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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 20 December 2011
I can't remember now how I came across the Donavon Creed novels and I was really in two minds about the first one (as indeed was Donovan!). However, I carried on and read the following two by which time his (Donovans') character seemed to have undergone a slight change and he seemed less likely to kill someone for any particularly trivial reason.

At this stage I had not really decided how much I liked the series but at 70 odd p hey - I have a habit to indulge and the books kept my attention pretty well!
Ok, finally I have arrived at 'now and then' which title becomes obvious about half way through. In fact 'Half Way Through' might have been a better title as that is where Mr Locke left me and his other readers as he embarked on a wee pirate escapade. I must say that I enjoyed the pirate section and felt that it all ended quite well - happy ever after etc...

However, I expected - as did many other readers - to return to the developing story from the first half of the book. But no - Mr Locke had other ideas - or perhaps he didn't?

Here are some of my thoughts on why he didn't 'finish the first part of the story;

1, As previously mentioned he ran out of ideas?
2, He got bored with it all and just left it?
3, He bet someone that he could get away with leaving the story where it was and people would still buy it and continue to read his books?
4, He died? Of course not - he has written more stories since - hopefully some of these have an ending?
5, He has invented a new type of fiction where the author just stops writing where he feels like it and the reader must complete the book? In this case we hardly need to buy the book - he could just invent a title and leave the rest to us.

The sad part for me is that I was really enjoying the story and was waiting to hear how he was going to retrieve the situation - no luck there! I then hoped that the next book would redress the balance but apparently not!

So, if you like to be frustrated, incensed and irritated all at the same time then boy, are you in luck!!!

I have downloaded the next book but be on notice Mr Locke - any more funny business (unintentional) - and I will not be returning but hey when you've sold as many books as he has I'm sure he'll be crying all the way to the bank!
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on 25 January 2013
Now & Then. The Donavan Creed, series book 4, continues the story line of a deadly assassin working for the U.S. Governments Homeland security. I say `continues' the story, but I'm afraid John Locke, the author has lost the plot. The character Donavan Creed a deadly assassin who was killing terrorists in the first two books and taking contract killing from mobsters on the side, is now flitting around a small Florida town cooking, yes! cooking, (and he gives you the recipes) whilst chasing a feeble story line of a missing girl, lost treasure and a `pocket' book on the history of pirates. Give me strength! Please get back to the old Donavan Creed.
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The Donovan Creed adventures normally focus on Creed's capers as a billionaire hitman, womaniser, paranoic-cool-dude. This one is an oddity in that it plonks Creed in a domestic situation for half the book -- and then tells an historical tale of pirate adventures in the second half.
The two plot threads are related, but for some strange reason there's no conclusion to pull it all together at the end. Instead the modern-day situation is left hanging (and some of the characters languish indefinitely with their stories never told) and the book comes to an abrupt end.
Having said that, I still found it extremely entertaining and enjoyable. A hapless amateur is determined to kill Creed, and his attempts end in comic moments which Locke deftly underplays. Creed himself is as interesting as always: a semi-sociopath, hugely intelligent, handsome and suave and with a Lear jet at his disposal, who oozes tradecraft and spystuff from every pore.
So 'Now and Then' includes the usual mix of sex and violience and witty dialogue. It's just... different. That could've been different in a good way, but for the lack of resolution at the end which made it less satisfying than the other books in this massively popular series.
So I'd say it's worth reading if you've enjoyed the first three and want to know the complete Creed story. But this is definitely NOT the one to start with for your first Creed adventure... I probably wouldn't have bothered with the others if I'd read this first.
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on 7 July 2013
This is by far the worst in the series. John Locke is all over the place with the plot.
We are backward and foreward in time.Creed no longer seems to be the cold hearted hitman he now likes to cook and has become all domesticated.We have had circus Midgets(little people)in previous books in this one we get pirates.

I skipped page after page on this one the only saving grace was its only 59p.
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on 3 July 2011
I was kinda enjoying a pacey routine killer mystery when I must have dozed off and woken up in a re make of Treasure Island without the parrot.(But there is a bald cat). I still don't really know what I missed. Having said all that, the show was redeemed by humour. At one point the pirates threaten to rape the townsfolk's livestock. When questioned they clarify the matter by saying it will only be the pretty ones. A would be assassin ends up with swollen testicles, broken arm and leg, plus severe burns in a series of slapstick mishaps. I read it because he is the million copies sold guy. He can write and he's got humour so I'll be reading more.
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on 11 January 2013
I'm so disappointed. I loved johns first two books in this series but the third one was a bit disappointing and this one is actually awful!!!! Half of the plots aren't finished and the actual story itself is stupid!
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on 1 June 2011
Now this took me by surprise as it became a historical novel at the end Not sure if i liked it or not I enjoyed the 2 stories and their connection but i dont know if i missed something but i felt the first story didnt get a satisfactory conclusion BUT with john locke he may have another novel to explain it which if that is the case i look forward to it .
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on 3 August 2013
After reading the first three Donovan Creed books I was quite looking forward to this one. The book continues not long after the end of the last one. It starts off well and is the usual Donovan Creed, easy to read and light hearted. However the storyline in this one just goes bizarre and very unlike the character introduced in previous books. Then the last part of the book is about a pirate and the theme just changes completley. I carried on reading hoping it would explain/answer questions from the beginning of the book, but it just finished leaving a lot in the air. This book felt like the author had ran out of ideas and had no idea how to finish the book. As far as storyline goes, very disappointing.
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on 3 September 2014
Out of all of the Donovan Creed books I have read so far I enjoyed this one the least. It felt like it was a different story and the author just slipped the character in to make it part of the series.

Hope that the rest of the series picks up as before this they have been very good
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on 26 September 2013
Would avoid this book, trying to understand what author was attempting an failed to grasp the concept!! It's two separate books loosely connected with no real conclusion to first part was left feeling very frustrated,!!
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