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on 8 July 2016
My use case needed a USB drive, where a MicroSD+Adapter would not work (Secure Linux install)
Bought two, as I expect one to fail at some point and wanted a clone.

Speeds, if you're here...you are not after speed - or you didn't do your research...

Read is around 25MB/s
Write around 4.5MB/s

If you want SPEED get a small msata or M.2 SSD and an adapter to put it in. or if flush (Samsung T3)
If you want SMALL get a MicroSD (any) with £2 adapter (B0028R3NCU) Write speed will then be around 20MB/s

If you have a particular use in mind, and write speed is not important, and you like the style and metal (more durable?)
then this kind of thing will do.
review imagereview image
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on 28 March 2014
only have these a short while, so will update in a year or so. So far they are faultless. I have used all the space/ then formatted and now am using the same space again for important files. I forget this is on my keyring that is how small it is. it seems very robust and my only worry is the inners will fall out someplace and lose all my data. until that happens I give 10/10.
**update 20/04/2014**
One word faultless, no two words, faultless but slow, that's three.

Update ****20/06/2014*****
No actual problems, having re written to this completely a number of times. There is a small issue I have found regardless of computer/device used. When inserting the flash into a usb 2 or 3 slot it sometimes does not register to the device, it seems that you do not have to push it all the way in to get it to do so, as doing so seems to disconnect it sometimes. if this happens and your computer is not fully up to date with drivers etc then it can slow everything to a crawl and not work at all, restarting resolves this. I found that having the volume turned on provides an audio signal that the drive is indeed far enough in the usb slot and I then wait until it shows up in devices on my pc. This could cause some people a problem but if you are at least aware of this you can be sure there is a work around rather than giving up and returning it. I have since purchased more as these are pretty fast for streaming etc just a bit slow on the transferring of items. They never get lost that's for sure as they clip on a key ring very securely, only marking on the casing not actually denting or degrading it yet
Last ******UPDATE******
I eventually got fed up with the item not working every time it was inserted into a usb slot. Amazon kindly replaced it and I sent the old one back after 6x wiping and running h2testw a few times after formatting. The new one is so perfect I wonder why I waited so long to replace it. My wife's is still working perfectly, and now both items transfer at the same speeds. One difference, the new one has almost 1gb more space than the old one. 58.6gb compared to my wifes and my old one that had 57.6gb. faultless product so now I am happy thank you amazon
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on 1 October 2016
I wasn't looking to buy a memory stick, but after purchasing an item on Amazon I was only a few pounds away from getting free delivery, and while perusing the top-up items, I stumbled upon this little gem and for under £4.00, I think it's a bargain.

Firstly, it comes in frustration free packaging; a cardboard envelope, so it's nice an easy to open. The memory stick itself is nicely designed,I love the metal casing with embossed logo, and it's tiny, it can easily fit on your keyring, or in your wallet/purse.

The actual usable capacity is 14.6GB, this is the case with all drives, you never get whats stated on the drive. The write speed is pretty slow at 4MB/s, if you need it for occasional use then it will be fine. If you intend to transfer lots of video or other large files then you might want to invest in a USB 3.0 memory.

Another slightdown side is there is no end cap for the drive, so if it's attached to your keyring and is in an out of your pocket you could get dust and dirt on the contacts.

But overall the drive is excellent value for money, it's good quality, a compact size and it does the job I want it to.
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on 8 May 2014
I purchased the 32gb variant, as most people no doubt do, for work. Working in an office most of the time this USB stick has suited me down to the ground. I have had this for a few months and have had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. So if you are an office workaholic that takes their work home, I personally would recommend this item. Thanks to the keyring loop that is quite literally a part of the USB stick, once you put this onto your keyring the only way you are going to lose it is if you loose your keys. Myself as well as three or four other colleagues have one of these, and not one of us has experienced a problem.

If you however work in a warehousing or other active environment where it is likely to take knocks and bangs then you may be better going for a more robust and protected item. I'm not saying that this item breaks easily, and for an office environment this item is a great way to carry important files. But the metal is quite thin and can easily bend towards the USB opening.

A final word I think needs to go to some interesting reviews that I have seen. I have seen a lot of negativity from people, with the most recurring seeming to be that this item has a slow write speed. I can't necessarily comment directly because I mostly store documents, pictures and PDFs which aren't big enough to really have any transfer time. But I will say that I have a freeware office suite installed on this memory stick, Kingsoft Office Suite Free, and I have had no speed or loading problems whatsoever running the three office programs in the suite directly from the memory stick. Now, to me, if this stick had slow transfer/loading times there would be a noticeable issue running the program. I haven't seen any such issue. This stick literally allows me to take my office anywhere, with both my files and an office suite to access them from any computer. So ladies and gentlemen, if you want a memory stick for work then for the price you probably aren't going to find something as good or as reliable. If you want something for music, games and/or videos and generally for multimedia purposes, you may be better off purchasing a small, portable HDD rather than a USB memory device.

So in closing, you really need to consider what this item will be used for and what your needs are. Consider how much you are paying, and ask yourself if you think that you are going to get what you need for the price you are paying. If you need a very high speed USB drive with security encryption, are you really going to get that for £10? It's an old cliché, but you truly do get what you pay for, and if you go for the cheaper option over a proven, more expensive item then do you really have the right to complain if it let's you down or doesn't measure up to your expectations?

I've been Daniel Eales, you have been amazing for reading through, and I'll see you next time.
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on 1 July 2017
A work of art, minimalist functional design, I love it. So small that I shall be making a special place for it in my car audio (that's another story). Slow write speed (3 Mb/s) but fast read (24 Mb/s) so not good for live capture but perfect for playback of practically anything. In my case MP3s for the car. Good value and there's a USB 3 version of you need the extra write speed.
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on 22 June 2016
I always buy quality branded products when it comes to data storage. This Kingston 16GB USB stick have not let me down. It is made from metal and has a 'cute' small design.

Some reviewers have mentioned that the stick gets too hot. It is true that is gets rather warm after being plugged in to the USB port for a period of time, but nothing too drastic. Maybe it will get hotter if left plugged in all day, who knows, but I don't leave it in that long.

It is not a USB 3.0 memory stick, so not as quick as others on the market, but if speed of transfer is not an issue and you simply want a reliable product to transfer your data then I recommend this product.

Overall, a very useful and reliable product based on my experience.
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on 1 April 2016
The USB looks good, has a firm stable feel and the ring at the end is a nice feature when using it for travel etc.
I would say the item is a very good buy for USB's and after looking at quite a few from different companies this looked the best.
Every thing so far about the USB is good HOWEVER:
a small but something that is frustrating because of the concept is that although the item advertises 64GB in reality when it arrived and even after formatting the USB, it only really has 57.7GB which is annoying but won't effect me too much but since they have lied on the packaging I thought I must point this out to future buyers
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on 22 January 2016
There are a lot of really negative reviews of this, and also a lot of positive ones. In my case, I think these are great - and have therefore bought quite a lot of them, as they are so cheap. These cost around £3 for an 8GB memory stick which is the best price I have found. They are made from a nice aluminium, and whilst they can heat up due to this, mine have never got too hot.

All in all, this is a really cheap option if you need a cheap memory stick. Only downside is it's USB 2, which is quite slow in comparison to USB 3, but USB 3 would rive the cost up. Highly recommended.
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on 11 April 2017
These are the best memory sticks around. Great looking and very stable. I've used these in the past and even after going through the washing machine they still work.
Additionally, I bought 10 of these and one would not function. However after notifying them of the problem a new drive was sent and arrived on the following day. No fuss, I did not have to return the faulty item, top service - well done!
The replacement works fine.
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on 25 March 2016
This is a great USB little flash drive.

It is well packed, it is small and it is solid. Just what was needed and it is still performing well after a year in use almost every day.
Kingston are a great brand who have been around for a very long time, in my book they are up there with Sandisk and Samsung in terms of memory-chip storage products.

One thing to note is that this is not advertised as a USB 3 product, and neither does it have the blue plastic flash in the connector that would mark it as USB 3. It is an older USB 2 style. The shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with any USB port, but it will only perform at 60 MBps – the USB 2 standard, and that is in optimal conditions. USB2 drives usually operate at around 40MBps, a test on this drive measured 41MBps
If you want speed, you will need to buy a USB3 stick which theoretically should be 640 MBps, however in the real world you’re only going to reach half that, at a push!
No, this isn’t designed for speed, it is designed for capacity and in this department it doesn’t let you down.

In the current age of USB 3 drives, this is slightly obsolete, but in fairness this isn't advertised as such and there are not any false claims of it being speedy.
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