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on 9 March 2013
Otterbox products, especially the Defender serie has stolen my heart. I am a big Geek Gadget Freak just loving it all. After owning a Dell Streak 5 mini for awhile it was time to upgrade to something a bit faster and even bigger. I ended up going for a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 after doing my reseach on the net about what is aviable. There is fears compitition in the android market with many tablet/phones to choose from. I wanted a 7 inch phone, nice and big. My eye fell on the S.G. Tab2 3g 7.0. I ended up buying it but not before I checked if OTTERBOX made a protection case for it. Yes that is how far my love for Otterbox cases goes. I will not buy a gadget if I can not hose it into an Otterbox defender case. I know that their is a fast group of people out there that just seem to love thin gadgets. I am surely not one of them. I like mine robust and thunky. The Otterbox defender case surely makes this happen for me. It give me a great safe grip of my gadget for which I had to save up before I could afford it so I do not want to run the risk of something happening to it. The Otterbox defender is not a cheap option when it comes to cases but boy do you get a great protection. Nothing is going to happen to my TAB2 when I am suffering from a moment of mindlessness. Needless to say that the Dell Streak 5 which has now found a new home in the hands of my husband is also dressed up in a Otterbox defender case. This Otterbox defender case comes with an extra item that did not come with the Dell Streak 5 defender case. It is like an armour plate which fits over the screen for when you take your gadget on the move. seriously nothing is going to touch my gadget as long as it is in the Otterbox defender case. When that part of the defender case if not used as protection over the screen it can be used as a stand. A nice neat pop up lever in build into the part and functions as a support where you can rest your Samsung Galaxy TAB2 7.0 in while your not using it. You can use the stand in two ways, both landscape, one the Tab is lying at about 45 degrees, and the other it will be at about just under 90 degrees. I hope I have that right,.....well being a woman and all.
The Case is made out of 4 items. 2 pieces fit around the TAb2 and clicks into each other leaving the volume, on/off, speakers camera's, ear speaker for call function and charge connector open. Then a thick sturdy rubber fits over this protection case. In this rubber layer there are 2 pieces that can be opened to access the headphone jack and the charge connector. No need to take the protection of to charge or use headphones. I find operating the volume and on/of buttons easier while the rubber protection layer is on.

I also bought a car cradle here on Amazon, and I don't need to take the protection of when I want to use my gadget as a navigation system. If I had to do that......well that would defy the reason why I have protection to start with isn't it.

I can't speak highly enough about the quality of this product and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for the ulitmate protection for their gadgets. Especailly if there are little feet walking around the house trying to get their hands on your precious gadget. It only takes a split second to drop onto a hard surface to shatter something as beautiful as a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 if there is no protection like an Otterbox around it. Now I can just take it wherever I may go, whatever I do without any worry in the world what might happen. O did I mention that it has a build in screen protector as well? Well it does, and it does not deminish the sensitivity of the screen at all. And for a reason I don't know, it doesn't get so dirty as an unprotected screen does?.Well some mysteries has to be left unexplained.

Seller was fab. Quick and without any trouble. Just as it said on the box.
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on 9 February 2013
Excellent well made case giving the iPad Mini good all round protection.
Without the case the iPad Mini is very light and slippery and can easily be dropped.
What I don't like about the case is the built in screen protector that now gives an oil slick / rainbow effect on the screen.
Otter box support suggest this is a problem with the iPad as seem to be different manufactures and one has this issue.
Otterbox support suggest using baby powder or put a screen protector on the IPad to fill the gap between the iPad and case screen protector.
Bit disappointed this is at my expense due to their case not fitting correctly.
I will probably remove the Otter Box Screen Protector as I did with my iPhone Defender Case.
All in all good product but let down by Screen protector.
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on 25 December 2012
Excellent protective case for iPad mini with great multi functional stand and front protection. My only gripe is sometimes you need to press harder when typing but I'm sure with time this will improve. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend as the best protective case on the market.
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Whether is it a phone or tablet I have always put them in a protective case. Firstly it protects what is a very costly item from bumps, knocks and drops and children. Secondly, if you do want to sell the item on when you get round to upgrading, a less battered phone can be sold for more.

I have always been a fan of Otterbox cases especially the Defender series, all family phones, iPods and tablets have been protected by them. They are what I consider the ultimate drop protector for an expensive electronic gadget.

I particularly like the clip on front cover that doubles up as a stand. If you like to throw your Tablet into a rucksack or sports bag, the clip on front cover helps to prevent cracked glass. I don’t recommend doing this but a friend of mine put a coffee cup on top of my iPad without thinking. I was not amused, he became aware that I was not amused, but no damage done, the clip on cover worked a dream.

As to drop protection, I take my iPad out on site and it gets the occasional bump and crack and so far I have never had a damage issue. The Defender case is robust.

However the Defender series does have one annoying imperfection. The built in screen protectors are relatively robust, but awful. They are far from tactile, though I do understand that compromises have to be made.

The main reason I consider the built-in screen protector below par is that they have a tendency to ‘oil slick’. In simple terms this means that when they are on the phone, tablet etc, it looks like there is oil or water under the screen protector and it moves around. It is really annoying and something that I cannot live with. Sometimes if drops of water get on the screen the water can work its way under the screen protector. It is only held in with double sided sticky tape and is not water tight.

My solution is simple, rip the screen protector out, it’s only held in with a bit of double sided sticky tape, remove the tape and place a quality screen protector on the device, then replace the case. You can leave the sticky tape in place to help with the seal if you wish but the finish is better without.

I have tried so many screen protectors, all makes, sizes and some with questionable quality. Each and every time the Spigen SGP screen protectors have come out on top. Most importantly with all these retina screens about, they have superb optical properties.

So all in all, the Otterbox Defender series is a serious bit of protective kit. It does have its flaw, which Otterbox should have addressed over the years. However, I have had one occasion where I have had to contact Otterbox customer services as there was a problem with a silicon cover.

I wish that every company had a customer services department like they do, they gave a superb service 10/10.

The screen protector lost them a star but the customer service gained them much more.
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on 4 January 2014
Good solid cover. Took screen cover off as it was annoying. Case very hard to remove so get it right first time! A year later, the rubber edging is starting to go so cover is harder to fit. I will have to replace it soon which is disappointing given the price.
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on 11 February 2013
ordered from smartbuys not a rugged case but a leather case like buyer below had to return at my own cost
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on 16 January 2013
A really tough product and ideal for its purpose. I'm sure that this case would be great on camping trips or for slinging in a rucksack. It's a bit heavy and bulky for everyday use in office conditions.
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on 10 August 2013
Firstly I love Otterbox cases I have used them for my phones for years. This case is tough and will protect most things about your Galaxy. But it is very heavy compaired to no case. The only thing is that its not as quick to remove and feels like its best not to take it on and of too much. Also bits getinand stuck between the protective screen and the tabet quite often, so you have to get in and clean. Sometimes I wish I had bought a lighter cheaper case. However if you are after something to take your tablet on the field this would be the case. Just be prepared to give up its sleekness.
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on 14 August 2013
I see other buyers have had similar issues.
I ordered otterbox defender case however I received an otterbox leather folio case.
I know what the defender case should be like as we already have one for my daughter's iPad mini.
Not what I ordered - must say though that Amazon customer service was very helpful and immediately arranged prepaid return postage.
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on 10 June 2014
I purchased this iitem with some reservation as manyreviews indicated a phenomenom "oil slick" type stain on the screen when fitted to the ipad. I duly ordered the cover as if I was not happy I could simply return it. My cover arrived and once fitted did show the "oil slick" type stain on the screen. However, upon further research this stain can be removed by simply sprinkling a tiny amount of talcum powder o the screen before assembly which stops the cover screen and ipad screen sticking together which causes the oil slick type stain.

Please to confirm that my cover and screen is fine after the application of a small amount of talcum powder.
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