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I have read that some have criticised this printer for not being very good printing photographs. All I can say to that is if you want tip top photographs then get a specialised photograph printer, simple.

That rant over - this printer is perfect for small office work as well as home use. It is relatively easy to set up and prints quietly and quickly for most jobs. I also use it for printing inserts for CDs (as well as printing on the CDs themselves) on heavier paper and when printed in the best quality the results are excellent. The colours are pure and accurate and the blacks clean and sharp.

The fact that this printer has two trays plus a rear feeder makes this a no-brainer. Add to that good usage of ink, which incidentally can be found at really good prices, so long as you are happy with cheaper copies and not Epson, makes this a printer that is hard to beat. Oh yes, the Duplex works perfectly too - brilliant.

The price was brilliant too. The printer is solidly made and seems like it will last a few years, unlike some printers I have had in the past.

The scanner is adequate as is the 'photocopying' side of things.

I tend to use this more as a general printer and for that it well deserves the 5 stars. The quality of high quality printing is surprisingly good, far better than I expected and for that again 5 stars. If I was to remove a star for anything it would be for the setting up process with my iMac, but that is me being very picky as I did manage to get it sorted in the end and the end product is well worth the small amount of hassle I encountered.

That saying, this is an excellent printer at a brilliant price and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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on 15 January 2014
It actually deserves 5 stars, but it gets 41/2 because of Epson's inefficient Help.

It printed every picture with distinctive green lines, from day one. First we went through all the head cleaning procedures, then Epson told me it was the paper I was using. During 'chat' with them, I TOLD them it didn't need Epson genuine paper and that I had been using ordinary ink jet and HP photo paper for many years with no trouble - even on a previous Epson printer. They insisted I was wrong.

I then requested a replacement and the supplier, Trade Direct, on hearing the symptoms said the black and cyan cartridges were the trouble and they would send replacements. 48 hours later I had them - AND THEY CLEARED THE FAULT!
Now that's what I call first class service. I thoroughly recommend you buy it with Trade Direct.
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on 17 January 2014
It seems to print well, both text & photo's. The trouble I have with it is there are no instructions with it, Why? You have to look online to see how to work the thing! My computer wouldn't accept the software discs for some reason, it will accept any other DVD, CD or other product's software discs, so it can't be my computer that's at fault. Because of this, whenever I get a message telling me there are upgrades for the printer it won't let me download the upgrades because the software hasn't been installed, great!
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on 6 May 2014
I bought this for my husband after heavy hints that he needed a new printer and that this looked like a good choice. He is v pleased and finds the two paper trays invaluable for not having to mess about with changing the paper when printing on different quality paper for different projects. Both the printer and the wi fi connection seemed to install easily with a minimum of bad language.
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on 3 February 2014
After 3 weeks of minor use, the display suddenly states that the machine doesn't recognise the ink cartridges and to replace them. Customer care says it's because the ink cartridges are empty, which they are clearly not! I'm now left to go elsewhere to print off daily, which is costing me more in wasted time than the cost of a new machine- which won't be an Epson when I buy one!!!
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on 27 April 2014
It's good - and rather cheap. Prints faster than a fast thing being fast... It said it was Ethernet Enabled - it's not. There's no Ethernet socket - there's a phone line socket for a fax. But it works fine for wireless.

Ensure you download the proper drivers from Epson (OSX or Windows) as your wifi won't connect to it otherwise - won't even see it in my experience of hooking up 6 lap tops to it. The driver package takes a looooong while to download.

I use it as the main printer in a small office.
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on 23 August 2014
There is a but - when you lift the photocopy platen it forces out the back loader - which is a dust trap. This is an irritating design fault. Having said that it works just great, which is what really matters.
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We really struggled to get this set up: probably three days, and both hubby and son are rather techie. Part of the problem was that our wifi wasn't very strong where we'd sited it, and when we moved it to ethernet, we hadn't disabled the wifi thus causing ourselves a whole day's worth of installing and re-installing software.

Anyway, now that it's working fine, we are really enjoying it. A very capable scanner, printer, and copier, with fairly cheap inks compared to our previous Canon. I like how you can control it from either the computer or the printer itself, and my husband is having fun with the option to print directly from his iPad.

Compared to our previous Canon Pixma, it's taller, but is more square and so takes up less space on the table.

Note: we bought it for its automatic document feeder and its double-sided capabilities, both of which were invaluable on our old printer; not many affordable ones come with these options.
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on 13 August 2014
For the last 7 years we have been using an Oki MFP - it was just about okay, but, cartridges expensive, spares expensive and the print quality, again, just about okay. The Oki gave us a warning that it needed a new 'belt' and i knew this would cost over £100 - so, time for change. After quite a bit of research I decided that the Epson 3530 was the best all in one printer for us... and yesterday it was delivered and I was not disappointed.
The machine was relatively easy to set up = 'put in the cd and follow instructions'.. overall it took about an hour which generally was waiting for the drivers and other software to download. As soon as the install was completed I ran a few test sheets and then printed off some photographs onto normal A4 paper - the results were amazing = superb quality and startling colours.
Reading other reviews it seems the unit can be set up intuitively and this is probably the case, but there is a sequence where the ink cartridges and certain cables have to be inserted at the correct time so the machine is not 'confused'.. Once up and running everything else is intuitive - just a brilliantly simple machine producing excellent quality prints!
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on 14 August 2014
For those having problems with WiFi.

1. Plug the printer to power only, load the ink cartridges and let it intitialise
2. Then setup up WiFi manually via the printer. Connect it and print out details. Use your broswer and go to the IP address form your computer to confirm it is on the network.
3. Install the full package, drivers, scanner, utilities.
4. Accept all the driver signatures and let it go to the end.
5. When it asks on the end, select connect to printer using WiFi
6. Click next where it asks about firewall. Then it tries to autodetect, and it failed for me on 4 computers! No Panic
7. Go to Add new Printer, and Widnows should detect the printer via its IP address. Do not use the WSD one.
8. Click the prnter with the IP address, a new drivers window will show from Windows.
9. On the left click Epson, then on the right scroll all the way down to the bottom, select WF3530. Next
10. Done! Properly installed via WiFi!!!
11. Scanner, you need to manually find the "Epson Scan Settings" and then add a new scanner, and enter the IP manually.
12 Done! Scanning via WiFi!
A: Repeat the above steps on all computers that you want scanning support.
B: If you just want other computers to print, you can easily share the printer via network and any other Windows PC will download the drivers from your PC. Supports basic printing only though.

* I tested the back feeder with magnetic photo paper, superb quality for an office ink jet!
* I tested double sided printing, not the fastest but heck, it works and it has loads of options via the Printer Settings Panel.
* Scanning multiple pages via ADF (Double and Single Sided), wireless at 600DPI, works great. Flat Bed works great too. High quality 1200DPI takes a while but that is OK.
* Set-up Bonjour printing for Apple devices via the webpage (IP) and printed a photo from my iPhone without any complicated setup!
* Did not try Google Cloud but that should be a breeze too
* Put in SD card, the menu is a bit tricky to find under "More Functions" but you can crop and setup sizes on the screen and prints easily.
* The only problem is that scanning to email requires USB cable :( Not a big problem since I scan from Windows. There seems to be a WSD scan option but I can work it out.

At the discounted price of £80, with dual trays, this printer was a LOOOONG awaited replacement to my old Laserjet!

** Generic Inks are cheap and as long as you get a supplier that uses good quality inks it works like a charm, even on photo. Plus the Black cartridges support XL (double single)!!

********* 3 Year Warranty *********

Down side is that its beefy but since its on WiFi you can put it anywhere you want at home and in the office.. well you should have space for this beast.
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