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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 23 July 2014
I bought this one and the sequel based on reviews. I then saw that it was published by HarperTeen and that all main characters were children so I thought I bought a YA book. It turned out that I was wrong. The only thing indication this is a YA book is the age of everyone in it but they act as grown-ups so if you put their age aside it is a book for grown ups as well. Maybe the lack of sex is odd considering what took place.

We have here a 365 pages long unrelenting action story in the future when the planet has gone through a huge pandemic leaving just a few survivors. At least I think so since there in very little in the book to give you background, just action. Our hero is a young woman (or child really) that has been transformed into some sort of super zombie and she works as an enforcer to some kind of police authority.

The Book is all about her missions and her final attempt to break free. It is one long sequence of fights and running.

It is very well written and hard to put down. You get into it and just hang on. It is written as if it is a manuscript for a coming action movie like "The Hunger Games".

What I would have liked to have more of was some better back-ground. Reading this is like driving through a tunnel at high speed, hanging on but wondering were you are.

But I am off to the sequel "Rebel" so lets see.
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on 30 April 2015
A unique take on the undead! REBOOT is a real page-turner with its fast pace, dangerous world, and discovery of what it is to be human. Wren was dead for 178 minutes before she rebooted. The longer a person is dead, the less human they are when they wake. Wren is equally feared and admired within her division. She follows orders without question. But when a low number recruit enters the facility, Wren finds herself both annoyed and intrigued by him. Callum's a 22, almost human. Wren has always believed feelings are weaknesses, and the lower numbers are a bit of a joke, but being around Callum initiates changes in her that she can't control. The pages are loaded with heart and emotion. With breaking free, abandoning labels, and going beyond what's expected. I raced through the story alongside Wren and Callum, right up to the pulse-pounding finish.
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VINE VOICEon 28 May 2014
Reboot follows the story of 178.....a girl who died and came back to life 178 minutes later....This happens a lot in this society...... and her job is to capture "criminals"....she is really good at it ......as the longer you are dead the less emotional you are.....
She then meets 22....dead for just 22 minutes and then rebooted....and she has to decide whether he will be her "newbie".....the person she must train in combat.....

This is a great YA dystopian novel.....

We follow 178's story and slowly began to see where she came from and what her society is like.....If you like The Hunger Games or Divergent then you will like this too....This is the first in the series....
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on 17 May 2015
This book does not feature as much detail as some of the others of its genre, however this is still an absolutely fabulous and fast-paced story, I zipped through it very quickly, but still thought it was an excellent read, I intend to buy book 2 immediately!
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on 30 April 2016
The story line is great, rather interesting as you wouldn't think it could be too far from a real future.

Maybe a bit more character development needed (which we may see in the second book).
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Reboot was one of those books that promised so much but unfortunately didn't deliver.

When we first meet Wren, she's dynamic. A zombie Buffy, she kicks ass, takes no prisoners and under no circumstances does she let anything as ridiculous as pesky human emotion get in the way of her mission. She's a little blonde bundle of dynamite and I loved her. She's 178, which means she was dead almost three hours before she rebooted. Humans in Wren's brave new world are at risk of KDH, a virus that has wiped out most of the world's population except for a "fortunate" few who experience life after death and become deadly weapons for the ruling HARC responsible for keeping the rag tag remnants of the world safe. "Safe" being the operative word, there's a darker purpose to HARC that's hinted at but sadly it's not explained in any read detail. Wren could give two hoots, she knows her purpose and has no reason to deviate.

Enter Callum. A reboot so fresh he barely died. Charismatic, flirtatious, he challenges Wren in ways she never thought possible. When she agrees to train him to become as badass a soldier as her she doesn't realise just how drastically he'll change her life...

Reboot was a lot of fun to read. It was seriously compelling and full of intrigue particularly the first half. The world building was decent, the explanation of the KDH virus and it's effects was a little murky and I was lost for a little while but Tintera does a good job of creating an interesting back-story that kept me guessing.

The characters of Wren, Callum and the bit players were fun to get to know and I did grow to care for them quickly. Wren's "best friend" Ever, in particularly was a favourite and her story was one of my favourite parts of the book. As Wren slowly begins to evolve and open herself up to the long buried emotions Callum brings to the surface I thought I was in for a thrill ride but as the book hits the halfway point it all begins to fall apart.

While the action is always well paced and exciting, the story takes a tumble when the romance between Wren and Callum takes over. Now I love action and I love romance so I thought Reboot would be the perfect Summer read for me. Unfortunately the chemistry between Wren and Callum fell flat. Usually in books like these I am literally squealing at every touch, brush of the lips and nose graze but here my feelings were lukewarm. I'm not sure if it was simply because the story was written from Wren's perspective so we were experiencing her awakening but it all felt awkward and cumbersome. Wren went from being kick ass, cold as ice and all round girl power advocate to a simpering, weak, lovesick puppy which was disheartening. The constant stopping to kiss when they should have been running from the gunshots was eye-roll inducing and I found myself pleading with Tintera to dispense with the romance and get on with the action. At this point I felt like taking my temperature because surely I was off-colour to be pleading such a case.

When the action did finally take point it was all a bit too convenient. HARC is apparently the "Big Evil" corporation that's impenetrable but all of a sudden it's easy to cut the power, steal shuttles and break in? The ending was a little abrupt and unsatisfying which is more likely due to the fact that once again I had read what I thought was a stand-alone book only to realise it's a series. Sigh, my mistake so I won't deduct points.

Overall, Reboot was fun, a quick, fresh, dynamic read with an awesome heroine (most of the time) full of action, sass and intrigue with an interesting set up for book two that I can't help but want to check out.
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on 29 April 2015
Brilliant book with excellent characters ...keeps you gripped
to the end and can't wait to read what happens next!! Must read !!
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on 3 July 2014
One of the better dystopian books I have read. well worth a read. I prefered this to divergent.
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on 26 December 2015
It was an easy read and a fantastic plot, a really interesting take on the zombie apocalypse premise - although when reading it I found myself rewriting it to avoid it making me cringe. The romance, while cute at some moments, was too fairytale and had no build up - it just sort of happened? It was repetitive, cringe worthy and unrealistic. There was little to no friendship before hand, I honestly didn't care for Callum or Wren. However there are minor characters who's personality shine through and are likable and well developed from the little page time they have. I wish there wasn't this sort of 'on/off' writing style - something bad will happen and it's brushed off, such as if a character where in pain - they wouldn't talk like they were and in the next moment will be jumping about so overall it made it pretty hard to believe. I wish Tintera committed to Wrens muted sense of emotions instead of what seemed like a half hearted attempt as I felt it would have amplified the journey and character development, show the significance of Callum and created more of Wrens witty and dry one liners which where funny. Also a few plot holes that bothered me but I don't want to spoil. I'd recommend it if your just looking for an quick easy read with an interesting plot, not if your looking to invest in characters. I'm not going to rush into the next book, but I will probably get round to it.
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on 26 August 2014
Fun book and well worth the read
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