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on 29 December 2014
Very pleased with this phone. Arrived earlier than expected and have been playing with/using it for 2 weeks now. Very easy to use once i twigged how to take the back off the phone. I found watching videos about the phone on Youtube reviews very useful as it was a visual guide on how to do things as phone doesn't come with any guide booklet. Just type your phone type in Youtube search and there are loads of review videos to watch which will cover most of what you want to know. I like the way you can sync it with your other gadgets as I have a Samsung tablet too, so, everything looks familiar. Only thing I thing is missing is a "visual" light that you have got messages or texts, my old phone had that and this one doesn't so sometimes I miss messages for a while after they have come if I've not heard the alert. Also I cannot find any way of blocking numbers. Had a nuisance caller and wanted to block him/her but couldn't find how to do it. If anyone has found a way to do this can they tell me please. Apart from that I am loving my phone, it is a lovely size, fits in my pocket easily and isn't like carrying around a bloomin' tablet sized phone. So if you want something smart and compact and phone sized, this is a good little phone for the price. Even my daughters were impressed with it and they have I-phones and said they were very similar, but at a fraction of the price.
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on 19 June 2014
I got this phone to replace my Galaxy Ace as it couldn't keep up with my need for apps. This model is an incremental step over the Ace - not that different to use but better in many ways. Improved screen, dual core processor and more RAM plus a LOT more storage (4Gb vs 180Mb) means I can install all the apps I need and it still runs a lot faster. I'm a big app user so this is essential. I recommend getting a nice case to protect it and a stylus to write messages with as that makes using the fiddly on screen keyboard easier.
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on 3 September 2016
I needed a smaller phone as my day to day phone was too big for my pocket. I love Samsung phones so I ordered one as the size is perfect for what I wanted. Unfortunately the first one I ordered was faulty so sent it back. The 2nd one seemed great but would not work with my BT sim. Although the phones are discontinued I thought they were new. Unfortunately I do not believe them to be new phones. I was gutted the 2nd one didn't work as I'd set it all up on everything else worked great. But it wouldn't let me do a Samsung update as it said the phone had been altered in some way. I think if you have T-mobile or Vodafone sim you might be ok.
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on 8 September 2013
This phone was bought for my daughter's 18th birthday in June 2013. It has been fantastic and just what she wanted. Lived up to all the expectations Samsung products have established.

Yesterday the sound completely stopped working both via the built-in speaker and the headphone socket. I've tried on/off, a factory reset and I've checked online for tips. I can see no obvious settings and I done all the obvious checks - unmute, volume up and down, played music, tried receiving a call - no audio at all. Everything else seems absolutely fine.

Amazon won't take returns after 30 days.
Index Electronics won't take returns after 90 days (it is 94 days after purchase) and I can find no other way to contact them.

I've tried registering the fault with Samsung.co.uk and I've tweeted them @SamsungMobileUK

I'm hoping I'll be able to get this sorted out but I'm mildly concerned that I can't get this resolved within the 12 month warranty period via the seller.

I've every confidence this can be fixed and the phone is excellent as I said. I just hope that either Amazon/Index Electronics or Samsung UK can help achieve this.
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on 4 November 2016
Worst phone I have every bought. Bought it to replace my old Samsung Galaxy S3 which had slowed down massively with age. Well, this NEW phone is even slower from day 1. Nothing loads properly, the predictive text is totally unpredictable and takes ages to appear on screen once a word is typed, the GPS is awful and never gets my location right. Do not buy this phone. I don't use many apps but it looks like this phone's processor is too old to handle apps with 2016 versions or updates. It is really frustrating. You have to wait a minute or two for it to react to most things. I didn't want to spend a month's rent on a phone but it looks like this is the only choice to have one that works these days. I am going to try an ethical smartphone in my next purchase.
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on 23 November 2015
Cracking phone, Grommit. I am still using this and it serves me very well. I keep considering upgrading (to an S5 mini for example) but this does everything I need and is still going strong. Just add in an 8Gig SD card and you're good for ages!! Twitter (check). WhatsApp (check). Evernote (check). Pixlr (for photo editing - check). Dropbox (check). Games (not many, but check). Internet (small screen, but fine for limited use). Of course phone calls (check - never had a problem with voice clarity or signal) and text messages. Love the (standard) Samsung key-swipe keyboard (which I just used in front of an avid iPhone customer who was very impressed). I dropped it and cracked the screen (it seems that my reviews often include a "dropped it" comment!) but that is so insignificant I haven't even bothered to replace it. Battery has been replaced a couple of times, you do notice when it's time for a swap.

Like I say, I can't bring myself to upgrade. Why? When this covers all my needs and is still going strong?
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on 26 June 2014
My first priority was to find a solid, reliable phone with all the functions I needed at a size I could hold comfortably in my hand. The advantage ooof this is my thumb can then reach across the screen without me having to move the phone or stretching my thumb. Experience has also taught me that smaller phones tend to be more resilient to knocks so I am less likely to suffer from screen damage. However, it is important that the information I am viewing on the screen remains clear and easy enough to read.
This phone caught my eye and now I have bought it I am on the whole, pleased with my purchase. The performance is everything I could want, and more, and the screen remains crystal clear.
My only gripe with the phone, and the reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5, is I think the battery life could be better. I used the maps on a car journey of a few hours, the voice instructions guiding me were very helpful, but the drain on the battery was frightening and I was out of power before I returned home. Even on a normal day's usage the phone will need charging daily. Hopefully somebody will eventually come up with a battery that will last for a reasonable length of time.
On the whole though, I would have no hesitation in recommening this phone to anybody except a heavy user.
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on 14 October 2014
What a shame. This phone should be great. It is small and all the apps on it seem to work quite well when it is running. For me that includes occasional use of Viber, Skype, iPlayer and similar catch-up TV players. I don't watch or use them all the time but I do surf the net on things like Facebook and check my emails.
If the phone is working then it is fine but the battery is so pathetic that I am lucky if I can get it to stay on after half a day. That is after less than 2 months of ownership. I know that it is not just me, my wife also has an identical phone and has the same problem. It has even got to the ridiculous extent that we cannpt trust being able to phone each other in an emergency because the phone is either dead or the battery will die during the call.
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on 24 August 2015
Great Phone, purchased for my partner as a replacement to a contract phone.
What a SAVING we have made, we where paying about £10 per month for a phone on contract so for 8 months costs we OWN the phone outright.

GREAT, it may be last years phone, but it still works just like a current phone - it makes CALLS and thats what counts.
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on 14 August 2014
Delivery excellent and the phone exactly as described! Early days yet but the S3mini although now an older model suits my needs. I am a very light user and as long as it holds a good signal and calls are crisp and clear, emails are received promptly and messaging easy then I will be more than happy! It seems to have excelled in all these aspects and many more. Battery life not as good as my last mobile but not really an issue for me. If you are an infrequent user ten this should more than fulfil your requirements.
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