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on 19 September 2015
A great printer, picks up about anything that you put in the paper tray, a bit noisy but not extreme, I use a lot of one side used paper that has some times been folded twice to get in letter size envelopes, it picks it up just like new paper, it will also pick up 200g card from the paper tray as well as from the back feed, the only fault that I have found is that it is hard to set up to Wi fi so I have connected to my computer by cable, I will wait until I have to call in a computer expert and get him to do it, I am sure that it just me that is not worthy of doing it, otherwise full marks.
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on 6 April 2013
Have been lookimg for ages for a printer which would take card. Yes this does the job and for my card making it has enhanced the creative side . it also appears to be very economical on inks, still using the one's supplied with the printer! With previous printers the inks supplied are usually quite scant. The price was very good and it is a neat machine. Photo printing is also great.
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on 16 August 2013
Excellent printer that seems to be more robustly made than most of them. It is perhaps intended for small office use rather than in a domestic situation, however I find that it works very well for me at home. Once the printer was unpacked and the cartridges installed, connection to my computer and wi-fi was a doddle taking about 5 minutes using the CD provided with the printer (Mac OSX Mountain Lion).
1. Prints very quickly
2.Has a rear paper feed for using unusual paper, envelopes or printing on the other side of a piece of paper when 2 sided printing is not available.
3.Clear crisp rinting
4.The plastic that it is made from is thicker than usual, so less likely to break.
5.Very quick start up from "off"
1.No facility for printing printable CDs and DVDs
2.Perhpas a bit noisy
3.No Apple AirPrint (I use Printopia, which works fine with the WF-3010)

For me the cons are not a problem.

Overall absolutely delighted with it.
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on 22 February 2013
I bought this as a replacement printer due to the fact that when you have an all in one printer, as soon as you run out of inks or something goes wrong with the printer part, your scanner stops working.

This printer has been a worthwhile investment, you can still print in black and white when the colour inks are expended, and you have to choices when it comes to media. It is very convenient to have two choices on where to put my paper or photo paper.

The printer also prints double sided without you having to fiddle about with the paper, more an office printer, but I would definitely recommend this printer to everyone, a worthwhile investment.
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on 28 September 2013
Good solid construction - feels better quality than other Epson's I've owned, more like an HP. Although aimed at office doc's it also prints decent photo's. Easy to set up and easy to change ink cartridges which last longer than most. A good all round buy.
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on 21 October 2013
I bought this for my daughter in ubi and she wanted a printer that would print both sides of the paper .cos her volume of work is above average!! It's iseal for her needs.
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on 15 August 2013
Only had this product a week but have been very impressed so far. I have a small office at home, but use the printer for general family use, but also to print booklets, posters and homework for the kids. Not sure whether this will print photos well, but I have an Epson Stylus Photo R1800 for that.

I wanted a colour printer, with cheap individual ink catridges, automatic double sided printing and WiFi.

This little machine does all that well, and quickly. The double sided printing is particularly good. To be fare, I cannot comment on ink use or costs yet, but before buying I checked a couple of sites for Epson and non-Epson cartridges and was quite happy - not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either.

Very easy to set up, though it took a couple of times to pick up the wifi signal.

So far, so good........
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on 15 November 2016
Two stars: I bought the printer in August. Had network use of another printer which I used when this Epson was not functioning well. The paper feed was faulty. Particularly when doing double sided, and colour, it would frequently just grab several sheets of paper instead of one, and shovel them through. This of course meant it couldn't double-side print successfully, and trying to do multiple copies was impossible. There was also paper slippage so that some lines of print just got so smudged as to be unreadable.
Being busy and having use of another printer - and also because I kept thinking it just might improve (rather hopeful) - I did not send it back quickly. Because of this, when I phoned in November, Epson told me their guarantee is passed to the seller; having contacted the seller I am out of the 3 month window for sending back. The conversation with the technical team was irritating and really unhelpful. He clearly did not believe it was the machine at fault, but thought I was mis-operating it in some way. He wanted me to check whether the machine was on multiple paper feed (though I told him logically if it was picking up sometimes one, or three or eight sheets of paper at a time, there was no control which would created that situation). He wanted me to do a print check and gave me incorrect instructions about paper feeding - I had to correct him and tell him he must be looking at the wrong machine, and then he saw he was and apologised. And so on. When we did the print head trial, and the machine made a groaning noise he asked me what the noise was and I explained that it was the machine - only at that point did he believe that there actually was a problem. So they initially offered repair - or replace with a "quality assured" used machine, no guarantee of age. I opted for repair of mine - and then he said they could not do that. So I reluctantly agreed, feeling pretty angry, to a quality assured machine. I packed up my machine to send back and it was swapped this morning with the replacement printer. No power lead...... A machine is always supplied with a power lead. I was not told to keep mine. This is really dreadful service.
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on 26 August 2014
Good printer so far and does all the things I want. These days people want a scanner thrown in, but I prefer just having a printer that does the job well! Setup is pretty straightforward (on a Mac plug in and run software update). However, setting up the Wifi connection is 'tricky' in as much it's not very 'Mac' like - don't expect to do it manually. You have to use the CD provided, which is curious since many Macs these days lack a CD drive! Anyway, the software accesses your keychain and sends your WEP password straight to the printer, which is impressive! I'd prefer it if Epson make a native always-available piece of software to tweak the network settings, particularly to secure the printer to certain machines. Still, it's a cheap printer and the double-side aspect works well. Larger capacity cartridges can be purchased and the use of generics should keep these running costs low.

All-in-all I'm happy with my purchase. For the non-techy people out there, it is probably let down by overly complex instructions and a confusing array of FAQs and support videos online. Epson really should strip some of this back. The use of a CD is puzzling and without a drive I would not have had network access features at all. Making these part of the printer driver itself seems more logical?
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on 23 April 2014
So happy with this printer. It does everything I need it to do.
It prints on 255gsm hammered card and thick 280gsm brown card with no problems.
Was easy straight forward set up (windows 8) perfect.
The Epson Stag inks are excellent quality colour quality and are lasting really well, much more economical than my last printer HP which cost me a fortune in inks.
Very highly recommended
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