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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Survival Edition|Change
Price:£28.67+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 5 March 2013
Lara at her best. I strongly advise you to buy this game. It surpasses anything Uncharted accomplished in the past. Beautiful vistas, exploration at its finest and a compelling story. What's not to like?
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on 12 July 2013
its an ok game if your a big fan of the other tomb raider games then you may be a little disserpointed. more violent then it needs to be, not proper tomb raiding, and is a silly reboot of lara. Its fun to play for abit but dont expect a new classic tomb raider.
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on 9 January 2015
One of the greatest games I have ever played from start to finish.

Plenty of collectives to collect and secret tombs to both discover and complete.

I picked this up on sale @ £20~ but gladly would have paid more upfront. Well worth the money although pvp/multiplayer is somewhat lacking and bland if I'm honest (I don't blame the devs as they were basically forced to add this in last minute so won't let it take affect the rating)
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on 2 September 2013
A very good remake that makes the whole premise of Lara Croft interesting again. There is a mountain of stuff to do and very few quite moments. Love the puzzle parts as well, good to get people thinking.
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on 1 April 2013
A long awaited and much needed revamp of a classic game franchise. Much like the revamping of the Batman movies by Chris Nolan Square Enix has taken Lara Croft back to her roots prior to the character we were introduced to in the mid nineties. Here we see Lara in a way we never thought possible, vulnerable, scared and unsure of her abilities. We, as a gamer see Lara as human. Through her single player campaign we see Lara become battered, bruised, injured and emotionally hurt to the point of giving up. But most spectacular of all, we see her transformation in to the grizzled Lara Croft we know. The musical score accompanies this story beautifully and is in itself worthy to be downloaded. The game in plays wonderfull. The controls are easily set up (for my XBox version) and are easy to grasp. The game introduces new controls throughout the game and you can review these at base camps (points in the game to customise weapons and build Lara's skills), the game autosave feature is frequent, there are plenty of optional items for those who enjoy going of the main path and collecting, many of the puzzles are difficult enough not to frustrate you to the point of cursing at the game, and the enemies AI is set at an ideal level in normal difficulty that you can't just run at them guns blazing as they do take advantage of cover and they do possess a good aim. For online gamers there is a multiplayer option, new to the Tomb Raider franchise, which is unlocked from the start with various multiplayer campaigns, unlockable characters and there is additional content that can be downloaded. All in all, a top notch, 5 star game that sits there with the best. This game shows the commitment, time and effort that has been spent crafting this fine piece of gaming entertainment. Lara has been reborn for a new generation and veterans alike, and I, for one have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.
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on 31 May 2014
I notice a lot of people who have played this game were tomb raider fans, however I am going to put down a review for a non-tomb raider fan prospective. So as I said I am not a tomb raider fan as I felt the original games were severly lacking in quality and freedom and hence I only played the first 2 ever created, and lost interest in the rest. But this game is right up my street in terms of a storyline, one player adventure game. It is by far the best tomb raider game ever made and ranks up there with the best games made full stop.

Unlike previous tomb raider games Lara is quite fictional, has no emotions, and you can't really relate to her as a real person, however in this game she show a whole load of emotions, as well as susceptible ones. What I really like about this game is the variety of objectives, combat and gameplay, and lastly when lara is injured during a cut scene she stays injured unlike the previous games, and then you have to seek medical packs to heal her so that she can do something as simple as jumping or climbing over a wall.
The only part I would say is unrealistic is when she is badly injured, you get to a plane only to find a lighter and no medical packs but somehow she is better after that. But besides that a very realistic game which will keep you wanting to play more and is enjoyable throughout the whole game. Even the side objectives of each section are not too time consuming and boring like most games as they are not too numerous that you think (this is long).
So if you have doubts over whether you should buy this game or not, then my advice is buy it, and enjoy it. cuz you wont regret it.
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on 27 May 2013
If your a fan of the series or (for some unknown reason) a beginner of Lara's adventures this game is defiantly worth playing. Tomb raider is unlike the other games as the hard exterior of the british action hero will not be found here (for at least for 90% of the game anyway). The game offers a great story line which is incredibly well written, with amazing voice acting. However the amazing game mechanics, the unique environment, and modern customisation and upgradeable abilities does have some down sides. Without giving the plot away the time between Lara being besotted at her first kill to killing men by thrusting arrows through there knee caps are almost instant and this is understandable but does take you away from the submersible atmosphere for a short while. The major disappointment with this game is multiplayer the concept works but in practice it is highly unplayable and just boring it seems the developers seem to use multiplayer because of most current gen consoles games do include some multiplayer format. Finally there is replayability if your like me and want all the extras and collectables in the game then you should buy this game right now, seriously buy it there are tons of collectables and side missions with mini puzzles and hard brain teasers.
To conclude if your a fan of the series you'll love it, if your not then you will love it even more. Multiplayer is a down side but not a reason to not buy the game.
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on 2 December 2013
This is a really fun game and the game mechanics work really well, the story is interesting to play through and even the collectables are fun to find however I've given it four stars because the game falls short in content as fun as the single player is i cant help but feel it was a little short.
Moving on to multiplayer its not the best with a group of friends i could see it being fun but the few games i played were kind of boring there's is not really anything new on a multiplayer front and its not really that fun.
In summary it a good game but its a bit short.
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on 8 April 2014
I thought this was great value for the price I got it at and was comparable to just the game on it's own at the time. The extras are not fantastic but makes a really nice package that complements the game.
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on 5 April 2013
Lara Croft is back! But this time we play her groundbreaking orgin story from a frightend young women to a hardened survivior. And from start to finish the game was mind blowing,fantastic,eye glueing. When i went to pick it up from my local game store and i couldent belive i was holding it in my hands. I bought the survival edition which is a nice little bundle of tomb raider goodies. Including the game, Artbook, soundtrack, Dlc and a few more little bits. Replacing Keelay Hawes as Lara Croft was actress Camilla Luddington who did a brilliant job of bringing Lara to life not just through voice but motion capture. There are some stunning visuals,great/interesing story,relics,TOMBS and more!

Now my verdict on the new multiplayer feature.
I quite like the multiplayer. Some stunning maps, Cool traps but later do get old, awesome weapons, fun at times and more.
But in a few months everyone will most likely stop playing it cause its gotten boring.
But all in all fantastic single player campaign, alright multiplayer MUST HAVE FOR TOMB RAIDER FANS.
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