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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

on 2 November 2013
I have the same card and it really is a great graphics card and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it, of course dependent on the rest of your system,I have an Intel I5 3570K chip and 8 gig 1800 fast ram so its very capable. The only downside is that when the card hits 60% - 63% the fan goes on full and its very noisy. This is in a well ventilated case Corsair 300R Carbide with 5 Case fans, 2 Processor fans and of course a PSU fan. If the fan speed went up slowly with the heat it would be fine but it doesn't on the plus side it never gets over 65% because it runs at full speed and I cant hear it with my headphones on anyway. It may have a faulty diode or it may just be this way I'm not sure.

I'm planning on getting the Corsair H80i water cooler for the processor this Xmas and that should help by cooling the whole system down, my son has one and they are quite amazing for cooling the whole system a bit like air conditioning. I would have bought one sooner but just splashed out on a Samsung EVO 250g SSD which has got to be one of the best upgrades ever for £130 from Amazon.

Update: Wow this Cards has gone from £137 - £187 in a matter of hours which makes it about the most expensive 7870 you can buy. I know these will be in demand as they are no longer in production and the replacements have not received a very positive press but come on Amazon you cant justify a £50 increase.

Update I now have 2 of these in crossfire mode, the noisy one put in an RMA in to MSI and they sent me a replacement as it did have a faulty diode now the replacement card and the new card are super quiet and run brilliantly either in single or crossfire mode. BF4, Titanfall, Grid 2 etc run at full spec no problem. If you can get one for around the £140 mark like I did direct from Amazon they are well worth it.
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on 13 November 2013
The card is a bit cooler than my old Asus 6950 1gb(which is now in my wife's pc:)). Idle(chrome, foobar) 26 degrees, load 67 degrees(furmark burn in test) with the fans at 73% which I found fairly quiet. Benchmarks avg fps:

Alien vs Predator: 71.5 fps- Asus 58.3 fps
Stalker CoP(sun shafts): 57.5- Asus 42fps
Sniper Elite: 33.8- Asus 24.5fps

My PC: AMD Phenom 965 3.4GHz+ Corsair H50 so not a new cpu, 8GB RAM, 1TB Samsung Spinpoint and Corsair TX 650, Antec 300.
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on 22 November 2013
this card has greatly exceeded my expectations as it successfully runs every game I throw at it at 1080p at 60 fps or higher with great temperatures and great over clock-ability. very happy with this purchase and it is likely that I will pick up another one to put in my system as does also support crossfire.
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on 1 February 2015
I got 2 of these in my PC and it's awesome.

There's nothing i can't run... Yet.
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on 9 April 2015
A++++ great product quick delivery would use again
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hasn't sturred me wrong yet
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on 11 October 2014
Great bang-for-buck.
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on 3 January 2014
This is a written version of my review, a video version is on youtube [...] and you can check out how well the game looks.

The MSI HD 7870 is a very good card for that price. It enables gamers to play all current games on the highest graphics. To give you an idea, the current top end graphics cards are just below a thousand pounds so the HD7870 does very well in tat price category. So for people that don't know much about graphics cards. Basically there are two major graphics card companies, AMD and Nvidia. The other companies like ASUS or MSI or Gigabyte are all makes like for example Dell, Zoostorm, Acer. They make the computer but they all use intel proccessors. The intel is basically AMD and Nvidia in this case. The make doesn't really matter that much, it is really the way the card looks e.t.c as long as they are a big company, you can trust them.

Nvidia or AMD?

Well, this is the toughest choice. Nvidia is more popular and there is no competition between Nvidia and Amd in the high end market so people often believes Nvidia is better than AMD. But if you are looking into cards below £300 then AMD can be a choice. Since Nvidia is more famous, it doesn't really bother about lowering the price or wining the price battle so naturally Amd will be better in the lower market. Of course, if you do come across a special offer the go ahead and get it.
So let's talk about the HD 7870. Depending on your budget, if you have trouble affording it, then go for the HD 7870 1GB because that can still play games on maximum graphics, I chose 7870, it gives better FPS (frames per second), which I am happy to spend the extra money on. The better the FPS, the more smooth the screen look. By the way, don't upgrade to this sort of card if your computer has an old screen which doesn't support 1920*1080 and the computer should ideally have a minimum of 500W and quad core proccessor to make the most of the card. There is no point in spending a lot of money on a good graphics card if your computer cannot get the most out of it.


Personally, I bought a Dell XPS 8500 computer, i5 quad core at 3.10GHz 3350P . 8GB ram (2*4GB). Note that my computer's PSU (power supply) is only a 460Watts. The card still runs although it does state a "Minimum of 500W". But I know for a fact that the card manufacturer usually overrates them to guarantee the card to work.

SO what Nvidia card is a direct comparison to this AMD card?

Well, in terms of price, it would be the GTX660, they are both around £150 but as I have mentioned AMD cards tend to give better performance at the same price. And apparently Amd 7870 overclocks better than Gtx 660. In most games, 7870 is better.

The setup and look

So I got the HD 7870 since it is a free one day delivery. The box of the MSi HD 7870 is faily good and the card is sealed in a plastics bag, in a box made of foam type of thing. Remember do check if your computer has enough space to put it in and you need to know how to fit a graphics card into the slots. It was a pain for me to put it in my rig (computer case/ box) because the wires were in the way and my hard drive cables were in the way. So in order to put the card in, I recommend you to check or plan where the wires are gonna go. I shoved my hard drive cables underneath the card and the other cables moved to the sides. The setup should be quite easy and should take less than an hour at the most, for people that haven't done it before, never rush it!!! Take your time!!!
The computer will be in weird resolution but after you installed the softwares / drivers, re-start your computer and you might have to manually adjust your resolution. Right click in the screen, and it should say screen resolution or something.
I recommend 1920*1080 above.


I have to say there is one problem wit the card, when my computer automatically goes into sleep mode after a wile and the graphics card wouldn't start up again. But I went around the problem by disable sleep mode after a certain time and left it on never. For Windows users go to control panels, then find systems and security, go to power options or something like that. Change the settings there. It is a very small problem , just means that my computer cannot auto switch to sleep mode and whenever I leave my computer for a while I have to manually turn the computer into sleep mode. Find it next to the shut down button.

The look is great, it feels beast with a good weight on it.

I have tried Battlefield 3 and 4 on Ultra, they run about high 40s to the low 70s. But stables around 58fps. That is really good! I normally play World of Tanks and it sometimes drops to the low 30s and sometimes goes to the high 80s, though mainly achieved on sniper view.
I did notice a massive drop in FPS if you watch a Hd video in the background so never watch livestreams or youtube videos while demanding high FPS. It states on the box OC so it should be overclocked and I never yet overclocked it myself.


I totally recommend this card, especially if oyu are looking into getting top end performance at medium price end. I am really happy about it. However do check out offers with the GTX cards, and get them if they are cheap. The other option could be the new R9 270x which my subscriber pointed out. Gl and HF hopefully you found this useful!!!

Check out the gameplay on [...] Soon I will bring out a video review. Stay tuned tankers!!!
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on 15 July 2013
Originally going to buy a new graphic card from OcUK... but decided against it for various reasons.

Upgraded from my 3 or 4 year old Asus EAH5870 1Gb, as I wanted to play Arma3 with more than 25fps and this card done that job... with the help of a new processor and motherboard mind you.

Near silent (compared to the old 5870), even at 50 and 100% fan speeds.
Excellent price (at the time of purchase)

Would recommend if you don't have the cash to go for AMD 79xx series cards
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