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on 25 February 2014
Absolutely furious, I looked around spent days choosing the PC I really wanted weighing up pros and cons. I must warn you I'm not a computer expert but I know a little. I picked Ankerman for their fantastic reviews. However there description is incredibly misleading. The PC I bought with the above title arrived quickly when I opened the PC it had all the specs that was mentioned in the description.

Luckily I decided to read the Graphics Card specs to find that in order to run this you MUST have 550watts of power. This computer as mentioned in the description at the time comes with 350watts of power. I sent an email to Ankerman saying that I wasn't happy that they had sold me a (let's be honest) faulty PC and that by turning on the PC underpowered could very easily fry all the components.

They replied with the repeating answer. "It says in the description that you get a 350watt psu"

So I am now having to purchase a new £72 psu to cover this.

So I will warn you as Ankerman clearly won't. Make sure that if you are buying this model either don't, or be prepared to put a new psu in to make up the 200watts this PC lacks in order to actually function the way it should.
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on 10 February 2014
Having been stuck with 2Gb ram and Windows XP pro for some years now, knowing i should upgrade but unable to justify the cost, I finally took the plunge and ordered one of these.

I have noted that some reviews here are for totally different models, which is frankly confusing, despite the headline stating what they actually bought, anyway, to make it clear I bought the "Ankermann-PC.WildCAT GAMER., Intel Core i7-4770K 4x 3.50GHz, GeForce GTX 660 OC 2GB, Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit, 2TB Toshiba HDD, 16 GB RAM, 22x DVD-RW Writer, Card Reader"

Now that is cleared up, I shall continue

1) the CPU cooler is totally inadequate, which i knew before ordering, as most are, unless you specify you want them upgraded, so I also purchased a Corsair H80i liquid cooler. a tight fit, but it's keeping the CPU under 40 degrees even at full load, for extended periods.. However on installing it, I discovered, there were no empty USB headers on the mother board, so I ordered a "NZXT Internal USB Expansion" which should solve that problem.. meanwhile, the USB 75-1 card reader, is disconnected

2) The power supply, at least to my mind, is a little inadequate at 350W. So I intend to replace that soon, with something a little more up to the job. possibly a 650W or maybe a 750W

That said, for the money, this is a very well built piece of kit. I noticed one reviewer state that the RAM was unbranded. which was not true in my case "Corsair Ballistic sport" 2 x 8gb. not top notch though, so I ordered new and went for Kingston and 32Gb.. wil give the 16Gb to my brother (early birthday present) haha

So would I recommend this particular setup, sure I would. It's well built, have had no problems with it, and it's been on 24/7 since I got it and for the money, I thin kit is good value.. sure it's PSU is a little weak and the CPU cooler should definitely be replaced. but on the whole a great piece of kit..

I was going to give it 4.5 stars. but then the only gripes I have are very minor ones, so 5 it is
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on 12 January 2014
this computer is very fast and very good it hasent missed a beat and i love it truely (a few things to consider) if you do not have a wired connection leade you wont have internet also for me it wont boot up sometime and after a while of waiting and then coming back to it it will start up but other than that it would be the best pc on amazon :D
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on 9 October 2013
Arrived amazingly quickly via courier service from Germany. Very securely packaged along with all installation discs for OS, Motherboard, Graphics Card, etc so no worries there should trouble arrive. Also fitted with Samsung SSD and Asus PCI-e I ordered separately and again original installation discs packed. A beautiful high-spec rocket ship of a computer which is intelligently put together with all the cable runs inside neatly routed to allow easy access for removal or addition of any other upgrades or hardware I should wish to fit myself. Ankermann's follow-up and customer service is as good as I've come across online up-to-date and I'd thoroughly recommend them as a technically able and professional organisation to deal with. Don't let their location on the other side of Europe worry you. They're fast, considerate, technically smart and well worth considering for anything PC wise.
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on 7 March 2014
Sturdy built - Setting up was easy with Win7pro pre-loaded - Machine is also very quiet . All applications (MS Office 2010, Adobe CS5 etc) run blindingly fast.

Two points I would raise, for which I did not take a star off:
- Communication on behalf of Ankermann is responsive but is poor in English. Documents are sent in German, including instructions in case you need to use the DVD to (re)-load windows.
- Some of the USB sockets on the back are a bit offsets with respect to the opening in the metal casing. This ought to be picked up in the assembly. They are still usable though.

Despite the above, I am considering purchasing another, similar computer to put in my business office.
I do not use this PC Gamer for games, but enjoy the processing speed and surmise that the quality components and the built will last for some years.
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on 4 February 2014
After a long time spent reviewing different PC systems on Amazon and elsewhere I finally went for this option as the best for my needs and budget. The PC arrived extremely quickly and was very well packaged, and the build quality is excellent. My previous was a Dell, which was pretty well put together, but this beats it. I went for the SuperSilent modification ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006VGWBCC ) which I strongly recommend if you have that little extra budget - after 20 years of PC use I was truly amazed by how quiet this one is. As a video editor and occasional game player my priority improving the speed of my video work, and I'm really happy at how much time this computer has already saved me.
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on 18 August 2013
I brought the ANKERMANN PC Wildcat GAMER A6-5400K Black Edition,

I was looking for a new PC because i had a 7 year old laptop which was very slow, i couldn't play minecraft that well, the internet was really slow, so i thought i would get a new one, but i didn't want to spend to much money, considering i only wanted it for, email, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, minecraft, simcity. So when i found all this for the low price i went for it straight away.

Firstly it only cost 365. It also include windows 7 installed, which if you buy seperatly it is about 65. Plus the good case it comes in with blue LED in the front, the processors, the 500 GB memory, and much more, you could not get a better PC for the price in my. So it is really good value for money if you don't want to send to much on a PC.

I got it about a week later after i order it, which is really good because i think it comes all the way from Germany.

It comes with a 2 year warranty, even though PC don't break to often it is always nice to have.

Very easy to set up, just plug in and turn on, it need to do a lot of updates but once i has done that it was ready to go. I also brought the: LG IPS224V 22 inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor for 100 when i brought it (you will need separate speakers for it), ELEGANT DESIGN HIGH QUALITY BLACK GAMING MULTIMEDIA USB WIRED ILLUMINATED which was only 15, and a nice mouse from eBay which was only 8 pounds. so i spent around 500 pounds on my set up, which is very cheap.

The performance was really good again for the price, i can play minecraft on full reander distance easly and run a server and be in a skype call and on the internet at the same time and it runs fine. i can play simcity on good video setting without it lagging at all. So again it performed really well.

Only 2 things that disappointed me a little was, i couldn't get a wi fi dongle to work on it all the time, that might not be becuase of the pc, i just use a NAT 17 metre wire not, i just put it under the carpets so you can't see it at all. And my friend gave me BF3 for free on orgin, i tryed to run it, but even on the lowest video setting i could not run it, it was just to laggy, but again this is a cheap computer if you want to be playing those sorts of games you want to invest a bit more money, i have a ps3 to it didn't really bother me

I think from now on i am just going to upgrade my pc instead of buying a new one, it is much cheaper to do and very simply. This pc is a really good way to start and i would high recommend it for part time pc gamers,
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on 28 April 2013
Note that reviews of various models get lumped together I bought "3770K, GTX660, 16GB" so Core i7 3.5, GTX 660 graphics, 16GB memory.

The machine arrived very well packed and very quickly after order (a few days). The machine seems well made, I've opened it up to add an SSD, and all the cables are well routed and tied back as appropriate.

The 16GB memory in my machine came as two 8GB modules, so there are still two slots left should I ever wish to upgrade further.

One observation to make, is that as it stands without an OS installed etc. this is like a build it yourself machine without having to put the hardware bits together. This means all the config will have to be done yourself, so want to use AHCI for the hard disks, you'll need to set that in the BIOS etc. For some features this means you get the peculiar situation that the drivers on the supplied disks say they aren't supported on the hardware, when in fact the feature is currently disabled in the BIOS. This doesn't bother me too much and I've ended up not bothering with some things (which is better for me than having everything turned on by default), but it's something I can see people being confused by.

In use I've installed an SSD, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, now using it for gaming. Driving a 1080p projecter and 1080p monitor (both showing the same thing), on Tomb Raider 2013, on the Ultra settings (one step down from Ultimate) it performs 60fps fine and the game runs smooth.

This should keep me going for a few years.
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on 7 October 2013
Love this system, it's just a shame that you can't customise it more on Amazon. The range of additions you can add to your basket for the company to install in your system is nowhere near what you can do on the company's own website! the option to increase the RAM and install an SSD would have made this perfect!

Not having bought from Ankermann before, just wanted the security of ordering through Amazon.
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on 22 September 2013
This Ankermann PC is well worth purchasing.
Quiet operation even with the 3 fans fitted. Superb Graphics from the 2GB NVIDA Card.
Achieved 7.7 on the Windows Experience Index, with a SSD hard drive fitted. Only the memory stopped it reaching the max 7.9
The software, Win 7 Professional, will need setting up, but that should not be an issue for the enthusiasts.
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