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on 4 July 2016
I bought the Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition 3 years ago. I've always loved the design and it's brilliant for someone like me who does a lot of outdoor activities (swimming, skiing etc) with moments you never want to forget.

You need to consider what you actually will use the camera for, how often and what you'll do with the videos after as to what camera will suit you. The reviews were brilliant and I have not been disappointed, it records perfect quality and I have not had a single issue in three years. I'd recommend this camera, plus, you can just keep buying add-on extras each birthday/Christmas as a little present to yourself.

The quality is perfect, at 4Kp fps, 2.7 kp 30 fps, 1440p48/ 1080p60/ 720p120 fps it's brilliant. It's realistically future proof for the long term, for the photos the 12mp 30FPS burst is brilliant to ensure you get the picture you want.... especially when doing something crazy!

The wifi and wifi remote (built in on the black edition) are brilliant and have never let me down. The battery is amazing, for something recording in 4k to last 1.5-2 hours is insane.

If this ever breaks, which I doubt it will, I'd definitely buy from GoPro again.
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on 28 November 2013
Make no mistakes the quality of the video recorded with my GoPro surpass anything else I've ever used, including some pretty expensive Canon SLR's. My primary reason for buying was to film 50-100 feet down from the boat and for that it is perfect, a little bit of editing with the supplied software to colour correct the video and I can't imagine getting a better view of what is on the sea floor without going down myself. It works very well in low light conditions. The 3rd generation case doesn't have the fish eye problems of the first 2 generations. I've also used it as a dash mount camera and on my head, in all instances the images captured are superb in their clarity, stability and colour reproduction.

There are a couple of tiny niggles, for a start the door casing can be very stiff until you've used it for a couple of months, I was always scared of breaking it, a bit stupid really because it is very well made. The other is the hit & miss USB charging. It's fine if you just connect it to charge but if you've been doing any data transfer before leaving it to charge it doesn't always seem to work. Again a very small issue that takes seconds to fix (just disconnect and reconnect). This could be corrected with the latest firmware update which I've not applied yet.

The reason I've dropped it a star is the battery life, you really will be very lucky to get an hour out of it and for a dedicated camera I think this is a bit low. I would have been happier paying more for a better/larger battery but will make do with using a spare, just a shame it means interrupting filming.
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on 26 September 2013
I am a keen amateur photographer and film maker. I have hankered after a GoPro for a while and finally treated myself to one before going on a long weekend trip to Paris. The results are very impressive, particularly capturing the wide open vistas in many parts of Paris with the wide angle lens on this camera. The HD quality is superb and the ease of carrying and using such a small camera is a real bonus. I used a Grenade short handle and an extending GoPole with the camera both of which, for me, are must have accessories. The GoPole in particular is worth it's weight in gold. For POV it's essential, for sticking out and filming back through the safety cage on the Eiffel Tower was fun and for peering over the heads of the manic impenetrable crowd in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre it was essential!

The other plus of using a GoPole with this camera is that it makes a pretty effective Steady Cam if held upright loosely between the thumb and forefinger at the top of the pole.

Downsides: 1) Battery. You need lots as the camera eats them! I took three and a charger to Paris and could have done with a couple more. 2) Monitor. LCD monitor is expensive and drains battery life quickly. Not always necessary, but, useful for reviewing in the field. Using the GoPro App for iPhone or Android is an alternative, although, as other reviewers have reported, there is a 4-5 second delay in preview mode which makes setting up a handheld shot a pain. However, the wide field of view means that the lack of viewfinder/monitor is not a real problem: point at it and you can be sure to have captured it!

In conclusion, this is a great little camera for any film maker. Essential for capturing action sports, but, a great device for more conventional film makers too. Small, light, loads of accessories and mounts. Very usable editing software (Download from GoPro website). It's pure fun to use and gives amazing results. If you enjoy capturing moving images then a GoPro has become the 'must have' device.
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on 12 December 2013
Nice piece of kit but doesn't work at the moment. I can only speak for the SIlver Hero 3 but clearly GoPro have a major issue with Sound recording quality. Mine, like many others fails to record at an audible level and there seems no way to resolve it. The internet is littered with people complaining about this and GoPro offer to replace them with the replacements doing the same thing. It all seems to revolve around the current update which i installed out of the box. Big mistake it would appear...

Amazon should really consider de-listing the item until GoPro have come up with a satisfactory response. This does only seem to affect the Silver. Black and White are fine.

Amazon, please spare others the misery and I'll be in touch shortly for my refund.
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on 19 April 2014
Just an amazing piece of kit, top footage (4K resolution if needed), easy to set up and very easy to port around.

Get the app for Windows phone, Android or IOS, connect to the WiFi unit and you can stream at 1080p whilst filming (this is not available for 4k filming).

There are a myriad of attachments you can buy and it is worth factoring this into the cost as they are £30 - £40 for the bike mounts etc.

If you can afford it, you can get 2 and more recently there is a dual housing you can buy which allows you film in 3D, this I cannot wait to try when I go diving - the underwater housing can go to 30 metres.
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on 18 November 2013
Almost bought this from the high street at full price but I just could not bring my self to part with that much cash ? Looked on the Web when I got home and then Amazon and seen this at a indescribable price and had to think in case it was a scam after all if it seems to good ? But I was glad that I placed a order and when it arrives it was exactly as advertised with in two hours I had the app on I iphone working the camera this camera is amazing and if you have a iPhone you no not need the WiFi remote but at the price paid it's a great come in handy remote I love this gadget !!!!
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on 18 September 2014
Bought it for snorkeling/diving in the Philippines. Works amazingly! Image quality is simply stunning for such a small camera. Both pics and videos have incredible quality, although have in mind that being a gopro the lens is very fish eye-like thus if you want to use it for another purpose than the fish eye effect, this might not be your best choice.

I really enjoyed it and it was really useful in the Philippines. The only thing i was slightly annoyed was that when i dived down to 24m with the gopro, i did not know i'd need a filter in order for the colours to be kept as the original colours being seen. So, when i looked at my videos, all of them came with a dull blue :/ but that was me not knowing :) so for diving, definitely advise to buy a red filter!
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on 3 January 2014
I purchased this camera on "Black Friday" in late 2013 and made a massive saving. I'd already decided to buy the camera and the additional saving was a welcome bonus. All in all I am happy with the quality of the camera; it takes fantastic footage (I use it inside a milling machine as part of my job). The Bluetooth remote control took some getting used to (initial connection seemed temperamental, but that could just be me). I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone looking for a top-notch unit capable of recording high quality footage in even the most hazardous environments.
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on 19 September 2013
Have wanted one of these for ages and finaly treated myself and boy am i glad i did i love it.
i use it to make farm machinery video's with my friends and this camera can take anything its asked to do with results that make you stunned when you watch the footage back.
the HD quality is simply amazing i only use 720p its more than enough for top quality video's and lets my old PC handle the data easier.
so far no problems to report and once you understand the menu system with the two buttons very easy to operate and have lots of fun with.
if your like me wanting one of these but been putting it of for some time because your not shore if there really that good then all i can say is go for it you will never look back and i promise you that you will get addicted to it.
in shore amazing camera that you will get never ending fun out of using ,wish i had taken the plunge ages ago.
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on 17 April 2015
It's a go pro. It is not a parricularly good camera and it's Hellas difficult to operate; but it is shock proof, water proof and tiny. You clag it into your helmet and away you go - a boring film of yourself snowboarding down the mountain that requires hours if editing to make vaguely interesting to anyone other than yourself.
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