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on 24 January 2013
I did a ton of research on the various makes and models available before finally opting for this machine. As well as good quality output, I wanted as many as I could of the following features: (a) wireless; (b) duplex/double-sided (preferably both printing and scanning with an ADR); (c) colour; (d) multi-function (i.e. scan and copy as well). It is not possible to get a laser printer with all or even half of those features at this price point, and as it turns out, the running costs of laser printers are not quite as cheap as is often thought, so I opted for this inkjet instead.

So far, this has proved to be a good choice. Good features:-

(1) Well specified. This machine really does have it all - decent scanner, decent printer, copying facility, fax facility, duplex printing, colour, automatic document feeder (30 sheets), good size paper tray (250 sheets), alternative media (e.g. ID cards) tray (1 sheet). All is present, and all works well.

(2) Good print quality. I was pleasantly surprised when I printed my first page of black text at how crisp it was, without any form of blurring, artefacts, smudges or similar things that used to be synonymous with inkjet printers. Instead, it was almost indistinguishable from laser printer output, even on standard quality. Colour printing is also good, though the colours are perhaps slightly washed out when photocopying.

(3) Decent speed. Not the fastest machine around, perhaps, but churns out prints and copies at standard quality (i.e. not just draft mode) at a very respectable speed.

(4) Cheap running costs. This was one of the selling points to me: even using Epson original inks, this works out at something like 2p per page at 5% (ISO standard) coverage. That is much cheaper than comparable machines (e.g. the Canon Pixma) range, and is simply because this takes much larger capacity cartridges (XL size gives around 1000 pages per cartridge). Even better, there are perfectly good compatible cartridges around: a decent black XL cartridge with 1000-page capacity can be had from a number of places for as little as £6.95, giving a cost per page of £0.007! Colour cartridges come in similar sizes and prices, meaning that you'll never need to be pay more than 1p per sheet, B&W or colour. Laser printers at this price point are 4-5 times more expensive than this for replacement black toner, and even more for colour.

Bad Features:-

(1) Scan to PC is notoriously unreliable. There are quite a lot of ways of getting the scanner output to your machine: you can scan to external media such as a Flash drive which can be accessed wirelessly as a network drive, you can scan and send documents to a cloud service such as Google drive, and these work absolutely fine. You can also trigger the scan from the PC using the Epson scan software, in which case you can have it sent wirelessly directly to the PC as well. The only thing that generally doesn't work is choosing to scan to the PC using the menu on the machine. I have three machines on the same network, with exactly the same software/drive installation, exactly the same configuration in terms of network sharing and firewall settings, but using this last method only one of them is visible to the scanner, and this appears to randomly come and go. The other two are clearly able to communicate with the scanner because sending it instructions from the PC for printing/scanning etc. works fine; it's purely triggering it from the scanner the fails. This is a widely reported problem which looks like some sort of unknown compatibility or application problem. For most users, this won't matter at all; typically you would either trigger a scan from the PC (where you have more settings available anyway), or you would trigger it from the scanner and send it to a flash drive or cloud service. I have deducted one star for this, however, because it is clearly some sort of problem at Epson's end which they don't seem too bothered about. It wouldn't stop me buying the machine again, however.

All-in-all, a cost-effective solution for almost any printing/scanning/copying situation.
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on 1 December 2013
I was looking for an all-in-one printer for quite some time and since I've been hearing a thing or two that goes wrong about every manufacturerr there is I went for the best selling items on amazon and I must say that the customers were right.
The printer arrived very very fast although I live in Slovenia the package arrived in 4 days. The packaging was good anf the printer was intact and I immediately went to work and put the printer to work.
The installation couldn't be any simpler. Just plug it in add the printer on your computer, choose the model in the installation screen and it is done. I didn't even use the cd that came with the printer.
Now the facts:
- paper tray is very good and solid, reminds me of much larger copy machines that you find in big firms
- the copier is very good, although it takes couple of seconds to copy the A4 page it is very well made and quality is also good
- I printed around 100 pages of power point presentation in color, black and white and in gray scales and it did that on auto duplex with no problem and it took about 5 minutes to do it.
- connection with wi-fi is easy and user interface on the printer is easy to understand and to use. There are a lot of options that you can choose from and a lot of things to modify on the printer and are too many to write them all

I admit there are still a lot of things that a printer can do and I didn't try them yet but until now I can say that the printer certainly met all my expectations.
I will post some update on the printer when I try to use remanufactured ink cartridges and see how that will work but until then thumbs up for a solid desing and nice quality print.
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on 29 December 2014
After losing patience with my lousy HP all-in-one, and suffering very high ink prices, I decided to switch to Epson - and what a good decision. I wanted a printer that could scan from a document feeder (and this one even does double sided), has Wifi, and fax (very occasionally useful!)

I've been using this for five months so this review isn't just first impressions - and I'm very pleased. Double-sided printing is good quality (including borderless photo quality on glossy paper). Replacement after-market inks are very cheap and work as well as the originals, making it very cheap to run. The Epson Connect cloud services allow you to print over the internet, or even just email a document to the printer - really useful when you need a quick print without installing the printer first.

Scanning is a dream - including double-sided - and it handles my expense claims complete with receipts stuck onto sheets of A4 without jamming as they go through the document feeder. Best of all is the ability to scan to email/Dropbox/Evernote. This is so much simpler than trying to scan to a PC.

The only negative is the software on the PC could be better. It's a bit of a fiddle to install initially and is too complicated to use - but most of the time you don't need to use it.
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on 14 April 2014
Having made the mistake of buying the WF 2530 which was a complete dud I was hesitant to buy another Epson. But I was encouraged by friends and family to give Epson another go so knowing that Amazon have a good returns policy I bit the bullet and ordered this WF3520 and have not regretted it at all.
We have at least nine different devices in our home that have the capability of Wifi printing (laptops, tablets, smart phones, ipad and iphone) all with different operating systems, Windows 8 &7, Vista, ANdroid and Apple which I believe was the problem I had with the previous printer. However, I have managed to link up all the Microsoft computers and the ipad so far. I have not had the chance to find the right app to download for the smart phones but they are low down the list of necessities at the moment.
As I word of caution I would advise people NOT to use the CD that comes with the printer and to go straight to the Epson website to get the right driver. By going online the website automatically recognizes your operating system and therefore gives you a list of the downloads you need. To begin with I downloaded all NINE of the software they offered you and got the main Laptop working (took about one and half hours) however when I was linking up the other laptops I only downloaded the download called 'network software and driver package' which speed-ed up the process and seems to work perfectly well.
The printer itself is a little big for a family setting but I can live with it especially as there is a front loading tray for the paper which reduces the need to have rear access (except if you get a paper jam).
All in all I like this printer a lot and would recommend it. It looses one star because the instructions are dreadful, even on the website, but with a little perseverance you will find it works very well.
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on 3 August 2014
It scans both sides of paper, it prints on both sides of paper, it's wireless, works with ipad, android, and mac, small and compact, shoot paper out like a mad toaster, you can email the printer, google cloud print, (good for on the road reps). All round a great printer. I have reduced it by one star for the following reasons, the multi feed scanner at the top, it says 30 pages, that's if they were flat, and direct out of a brand new ream of paper, as we all know we scan letters which have folds reducing this to between 5-10 pages, the paper holder for the paper in the scanner area, will hold the paper in place, but don't count on spirit level strains scanning.

My second reason for docking a star is I have a imac,ipad which both do not have cd-rooms,it's 2014 not 1999 so I would love for epson to explain how I can install the bundled software off the cd to my mac, also had to pay a visit to the epson website to get the drivers. Plus if you just hit scan on the printer to pc, and gave a mac, good look. However the ipad app, you can Scan directly to your ipad using the app. But know mention of this in the instructions, overall, fantastic printer, but epson need to come into the 2014's and make there installation human, and non computer person friendly.
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on 11 August 2013
I purchased my printer in January 2013, it's now August 2013 and I would have given this a 5* review until recently. However, I noticed the black ink was looking a bit pale, so I changed the cartridge, and still no black printing. I did the whole nozzle check, clean etc but the black just wouldn't print.

I am assuming this is a print head issue, but to have this after 7 months in unacceptable. I contacted Amazon, who were (eventually) helpful in sending out a replacement, however, they first asked me to contact Epson and ask them to repair it, then call back if they said they didn't think it worthwhile. I stated this is exactly what would happen and to send me a new machine, which they did and I also had a freepost return label, so all good there.

The machine itself had always been really reliable, no issues with scanning or delayed printing that others have mentioned, so this may be a network or router (interference?) issue rather than a printer fault.

The duplex is so useful and the large black cartridge seems to last forever! As a full time student, I print a lot of stuff and the large cartridge lasted months. Just remember to change the setting to greyscale when you print and the colour cartridges last ages too.

Just such a shame about the printhead (if that is what it was of course)- only had this new machine a coupe of weeks, so hoping it's not a design fault across the board.
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on 3 July 2015
I haven't had it long but all good so far. I found it very easy to set up: I gave it to my husband and he did it all! (Actually, he found it pretty straight forward too, he tells me). But when he'd finished, I turned my computer on, went to devices and printers, and there it was already waiting for me to use. Hadn't had to do a thing! Very impressed. All the functions seem intuitive and I haven't had to consult the manual or my husband once yet to get it to do something I wanted. So far I've printed (both single and double sided), copied and scanned. All worked wonderfully first time with no problems. I particularly like the paper feed at the top because if I'm scanning a stack of papers I don't have to feed them in one by one.
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on 26 September 2013
I'm absolutely in love with this printer! It's fast, does everything I need (and more) and the print quality is great - the scan quality, even better!!

The wifi was really easy to set up with my mac and ipad, the controls are very easy to use and the ink was easy to install! The only issue I had was figuring out where to put the paper! (Sounds silly, I know!)

Very pleased with this product!

UPDATE: I've changed my review from 5 stars to two. When I first received this product I thought it was wonderful, but unfortunately Epson employ planned obsolesence (where a product is designed to break after a certain amount of time) and this is what's happened to mine. The mechanism by which this printer ejects ink quickly wears out, and it's a part that's not replaceable. I've found it to wear out much quicker than other brands and because of this I can no longer reccomend this product. :(
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on 1 January 2015
It only gets very light use, but works every time.

The inks are about the same cost as any other printer. You can get XL ones that have double capacity.

It'll print both sides. It has a feed system for scanning multiple documents automatically. It also has a flatbed scanner so you can do passports etc.

The best feature is wifi printing. You set the printer up to connect to your wifi. Then you can print from any computer that's on the same wifi. Amazing
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on 2 June 2014
I am really pleased with my workforce 4-1 printer.
It does everything it is supposed to and I had no trouble setting it up.
The ink lasts a long time and the printing is crisp. You can even email to the printer which I found highly amusing.
The only thing I can't get working is printing from iPhone but once I get time to fiddle about then it should work with no problems.
I would recommend that this be bought if you keep coming back to it like I did when I was looking for a new printer.
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