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on 2 January 2015
On the wole this package works well. The window cleaner pad has two rough strips that will clean off stubborn dirt and it retains a fair bit of dirt before it needs cleaning. When it does need cleaning it can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees. A fair bit of trigger finger work is required to get enough cleaning fluid onto the window. This is squirted directly onto the window, not onto the pad as I would have expected. It also has quite a lot of back spray when the spray bounces off the window and dribbles down your index finger. This cost it a star. Despite the lost cleaning fluid down my finger, I found that 1 bottle of diluted cleaning fluid (with the complete contents of the stupidly small sachet of cleaning fluid that comes with the vac) cleaned all my windows of the Gwaednerth mansion inside and out. (9 windows & 1 door). The window pane must be saturated with fluid for the vac to work. This could be a challenge with big windows on a hot day. The vac then does a near perfect job of removing the fluid. Slight marks are left at the side of the blade if I was to be picky although I did not take a lot of time over the window as the purpose of this package is that it is quick. For my own interest I switched the motor off and tried wiping the window dry with just the blade. This comes close, but leaves more prominant marks at the sides of where the blade has finished wiping and of course leaves a river of dirty fluid over the window sill.
One area where it does excel is drying bathroom tiles after a shower. It is extremely quick and does not leave much water in between the tiles to run down after drying a section. Far better than with the blade itself.
Changing the heads between the wide and narrow blades is very fast. Cleaning the blades, seperator and tank takes little over a minute. The silicon blade has a square edge to it. The working surface is one of the corners of the square. The blade can be taken out and reversed so that when one corner has been worn out, the other can take its place. Blades can be bought seperately as it realy does not work well with a worn blade. I have not owned it long enough to comment on blade life but mine still look as good as new after quite a few windows.
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on 9 May 2015
I purchased this excellent item, the Kärcher WV60 Window Vac-Window Cleaning device from Amazon on 21st March 2014.
The product did exactly what you would expect from a product from the [usually] reliable stable of Kärcher products. It performed well, if not brilliantly, and cleans windows inside and outside the house, car windows etc. There are occasional streaks left on the windows after cleaning, but overall if you compare it with the alternative of hand washing and drying, I considered my vacuum window cleaner as a good buy. The final clincher for me in buying it through Amazon, was the statement on the Amazon purchase invoice "Comes with a two-year guarantee".

Well, although the main button on the Kärcher packed in EXACTLY 53 weeks after the purchase date, rendering the Vacuum useless, I was content with the knowledge that it carried a full two-year warranty........

Well, try telling either Kärcher or Amazon that a two-year guarantee ISN'T 52 weeks, but 104 weeks.

I have been in touch with BOTH companies, and NEITHER of them is prepared to honour that PROMISE.......so where do I go from here?

I still have my Amazon purchase statement print-off in front of me, with those comforting words "Comes with a two-year guarantee" ......but this is hardly very comforting when the two companies themselves are failing to honour their warranty promise.
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on 1 January 2015
No house should be without at least 1 of these. Some say they leave glass smeary - we have not found that at all. We use it every time we have a shower, and it takes literally 10 seconds to wipe the shower clean - meaning there are never any drips or mess in the shower, and it always looks as if it has just been properly cleaned. I even use it to clean the windows !! For the money you would be nuts not to have one of these in your house.

We find that each charge of the included batteries lasts around 4-5 weeks of what is for us normal use, (a few minutes each time we have a shower, and cleaning the kitchen work surfaces to a really nice shine, (in a hard water area like ours, it is very hard to get work surfaces shiny without using polish. The battery takes around 3-4 hours to charge, and seems to cut itself off once it is fully charged. I really cannot fault this device

Oh - one last thing - it fills with "sucked-up water" very quickly - amazing how much volume of water is made up of drips in a shower. It is absolutely beautifully designed, in that the cover snaps off with a very satisfying "click / clunk" when you remove the water bottle, which you tip in to the sink, and the whole thing snaps satisfyingly back together. Really nice !!
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on 26 July 2016
I have had this product for a while now and I am very happy with the purchase and the use I have got out of it so far. It has made the tedious job of cleaning the windows so much easier, so much in fact that I do not actually mind doing it anymore.

At first you do not think the window cleaner is very powerful but after using for the first time you can see how easily it performs its required job. I use it to clean my windows mainly but also use it to clean down my shower screens around the house. It really does leave a streak free finish as it advertises.

I would recommend this to anyone who finds the chore of cleaning up the glass parts of their house an inconvenience. Even though people may get put off by the price, the amount of use you get out of it makes the price seem very reasonable in the end.

It is a big 5 stars from me. Probably one of the easiest 5 star reviews that I will ever give
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on 26 February 2014
Fed up of polishing the inside of dozens of windows, still to see the streaks when the sun shone, I thought I'd give this a go, particularly with so many rave reviews.
Easy to assemble, you click the head on and when it's charged you're ready to go. The squirt bottle assembly needs a little more time, but is still quite simple.
After 2 hours charging the charge light indicated we were ready to go. Using the Karcher solution mixed in the bottle, together with the attached cotton wipe bar was a mistake, the cotton bar doesn't get right into the edge of the windows, and is awkward to use. Also the solution dries too quickly on the glass, so when you come to use the machine it still leaves streaks.
After a few trial and error runs, I seem to have come up with the ideal fix.
1) Fill a bowl with warm water, and a small squirt of Fairy Liquid, ( you've seen how it gets the grease film off your glasses and leaves them sparkling- why not windows?), don't bother with a vinegar mix as some have suggested.
2) simple J cloth or sponge soaked in water/Fairy liquid mix, wipe down the window right into edges and corners.
3 Leaving the window quite wet, start Karcher, and drawing it from the top of the window on one side, draw it down the window pressing the head quite lightly on the glass.
4) you may have to do a horizontal sweep at the bottom of the window, if like with mine, the body of the machine is blocked from further downward motion by the window sill.
5) using a dry soft cloth or paper towel, dry and polish out the few drips where the head came off the window.
I found by the time I did my 3rd window it only took couple of minutes to wash and wipe/suck the whole window. It will make you smile the way as you draw down the window the suction wipe leaves the window so perfectly clear.
This is the good bit- I'm not easily impressed, but my windows have a totally streak free finish and absolutely no smear or film. Where water had ran onto the UPVC frame/sill I had to wipe with a dry kitchen roll, but otherwise perfect.
I did the inside of all the windows in quite a large 4 bedroom house in a little over an hour, and on one charge.
Why I suggest buying the cheaper model- the Karcher units are the same, the kit simply gives you the squirt bottle with the mop head and some Karcher solution, both of which are relatively useless, the bottle leaks, the cleaning solution leaves streaks and the mop head doesn't get into the corners and edges the way you can with a wet cloth. Only buy the kit if you can get it at a really good price, otherwise buy the basic unit.
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on 1 August 2016
Received Amazon vouchers so decide to splurge on this window vac as I hate cleaning my windows!! I thought it was a great idea but was still a little sceptical about how good it would be. It's great cuts the time you clean windows in half. Does sometimes leave little streaks on window but I always wipe the window over once I use this anyway and nothing like buffing for ages like I used to. Brilliant for cleaning our large and small mirrors, shower doors and patio doors! It comes with 2 different sized heads but I've never needed to use the smaller one. The spray bottle with microfibre head which I didn't think I would really use is great too cleans really well and means you don't have to use lots of kitchen roll. It can also be removed to be washed. Would definitely recommend this product which has became and essential cleaning product in my house.
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on 26 January 2015
Well wish this had been invented years ago I love it lightweight easy to use not just on windows but almost every where in the home and also the car I even use it on the pedal bin which comes up sparkling and the draining board.. having arthritis in the hands makes jobs less painless now .. I do find using the sprayer cloth on the bottle not so good as it drips so I spray and use my own cloth.. I have tried using washing up liquid but wasn't very happy with the result I did notice if the machine needed a charge it did tend to leave a few smears also to keep the wiper blades clean i do find it a bit hard to change the heads but that's due to me no strength in the hands I have recommended this product to a lot of friends I couldn't live with out mine now .. its takes me approx. 30 mins to clean over 10 windows and two patio doors where as before I had to do it over a few days.. Ok Karcher can you make something to change a duvet quick and easy I would buy it :)
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on 16 February 2015
Love. It.
A cold Cumbrian cottage is now devoid of its morning condensation...Great for dealing with the shower as well. Oh and great (and quick) for what it is supposed to do: cleaning windows.

The small head is perfect for our smaller "cottage" style window panes even if getting right into the corners can be fiddly with both the moppy thing and the sucky thing. Nothing a microfibre cloth can't deal with.
The bottle with the mop attachment is actually quite handy - it and the sachet were "freebies" in my eyes as this was the cheapest way to get both big and small suction head but I'm into it now. I imagine that vinegar and water would do the trick in a spray bottle.

I've been a newsaper, vinegar and water girl for years, and a friend told me how good these were. I have to agree. No more piles of soggy newspaper and black hands (and the little streaks that I would miss, nor the corners that the blob of newspaper didn't get into)...it charges by PV during the day (the stuff we have on the roof - not something it comes with!) and the water goes back to where it came from. And everything done in half the time. I'm happy.
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on 3 June 2014
I've just used my Karcher Window Vac for the first time and I'm absolutely amazed at how easy it is to use and how quickly the job is done! And what a job too! My windows are sparkling! I am a disabled lady and also have two frozen shoulders and it has been a great source of embarrassment to me that every time my window cleaner comes to do the outside, I still have the same smudges etc, on the inside. It would never have happened before but we can't predict what life is going to throw at us. I am in a bungalow with a lot of glass, which is good for the light but there are a lot of windows to clean. The truth is, that they have just been left undone - until today!! I know the machine needs recharging to enable you to get all the windows done, but I'm in no great hurry so I'm doing some, have a cuppa and let the machine charge up a bit more, and then do some more. Simples!! As for the odd streak of water, it is easily buffed off with a dry cloth. If that is some people's main concern and regarded as a failure in the appliance, they really have very little to complain about! I am one very happy lady who has managed to do a "regular" job around the house by myself, and am soooooo pleased with the result. 5* indeed!!!
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on 29 December 2013
I bought this for my husband for Christmas - I know! Not a great Christmas present but we have reached the stage in our lives where we are very difficult to come up with something new that we haven't already had/bought!

Anyway - I digress - My husband was very pleased with the concept of something that would make the job of window cleaning in winter much easier. He didn't do anything with it on Christmas day but first thing Boxing day he was outside spraying and squeegeeing like a mad man!

The Karcher spray Glass Cleaning Concentrate was found to be very good. I am not sure but I think I can smell ammonia in it *shrugs*. My granny always used ammonia and newspaper to clean her windows.

Anyway - I digress again - We first off had streaks on our windows, Not sure if it was that they were quite dirty or if it was too much pressure put on the blade but several of our windows needed a second cleaning. It would seem a light touch is better than putting too much pressure on the scraper. Very quickly, and with warm, dry hands, all the windows of our bungalow were spotless and gleaming. Husband was thrilled with his new toy.

Found the battery life was more than adequate for out windows (7 large windows (one a bay) and 1 very large patio door and side window) Also did all the inside windows as well on the same charge.

As for wiping round the edges - yes you do need to catch the few millimeters that are missed but that is no hardship when you have dry and warm hands.

The main cleaner is quite light to use. I suppose if they put a longer lasting battery in it then the weight would be increased making it more difficult to use. I am a weak and feeble female with a defrosting shoulder and had no problems reaching up to the top of the windows.

How would I summarize this little gadget? Brilliant little machine that does a nasty winter job very efficiently. No bucket and scrim and no wet hands or water running down hands to wet cuffs.

Would I recommend this little beast - your damn sure I would. Does the mirrors as brilliantly as it does the windows.

Just nipped out to clear the condensation off the car. Now that could be a good job early morning before leaving for work. I might come up with some other ideas in the near future. Might even make the job of cleaning and polishing the shower cubicle a bit quicker! Top Tip for shower cubicles - Use Maguires Speed Detailer to polish the inside of the cubicle and the after shower rinse will make the water will just run off.
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