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on 25 April 2017
The reason I bought the SONIVO SW100 is because my mobile will only reliably pick up a phone signal from upstairs in my house and I don't want to spend all my time at home upstairs, Yes I could have bought a smart watch but I wanted something I didn't have to charge up every night (its bad enough the mobile needs charging every night!!) If the phone companies got there act together then yes I wouldn't have had to buy this item but I suppose it is a cost/benefit thing.

Anyway I received it and placed it on charge for an hour to get some juice into it. I then paired to my mobile, a Samsung S3 (OK not state of art but works) I had a little bit of trouble pairing but that was a problem with my Samsung phone and not the SW100, to get the Bluetooth on a Samsung S3 to work properly you had to go into settings widget to see items you want to paired, this may be the problem with some people who couldn't pair to the SW100 if they were trying to pair using the drop down screen on the home screen.

The build quality, well it is solid and made of metal not the plastic I was expecting, It sounds ok not the best but not horrible and tinny and when your use it for phone call's the speech is clear which in my case is all I'm worried about, I think it helps that it comes with a rubber mat as this will stop vibration through coffee tables etc. I've used it holding it I'm my hand and there is quite a lot of power coming from this little speaker

Anyway performance, I had a phone call and answered it, initially the caller couldn't hear me, I had to move the mic to approximately 50cm from me and make sure its pointed directly at me.so the caller could hear me clearly. The mic is very directional and I will be experimenting with it further away to see if it is a highly directional mic but for the cost you can put up with that.

How long will it last on a charge? well I charged it for 3 hours and it has lasted a week with switching off at night when I go to bed so It's Ideal for the use I want to use it for and if you want to play music all day then just put it on charge using a USB charger.

So for a tad over a tenner on prime it does the job I want it to do and in the end that's all I care about.
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on 23 April 2016
Small and powerful. I am no sound engineer but this little speaker has made listening to music or the news so handy, without needing to carry the phone around.
The microphone needs to be aligned to be facing you to take calls, but that is a small matter. I have been using this for calls for over a month and its a godsend on days when there are back to back telephonic meetings. Sound is clear and crisp. Would have liked a mute button but that is just me being lazy.
The battery is phenomenal - I have used it for a full day of calls with no need to recharge in between.

I have no complaints and would buy this again. The only issue I would have if I was to want to carry it around is that it is quite heavy for its size.
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on 13 May 2014
Great build quality and fantastic sound for such a small device. Small enough to fit into a handbag, or even a pocket it is perfect for taking on holiday or just taking out and about.

I bought the SW100 speaker for my husband but thought I would first try it out myself. After unpacking I switched on the SW100 and it beeped immediately whilst flashing blue from the led. I then pressed and held the multifunction pairing button as instructed and it started flashing blue and red together. I then switched on my iPad Bluetooth and it immediately 'found' the SW100. All I then needed to do was click on the SW100 in the iPad's bluetooth list and confirmation that it was connected came up. All that remained to do was select a song from my iPad and it immediately played through the speaker. Great tone and sufficient volume to fill the room. I also tried it with YouTube clips and other audio sources from ipad with similar good results.


After initially pairing successfully with my iPad I attempted to pair with my husband's iPad and was dismayed to find that the pairing function didn't seem to be working. Moreover, the second ipad wasn't picking up a signal from the SW100 and consequently it wasn't showing up on list of devices in iPad's Bluetooth list. I also tried to pair with my Samsung Galaxy 3 with the same result. After several failed attempts to connect to anything other than the first iPad I was ready to give up and return the product to Amazon thinking it must be a faulty unit. I decided to first contact SANIVO to see if they could shed light on the problem and was very impressed when I received a prompt reply with helpful trouble-shooting suggestions. Their advice was to make sure the first iPad was disconnected ('unpaired') and Bluetooth switched off before attempting to pair another device. Simple solution but it worked. I have since tried reconnecting to first iPad and had no trouble - as soon as iPad's Bluetooth was switched back on and SW100 switched on it automatically connected without needing to go through pairing process again. So far so good though I have not yet tried to use with phone. Now that I have got over the initial teething problems I would definitely recommend the SW100 as a great piece of kit and am planning to buy a second one for myself - I bought the grey speaker for my husband which looks very classy but I also love the range of colours available and plan to buy the purple one for myself..
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on 24 May 2014

I thought at first £20 (Now only £17.99 at time of writing) was a bit steep for a Bluetooth mono speaker, but risked anyway on the back of the 500+ positive reviews! (You got to risk it to get the biscuit!)

I revived this on Saturday (7 days ago) and assumed it would only be partly charged as is the case with most lion / Lithium battery product's (Storage charge, look it up) so only expected to get a hour or two out of it, but so far I have been using it since I got it everyday for an hour or more each day...today I have had it on 3-4 hours just trying to run the thing down, but it just wont quit, the sound itself its above average for its size, and for a mono speaker, aka just the one driver its downright fantastic, you wont be winning over any audiophiles, but for on the go its more than fine, its a bit brassy if listening to the radio ect, but fine once used to it, but its still perfectly respectable mids and highs, and the bass is well controlled, not just in your face low, but actually separate instruments can be heard.

Oh and its unbliveable load, even for people useing some of the best smartphones like HTC one (Amazing speakers on that!...for a mobile) its a one up, much louder and more to it.

In short, get this you wont be disapointed, so easy to connect to items as well! and fine as a hands free kit for car use!

One thing to note is due to the solid construction its pretty heavy, I thought it would be thin aluminum but its actualy thick steel! very durable and not a bad thing in my mind, I have no idea why they chose this though, must help to keep it planted on its surface and stop it from virbating off lol! or maby its acousticaly better? This thing can really rumble so I think the added weight it is a good idea, range is excelnt to, all in all a fantastic purchase!

well worth the £20, could easily sell for £25-30
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on 10 October 2013
Good quality and great sound, certainly beats a phone or tablet speaker (also better, in my case, than speakers I have built into my desktop monitor).

One of the great pluses for this item is it uses USB micro charger the same as you use for smart phone - so no other charger is needed (no charger supplied).

Depending on your device (check bluetooth settings after pairing, this worked on Android 2.3 so is likely to work with any recent Android phone) you can use the speaker to handle your phone. You can answer by clicking the phone button and hang up by clicking phone button. It has it's own microphone - and the sound is way better, for both parties in the call, than when using the phones own "speaker on" mode. You can also do other stuff like send call to answering service etc - this is all in the wee manual

Charge lasts very well (recommend full charge and complete discharge for first two charging cycles). It makes various beeps when turned on or off, or when it connects to bluetooth - the one that caught me out was when it was running out of battery it still sounded fine but at intervals played a wee beep tune to indicate it needed charging. As the sound was fine I wasted a bit of time messing with bluetooth. Charging I haven't measured but am fairly sure a couple of hours did it. The good thing is a red LED comes on when you put it in for charging and goes off when device is fully charged, so no guessing involved.

Very good sound quality and you can use an equalizer app on your fone or tablet if you want to adjust treble/bass etc to your own preferences.

Great quality piece of kit!
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on 23 March 2014
This a belting little device - I really couldn't believe either the quality or volume of the sound such a tiny speaker can produce! Very impressed indeed, it more than does the job for the kitchen which is what I bought it for. Particularly impressed with the amount of bass it can kick out. It also looks very smart, brushed metal and so tiny it just sits unobtrusively in the corner doing its thing.

The bad news is that the bluetooth range is very poor. If I move my iPhone/iPad more than 6 feet away the sound starts to drop out. This is not actually a problem for me as I don't mind keeping the phone nearby in the kitchen, but you need to be aware of it if you plan to keep your device further away. It may be that I have a dodgy unit, at the same time I bought a very cheap no-brand chinese waterproof bluetooth speaker for my shower and the range is at least 4-5 times as good as this. If range mattered to me I would have sent it back.

But for me that doesn't detract from the brilliant sound quality and volume, for me these are what matters and it's brilliant in these respects.
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on 12 May 2013
I have given this a five star rating mainly due to the power output in relation to the size of this speaker.

The speaker is slightly smaller diameter than a Coke can, and around half the height of a Coke can. The majority of the speaker is made from a gun-metal grey brushed stainless steel and the speaker grille being made from a gloss black finished perforated steel grille. There is a black plastic rim \bout 10mm high around the base that contains the on/off switch, multifunction button, LED indicator, micro USB charing port, microphone and 3.5mm input socket. The black plastic base is is covered with a rubberised finished to prevent slipping. The whole feel of this speaker is that of 'quality' - for the cost of this I was surprised by how well made it feels in the hand.

Pairing is quite simple to do and once paired the volume is controlled from the music playing device. The level of output obtained from this small speaker is very surprising, and the quality of it's output is also surprising. I have some other Bluetooth speakers that cost four times the price of the SoundWave SW100 and the output on the SW100 is far better. Even at full volume there is very little distortion and the bass response is very good - I didn't expect too much from the SW100 due to the cost and size; however, I am pleased to say that I was wrong.

I will certainly be buying a couple of these as birthday gifts for friends.
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on 14 January 2013
I am lazy with reviews normally but this little beast is wonderful.
Arrived days early which put me in a good mood to start with.
Solid metal construction and classy apple style plastic case gives a good first impression. Supplied cables and rubber mat were good quality too.
I was looking for something to play music from my Samsung Galaxy S3 and some extra whoomph for video sound tracks on my ipad and HP Pavilion HP1 and this little speaker fulfilled all my expectations and more. I normally have a set of Creative battery powered speakers or igo rechargable speaker for this purpose but this little beast is going to put them out of use for many purposes.
You will find that some ipad apps don't like outputting sound through the bluetooth so although sunriser app sounds amazing my other favourite app, iamguitar did not play ball which is a shame. Not the speakers fault though. Garageband sounds wonderful!
Other reviews said it filled a room with sound and they were not wrong. The choice of surface makes a difference to the bass response so do experiment. Also don't forget to change your equaliser settings on your device so that you make the most of the sound, rock setting made the most of Neil Young and The Wailers as well as most other music. Also sounds a dream when using the audio cable to play back through my ipod nano 5th gen, Archos Gmini and Creative Zen stone mp3 players. Range is great, can walk around no problem and managed to leave the room with no problem without sound dropping out. Linked quickly to my phone, laptop and a friends iphone 4s with no problem.
Only slight hitch is it didn't sound so good through my mac mini bluetooth connection, for some reason flat though it was taking up bluetooth bandwidth with the wireless keyboard and mouse which made everything laggy!
In conclusion..... You can gather I am quite the gadget fiend. For the money it is quite fantastic, and I am not easily impressed.
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on 28 December 2014
This is by far the best speaker i have.
I bought this speaker to bring on holiday with us for listening to our iphone and ipod touch.
they synced well with the products, i will recommed turning off the bluetooth on the device you are not using though as sometimes decided it will sync with one at a time. you will forgive it for this as the sound out of the speaker is amazing, the range is great. tyhe battery is superb.
i was using it for months in my car when the car radio was broken and the small non slip mat really works, it sat happy on the dash board playing music and podcasts on the way home.
it also is great for a speaker for the phone, used in the car for hands free phonecalls and at home for phonecalls abroad to friends where a few of us wanted to be on the phone at the same time.
this speaker is fantastic and i would not hesitiate recommended it to everyone.
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on 21 May 2014
The SW100 is a great little speaker. I bought it after purchasing the Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver and discovering that the sound quality that the Belkin delivered was atrocious. I therefore opted for a small bluetooth speaker instead of a bluetooth receiver for my larger speakers. With this speaker I can lie in my bed and watch movies with good sound quality, or listen to music. The speaker is surprisingly small but fills the whole room with sound. The low frequencies are amazing compared to the compact size. The mids lack slightly, although they are still impressive, but the highs are a little too hissy. This problem can be fixed with a little EQ'ing on the device that you are pairing the speaker with. The speaker rarely cuts out or loses connection.
All in all a great little speaker. I would definitely recommend it.

I have had this speaker for over a year now, and I swear it runs on air. I can scarcely recall the last time I recharged it; the battery life is absolutely mindbogglingly impressive.
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