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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Price:£169.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 30 August 2017
it has had very little use cut a few slots in some skirting board for speaker cables and that was it until today when I tried to use it to remove grout after twenty minutes of continuous use it was getting hot and obviously struggling so I switched off left it alone for an hour went to continue with the task and it would not start changed the fuse and tested it still nothing total total crap a complete waste of money
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on 21 June 2017
Need to buy another as my friend keeps borrowing it. Love the way Bosch fir the blades. No tools required. wonderful gadget.
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on 13 November 2012
After moving house I found a variety of wall types when I went to replace old single mains sockets with new doubles, from standard dot/dab plasterboard with 25mm back boxes mounted on breeze blocks, to high density straw (Stramit) boards. I did a search on how best to cut out bigger openings and in some cases increase the depth to 35mm.

I'd not seen one of these multi-tools before so was a little sceptical, but took the plunge and bought one. So glad I did; it made light work of everything I needed to do. With care it produces a very accurate and clean cut, and with the variable speed capability allows finer control of the cut than you'd have thought possible for something that cuts so easily.

A few tips; cover EVERYTHING in the room with dust sheets and wear eye protection and a mask. These vibration cutting tools create a lot of fine dust. Check the walls for pipes and cables etc before cutting, as this thing will go through just about anything. Score the plaster around where you're cutting before you start to prevent the cutter taking off any more than you want.

Overall, thorougly recommended.
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on 19 December 2014
Bought the PMF 250CES after by old Bosch PMF180 suddenly stopped working in the middle of a job. It was 3 years old and had loads of work so I couldn't complaint too much, but Bosch tools rarely go wrong so I was a bit miffed - enough to think about buying another make that was more up to the job. Eventually I decided to buy Bosch again because I still had loads of blades for the Bosch multi- tool range. The PMF 250 CES has a more powerful motor and a soft start function so feels much more capable of doing the job. I have been using it for about two months now and I am pleased with its performance. The SDS type blade changer is great compared with having to use an Allen key every time you want to change blades, and it is surprising how many times you change blades mid job. The SDS quick change unit is really good but takes some getting used to but I think I have got it cracked now - whether it is the approved way or not it works a treat. Put the blade in, tighten the SDS rotary handle so the blade is tight and then back the handle off to the point where it is secured in the lock position. This works every time, but it took me a few weeks to come up with my solution. At first I was trying to tighten to the lock position straight away which resulted in blades falling out because they were too loose. So overall I would definitely recommend this unit and would have given it 5 stars but for the confusion with how the SDS clamp worked.
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on 31 March 2013
I ordered this to sand down external door. It comes in a plastic carry case with enough room inside to store extra bits and bobs. The tool itself is very powerful and the keyless chuckle works a treat. As a sander it performs very good on small areas, sanding down the door took a while and you have to be careful not to tilt it to much, it has to be flat towards the surface otherwise you'll melt and wreck your sanding attachment. At first I wasn't to sure about this tool but now I can see myself using it in all sots of jobs, very handy.
The only minus from me is to Bosch as a company. The reason is that I tried to order the dust extraction attachment and I couldn't find it anywhere. I contacted Bosch and they said it's not available yet. So my question is how am I suppose to use the sander if I can't get the dust adaptor fot it? Only after my complaints they gave me an option to pre-order it, 2 weeks later still haven't got it. So I went and did the job with the adaptor. Very messy...
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on 2 March 2017
Wasn't sure what I would use this for but have found out after fitting a new fence panel after storm Doris. A small section on the side of the panel needed to be cut out to half depth to fit round a drain pipe from the kitchen. Mid cut, I hit a nail but switched to a metal cutting blade in 20 seconds and then switched back to wood to finish the job. Before I started I had to cut the old rusted screws flush to the post; and at the end, I also needed to cut away a small section of wood to give more clearance from the pipe. Not sure all of this could have been done with any other tool, at least not nearly as fast. Great tool, and being Bosch it will probably last.
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on 31 December 2016
I'm a self-employed handyman and I think this is a brilliant tool and I wouldn't be without it now. I've recommended these to several others and they've all been very impressed. I've used it several times to undercut skirting board when laying parquet or laminate flooring and it does the job brilliantly. It's also useful in many situations where a normal saw can't reach and accuracy is vital. The only caveat is don't buy cheap blades - I tried once but won't be making that mistake again.
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on 8 March 2017
I bought this some time ago, I would say I used it about 10 times so do some sanding and cutting. It idea of this type of tool is good and for the occasional DIYer to hand in his/her tool box.
But yesterday when i needed it after about 5 minutes of cutting chip board it lost most of it power, Rotatiing the wheel to increase the speed does nothing.
I would have expected a tool like this to last me a long long time as it is seldom used.

It is out of warranty so i guess it is for the bin.

I guess I will be moving any from Bosch power tools.
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on 8 November 2013
I have had this for a few months now and i have been extremely happy with this amazingly versatile tool.
This makes all jobs easier, quicker and causes less mess than most other individual tools would have done.

Having recently moved to new flat there were so many things that needed doing from installing new light or sockets putting in a suspended ceiling to laying new floors throughout and many other jobs.
This tool did all the jobs i wanted a Multi-tool to do with ease and simplicity. Its easy to change from one tool blade to another with just a few twists of the red lever at the top. Other Multi-tools require you to use an allen key or some other tool to change the blades which takes a little more time and you have the added problem of wondering were you put it down or used it last as im sure most DIY'ers will agree when doing jobs and putting a tool or something down and then spending time to look for it when you need it again like pencils or screw drivers.

This model is a little more expensive than the others from Bosch but its definitely worth the few extra quid.I was going to go for the cordless one but decided on this one with the cord as it gives you more power and it also has the quick change tool function. I would also say if you want a tool that will live up to the job and will last more than a few months or a year or so then buying a solid made one from a reputable company will be worth it as you have more reliability and performance.
There are so many varied blades and attachments you can buy for this tool and if you look around you can get some great deals on some sets which include the most used blades.
One thing i will add is that when looking for a blade to cut out hole to fit a back box in a brick wall for a plug socket i saw many blades that seemed to be fine but none said that they would definitely cut out the hole with ease so i contacted Bosch directly and asked them what was the best tool. I then bought the right blade and it did the job fine but the blade got worn down considerably so just be aware that when cutting through brick granite or stone etc... depending on the job it would be wise to buy a few of the same blades to ensure you can finish the job due to the wearing down or burning out as some say of the carbide or diamond dusting on the blade edges.

So all in all this Bosch made Multi-tool is a great buy and totally happy with it and all the neat work it has helped to do up the flat.

I would most definitely recommend any avid DIY'er of someone who needs a versatile tool to do various jobs from time to time to buy this as it will do the job simply and quick.
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on 24 June 2013
Great idea these reciprocating tools. Very handy for certain jobs that other tools just can't do.

I got mine to be able to careful remove a few tiles from my shower without damaging the tile. I used the tool to cut away the grout with one cutter end and the changed the cutter type to then cut plaster board around the tile. It worked a treat. I was able to remove 5 tiles assess some pipework behind and then replace the the same tiles and re-grout.

Since this job the PMF 250 has been put to good use on other jobs around the house like fitting a new kitchen and laminate flooring.

Blades have a reasonable lifetime but you may find you need to by some spares.

Bosch quality, quick change feature is great, variable speed, spacious carry case.

Get one!
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