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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Backlight Keys|Change
Price:£74.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 6 August 2013
I think this is a great keyboard however I almost didn't buy it because some people wrote reviews without researching..
Yes it is expensive but its good quality and very snazzy.

A lot of you seem to have received US style keyboards but this is the fault of the supplier and UK keyboards with £ symbols are easily available.
Just confirm this with the supplier (whoever that may be) before you order. Super cheap suppliers may be using the cheaper international keyboard.

Many people say that the PAUSE/BREAK, SLEEP, HOME, END, PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys are missing but they technically are there if you read help files!

To access these keys look at the information below:

Fn key = Press and release the Fn key to display the current Bluetooth key selection. The LED will briefly blink once. If you don't see the LED blink, then a Bluetooth connection isn't currently available for the selected Bluetooth key.

Fn + P = Pause/Break
Fn + Left Arrow = Home
Fn + Right Arrow = End
Fn + Up Arrow = Page Up
Fn + Down Arrow = Page Down
Fn + Right Ctrl = Displays a contextual menu, for example, to select tabs in Internet Explorer.
Fn + Esc = Sleep/Power Button

Fn + Esc = Sleep/Power Button

Android OS
Fn + Back = Android Back function
Fn + Esc = Sleep/Power Button

Hope this helps someone!!
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on 7 December 2012
I'm on computers all the time and the quality of the keyboards make a huge difference to me. This one I have to say is lovely. It's as close to the keyboard on my MacBook Pro as i've ever come across. It looks and feels like a quality product. Some logitech stuff in the past has been nice style wise but never quite had the premium feel. This is different. Very much up to Apple standards. Very pleasantly surprised on build quality but one thing worth mentioning is that there are no risers at the back, so it sits almost flat on the table. Not a big issue as still very comfortable to use but strange omission.

The Bluetooth pairing was simplicity itself that required no reading. Very intuitive and quick. In less than 5 minutes had paired this to 2 different Macs and an iPad. Switching between them is fast. My only niggle here is I wish the indicator stayed on to show you which Bluetooth connection the keyboard is using (it goes off after 2 secs). I can see myself typing into wrong device by accident. I guess if in doubt press the appropriate button 1..2..or 3 before typing.

The illumination is very cool and like the way it only activates when your hands are near. Nice touch (no pun intended).

It recharges using a standard micro USB cable - Same as Kindle and many other things these days. A cable comes in the box but I like the fact I can use same cable for many devices. My desk is messy enough as it is.

Obviously the big sell for this product is the fact it can connect to 3 devices and "remember" all three enabling you to switch between them, but having played with it now for a while I can say it's a great keyboard and that feature just makes it my favourite by a long shot.

Well worthy of 5 stars.
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Style Name: Backlight Keys|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This keyboard is the business. I bought one of the cheap auction keyboards that doubles as a case for the iPad but the keyboard was never very responsive and was always a pain to type on. This is in a different league.

This keyboard is great. It has three bluetooth connections to choose from and once paired with the device, will repair at the single touch of a button on the keyboard. I have it paired with my iPad, my wife's and muy iPhone and the keyboard instantly shuffles between the three.

The typing experience is excellent and the key distribution feels just like a mac keyboard. The keys are responsive and I can type VERY quickly with this.

So why only 3 stars .... The box advertises this as a UK keyboard. There is even a brightly coloured sticker advertising it is a UK keyboard. The photo on the box shows a keyboard with a £ instead of a $ and the @ above the ' and not above the 2 as in US keyboards.

The keyboard supplied however does not match the picture. There is no £ and the @ is in the wrong place. This is a bit irritating when used to typing quickly on a UK keyboard. It just slows things down.

I phone Logitech who said this is a well reported problem and that the UK keyboard is not going to be available for the next few months. The product has been recalled but it did not stop me getting one.

So, in summary. A FANTASTIC keyboard. Really lovely to use and really worth spending a bit more on. Annoyingly not a UK keyboard which seems to be a problem that Logitech are aware of but unable to rectify.

At the time of writing this review, the keyboard is still available from a German supplier who has 4 left in stock. Be aware of this shortcoming for the UK market but if you can see past this, go for it.
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on 12 July 2013
This is being typed on my new Logitech K810 wireless Bluetooth keyboard, which arrived after nearly a month of waiting as it was out of stock. It connected with my Google Nexus 10 very easily and I found myself ready and typing within seconds of opening the box.

It is extremely well-made and it feels special every time I use this keyboard. The material is some kind of brushed metal, which manages to look and feel amazing while still keeping the keyboard light and portable. Speaking of portability, this keyboard is also fantastically thin and does not take up much space on a desk or in a bag.

The backlight is very useful and it turns on automatically when it detects a hand in front of it. I have found that this feature works every time and it is very difficult to touch a key without the lighting turning on. The backlight also changes brightness depending on how bright the room is. The backlight is one of the main features that sets it apart from other wireless keyboards such as the ones from Mirosoft (the Wedge) and Apple.

The other distinguishing feature is the ability to connect to 3 devices and switch between them incredibly quickly and easily. I have my keyboard connected to my Nexus 10 and my iPod touch and I can switch between them with a touch of a button. Switching between devices takes about 2-3 seconds. I plan to also connect it with my PC when I get a Bluetooth adapter for it.

However, this keyboard has not been perfect. I have noticed a problem with the spacebar - it does not register spaces if it is pressed at the very top. Despite this, it is a very small niggle because I very rarely hit the spacebar right at the top.

In conclusion, this keyboard is very good and I think it justifies its high price, despite the minor problem with the spacebar.
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on 24 September 2013
Ok, some obvious points. It doesn't have a numeric keypad. I know this is rather obvious, but I didn't fully grasp this when I ordered. Please do.

Overall, this is a 5/5 for design, look and feel. More like 1/5 for actual practical application. Please see below.

Good points:-
-Great feel, design and well lit, like Apple keyboards
-Great programmable keys
-Great size and lasts fairly long on a charge
-Set up is very easy

-keys are small and if you have fat fingers like me, typing will involve learning all over again!
-Enter, delete cursors and F keys are much smaller than normal
-No feet, is therefore flat. Not sure if this is ergonomically suited to 'proper' typing
-UPDATE after having used it for typing, it simply is too small and impractical for typing at any length. I typed for a few hours a day for two days and my wrist started to hurt. The fact that it is totally flat and quite small makes typing awkward unless you have small hands.

Overall, I would think carefully before buying,
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on 28 November 2012
I got one of these today and quickly and easily set it up on my work laptop and iPhone with no issue. The first impression on using it is the level of quality. The packaging is great, the feel of the device is brilliant and the design is top notch.

After using it in work for the day switching between laptop work and sending text messages from my phone I've found it a great product to use. all of the function keys work brilliantly on the iPhone as well as Windows 7 based laptops, and now I'm home using it on my home laptop running XP it's still working flawlessly

Highly recommended
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on 17 September 2013
Using this right now with my new Windows 8 Samsung laptop. It's very easy to type on, with plenty of space around it, and illuminated keys which are useful when the lights are down, eg. watching videos or working late on a low-profile project. The wireless signal is faultless, and the charge long-lasting. Construction is satisfyingly sturdy. I was sorry it didn't come with a case as it is small enough for the briefcase and business trips, and no one seems to make one. However after much searching, I discovered that it fits very neatly into the longer neoprene pencil cases (34x14cms) sold at Ryman.
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on 22 December 2014
Originally I was going to buy and use an Apple Wireless keyboard on my PC. I wanted a small high quality replacement and the Apple keyboard seemed to fit the bill, that was until I discovered that their are compromises with key functions when using one with a PC.
I then started to look around at alternatives and came across the Logitech K810. On paper it does everything and more than the Apple product but quality was my real concern, could it really live up to the Apple units undoubted style and build quality? Admittedly, it doesn't have a numeric pad and that's fine by me as I rarely use the extra keys and loosing them has enabled Logitech to produce something much more compact.
I took delivery of mine about 3 weeks ago and have held off till now in writing a review to give a balanced opinion.
In short it is a delight to use, the auto back light really works well, including the varying light intensity with ambient.
I was also concerned about the additional cost of a Bluetooth dongle for my PC (the ones others have listed costing upwards of £13) I opted for an ultra cheap CSR Nano Bluetooth dongle V4.0 at just £3.49 (just use this description in a search on this site) and it works absolutely flawlessly with this keyboard.
So my thoughts so far: This keyboard is beautiful and simple in a very understated way, it oozes class and sophistication without being flashy. This is style and function in equal measures and gives the user an 'Apple' sense of a lifestyle choice product.
I have used this keyboard on my Android Samsung Tablet and Moto G phone where it instantly and seamlessly switches between devices with one press of a button. All you have to remember is which of the three Bluetooth buttons you have assigned to which device.

I have read other reviews on here and people make me laugh...It's Bluetooth, so your PC/Tablet/phone/all in one, needs to have bluetooth DOH! how thick can some people be? if your device hasn't got Bluetooth:
You will need a nano Bluetooth USB2 dongle V3.0 or V4.0 ... My cheap recommendation is above and can be found for under £3.50 on this site.
Yes mine was a FULL UK version...make sure the one you order says UK version.
So in short, The K810 UK from Logitech is a fantastically functional, stylish and understated..a really nice device and a delight to use.
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Style Name: Backlight Keys|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am a real fan of Logitech products - they are well designed, highly functional and they are starting to look very good too. I use the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 on a daily basis and use the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad 2 and iPad 3 - Black frequently with my iPad.

This keyboard is very high quality, with the keys well spaced and weighted and backlit only when needed - they light up as your hands hover over the keyboard. The set up is straightforward and the information leaflet is fit for purpose. The bluetooth pairing with my devices took only seconds and there is a straightforward toggling between them using lit buttons on the keyboard itself. Charging is via a micro USB and a full charge lasts up to 10 days at 2 hours typing per day. I have docked a star because the keyboard is US with a hash sign above the number 3 rather than the £ sign. Otherwise it's highly recommended - great for travel with your iPad and for speedy texting on your smart phone.


- Straightforward set up with my iPhone, iPad and Mac
- Very good design in terms of both function and looks
- Battery holds charge well
- Backlit keys
- Concise information leaflet with info re use of function keys etc


- No £ sign on keyboard
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on 9 January 2013
I am delighted with this keyboard which I bought from a supplier in Belgium - I was disappointed to find mine had a US key layout which had not been stated but the seller offered me a good discount for not having mentioned this and I decided to keep it. I am really glad I did finding that I forgot about the key layout after a days use.

good points:
Illumination is brilliant and adjustable and comes on as your fingers near the keys- also adjusts for daylight
keys are positive and well spaced - has the feel of quality keyboard
Battery life is excellent - I got over 3 weeks between charges with constant use and always switched on
It's neat compact saves on desk space you could easily take it out with your tablet but it is still fine as a desktop keyboard
being able to switch between computer, Tablet and my phone with a key press is brilliant. I work from home and do a lot of texting and being able to switch to my phone in the middle of working to type a text is really useful.
Bluetooth seems fine, connected without any fuss and stays connected (had to buy a cheap Bluetooth device for my PC)

I struggled a bit to find any but, I do miss some of the keys not on this board such as page up and page down and end, however reading the manual online I found the shortcuts for these using the Fn key so it is not a problem for me any more

Some people, like me, were a bit concerned about having to press the Fn key to activate F1, F2, F3 etc but then I found from their website that there was downloadable software for the keyboard, which among other things allows you to switch this around so that the Fn key is used for the less used funtions and the F keys are a single press as normal..
This is a windows keyboard (which should work with an apple) but Logitech have not produced Linux drivers for it as yet

Overall using this keyboard is a really happy experience, and I spend about 8-9 hours a day using it so I know. Logitech could be a little more supportive by making the software more obvious and producing a paper manual that you don't need specs to read! I think it is currently being overpriced with some places charging £100 - it was worth what I paid for it and I would expect the price to settle out around £65-70 once the market is a little more saturated.

I had my doubts both at the time of ordering and after opening it - those doubts vanished after a couple of days use. (if you are used to a true full size key layout then it will take a couple of days to get used to it - be patient you will love it if you are)
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