone would manufacture a decent product to satisfy this need.
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on 5 April 2014
Good product, would recommend. I bought this to connect my S3 placed on a dashboard holder to the aux input on the center console of a BMW E90. Cable is long enough with some spare length after running it through the covers. Incredibly fast charging, faster than the original Samsung cable. The ibold apps is free to download and is actually pretty good if you want to use your phone as an on-board computer/navigation system/MP3 player/entertainment system.
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on 20 June 2014
Having tried various aux cables through the headphone socket, some "standard" and some designed for Samsung, I was unable to find one that would play in my car (3 Series BMW). Thought I would try this one and it works a dream. You need to change one setting in the Android Settings tab for Accessory on your 'phone which takes all of 5 seconds (instructions included in pack). My Samsung Galaxy S4 now connects to my cars aux in and usb slot and plays perfectly without any hiss or interference. The 'phone is charging as well through the usb connection. The micro usb connection makes it think it is playing through a speaker dock. If you use your 'phone for Sat Nav then you should consider the ibolt android app. Really pleased with this purchase.
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on 31 July 2014
there are some negative reports on this but personally i have found the cable to be great with my Samsung S4, you do need the iBolt app as that will make sure that the sound and charge are directed in the right way via the dock option in the settings and setting up the app is easy. i am able to stream music, make and receive calls without having to use a bluetooth headset, use the sat nav app, use AutoGaurd for recording my journey and charge my device all from the one cable and screen. time will tell if this is a sturdy cable but there is plenty of cable to "plumb" it in behind panels and shrouds inside the carso this in turn should add some life to the cable.
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on 5 February 2015
Good product, connects to auxilliary input and charges reasonably well but I have 2 major criticisms.

I own 2 of these and it applies to them both. When charging and playing music the music has a background whine. This stops immediately when unplugging the USB (power) cable and the music sounds fine again.

Secondly, the wire coating is a bit nasty and the cables still have the packaged kinks (the cable has bends in it when hanging freely) months after having been unboxed.

Nicer cable and better interference cancellation on would be a big plus for version 2 of this product (in the hope that the manufacturers actually read these).
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on 10 December 2014
The cable is excellent in sound quality and most importantly it actually plays music with my S4. The downside to this cable is the material used for the cable, in cold weather it turns rock solid and is almost inflexible which in return can lead to breaking the ultra thin wires inside.
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on 19 January 2014
Once you have sorted out the settings in the phone, this cable does wonders. Quality and sound brilliant and less cables so charges as well.
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on 2 January 2017
good product does the necessary very well I am pleasd with ths item and will order it sgsin snd advise my friends of this item
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