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on 14 April 2017
Very much enjoyed this, liked the whole aliens and humans co-existing! Mia and Korum have pretty good chemistry and the sex scenes were hot.
Couple of side notes: much as healthy eating is positive, the whole diet swap ordered by the Krinar is illogical. Humans would miss vital nutrients this way.
Also, slightly worried that anyone reading this erotica who has not had sex might believe the first time will be very painful and cause nausea. Has the author had a bad experience? Possibly. But just be aware girls, it should not feel that bad! If so, then it's definitely not right. Don't mislead potential vulnerable readers!
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on 30 April 2015
Not a stranger to reading poorly written romance novels for an easy love story, this was a surprisingly and incredibly refreshing read. I assumed that like most free/cheap fantasy romances it would have a barely plausible and probably general lack of storyline, with a maybe hot seduction thrown in; although the seduction and romantic side was INCREDIBLY hot, I was more than happy to find a complete and complicated story outside of the couple's romance. That was both refreshing and fascinating, rekindling my love of books for story's sake, not just romantic value.
The romance between Mia and Korum is actually very believable; and Mia is neither too love-stricken (in the sycophantic way books like these often portray heroines), but also not too hard headed to allow their romance to develop somewhat despite the dangers. I believe also that she could be seen as both underestimated (due to her lack of dress sense and style) but also very attractive to someone with a keen eye. I liked this because you could believe that he may be able to see beyond her outward appearance but also prevented her internal monologue from being vain or arrogant (which personally I find off-putting).
I enjoyed being surprised by turns in the storyline and was genuinely interested in how their relationship would pan out as unlike most romances I have read, this was not actually obvious; allowing me to be sucked in by the anticipation. There is an easy writing style which allows the story to flow without jarring over-description, but plenty enough detail to give a real picture. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would quite happily do so again as there is plenty within it that I have no doubt I could learn more on a second reading. I am eager to get the sequel and very much recommend this book to anyone wanting something more than just a simple man-seduces-woman story!
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on 27 May 2015
One star given due to this book featuring an abusive relationship whereby the man rapes the woman. It disturbs me greatly that while Mia (and the author) knows that it was rape, she continues seeing Korum.

Here is a passage from the book just after when the rape took place:

"...It won't be like this next time, I promise."
Mia listened to his little speech with a growing dread in her stomach. "Just to be clear," she said slowly, "I don't ever want to do this with you again. Ever. If you touch me again, it will be rape in the very real sense of the word."
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on 13 April 2014
The Krinar have arrived on earth, they have signed a treaty with earths governments to live side by side with humans. Mia is a 21 year old student studying-at university in New York, when she catches the eye of Korum a Krinar. Very quickly Korum insinuates his way into Mia's life. He makes it very plain to her exactly what he wants. Mia although attracted to Korum, the fact that he's an alien whom she knows little about scares her. As the days pass he dictates her movements even what she wears. Escape seems impossible.

While I liked this story and the concept, I thought it rather cliched that the author made the Krinar seem just like vampires, bloodsuckers! I personally thought that there was enough detail provided in how they came to earth and what their history was, that making them crave human blood seemed to rather over egg the pudding. My other problem was that I did not get Korum's attraction to Mia, she's a very inexperienced girl and very immature. Many times she's described as being like a child as well as looking like one. She's also extremely stupid. Korum is an alpha male, he likes his own way in everything. I spent the whole time reading this wondering if he could really be trusted. He's certainly a character with hidden depths. I liked all the detail that the authors provided re the Krinar I thought that was very cleverly thought out. Although not perfect. Overall this was okay, I shall read the next as I'm keen to see what happens next.
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on 2 June 2013
One of the best books I have read this year. If you like dark and possesive hero's who will do anything to keep their woman and have no compunction about tracking or stalking them then you will love this book I promise you!! This book is free at the moment so try it and you won't regret it, also out is the second book which is just as great. What a great find.
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on 22 May 2013
I enjoyed this book and thought it was well written and interesting. It kept me turning pages and I read it in one sitting although I did skip some of the more irrelevant areas! As mentioned in some other reviews I did find Mia a bit irritating. Her character is childish and does not seem to be able to think for herself. I sometimes wish authors would create less simpering and more intelligent female lead characters. That said however, I would recommend this, particularly as it was a full length book and free to boot.-
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on 19 September 2013
I did like this book so I will give it 4 stars, the reason it's not 5 is because I much prefer the old fashioned take on vampires and not futuristic. I like that vampires need to feed on humans, are sometimes evil and dominating(which is why I like korum?)

However this is a much welcomed and refreshing take on it after reading so many vampire romance books recently. I wanted to stop reading this book when j realised it was modernised and futuristic, I'm glad I gave it the benefit of the doubt but I won't be purchasing the next two as I have read its all different planet type stuff. I just prefer the old fashioned side :) aside from that this had me laughing at how blunt K was. Had me shocked and wanting to read on at certain parts x
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on 3 August 2014
Well I wasn't sure what to think, this book had some strange reviews but I wanted to read it. Mia is a pretty normal, student. Very focused and driven, one walk in the park later and she comes face to face with a K, called Korum. Although her initial fear overwhelms her, he decides that she will be his and even though reluctant they start a sexual relationship which basically blows Mia's mind. He is everything you would look for in a guy but he's not human, and his obsessive, and possessive nature keep her from fully admitting what she feels for him. When she's approached to help fight against the K's she isn't happy but agrees, but that's not what it seems. Will she ever tell Korum how she feels or will she betray him? I have to say Mia irritated me, she clearly enjoyed everything about Korum and if she hadn't been clouded by misjudgements she would have let herself just be with him, but her feelings about the K's are blurred and this proves to cause more issues. Korum is very forceful but he never mistreats Mia, he actually treats her like a queen. His only mistake is not telling Mia his feelings directly but his actions do show how he feels, she just doesn't immerse herself in the relationship and fighting him the whole way. Her misgivings are kind of rude, but only time will see if she can finally allow herself to truly be with Korum. This is a truly different story, great writing, plot, angst, and the sex is steaming. I am looking forward to seeing whether Mia will give in to Korum.
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on 1 November 2016
This Krinar Chronicles series was an addictive series Koran was fabulous a real heart stopping alpha male, mia though while annoying and seeming very immature (understandable with her being only 21) took a while to grow on my I felt she really came into her own in the second and third installment of this series. There was plenty of action and loads of twists and turns and it kept my interest all the way through a beautiful sci-fi love story.
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on 29 January 2014
Just finished reading this. Oh my what a book! I will normally read a book a day but this i finished in like 5 hours!!
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