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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 February 2014
I am delighted with my new printer. It looks smart, glossy ans is quite slim so fits on my keyboard shelf (never used as I keep my keyboard on my desk). Only one thing to warn buyers about: you will need a printer to USB cable for the installation even if you mean to connect your printer through your WiFi but I'm sure most people will be able to use the USB lead from their old printer. Installation went well although I got a little worried when it couldn't detect my WiFi (especially as it sits a couple of inches from the router!). I rebooted my PC and it all appeared! no problem connecting after that. I only had to remove the USB lead. Printed a picture to test colour quality and it was surprisingly good even with a single colour ink cartridge. I've always like HP printers as you cannot see the paper. It's all inside the printer and the door to the paper tray opens and closes automatically. I haven't yet explored all its capabilities as I don't want to use up all my ink just for the fun of it. I have kept my old Epson as I still have some ink cartridges for it and will only use the HP for photos for the time being. A great printer at a very good price!
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on 4 January 2014
Owning the printer for 2 months. Overall I would say excellent printer if you use it once twice a day for 5-10 pages. Very practical, advanced features(wireless printing AirPrint+ latest Android), mail to print feature, prints from standby and goes back to sleep after printed paper removed, may be the best color screen I have seen on printers, USB charging, intuitive and nicely looking device for home use. Recommend it 100% as home printer, would however look elsewhere for small office setup.
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on 17 August 2014
Been a Canon user for the last 4 years.Bit hard work and noisy but good looking with matching results.On changing to brand new, latest ,most expensive Canon I returned after 2 days.Poor quality and faults that I thought my last one had only developed through age. Looking at the Apple web site saw HP ENVY 120e being a good fit for my Mac.I went ahead hoping it would be as good as it appeared.I have to say this has to be the finest printer ever! It does exactly what it promises-Sleek,Smooth and with a spec.unheard of a few years ago at this price. Forget any negative reviews ,if you want a State-Of-The Art printer that is a pleasure to use BUY IT! The only problem is you will keep looking for things to print it's that good!
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on 29 December 2013
This is beautifully designed and assembled. All materials feel premium and build quality feels rock-solid from the see through glass top on the scanner to the piano-black gloss finish to the glass display panel on the front through to the textured sides.

Some lovely design touches include the motorised glass display panel on the front which lifts up of its own accord when powered on to reveal the hidden motorised paper-loading tray that extends automatically alongside the paper out tray which appears as if by magic when needed.

The print quality is not on par with the very best printers but only an expert would really tell the difference, what you are paying for here is style and 'envy' of your guest when they pop round and inevitably coo over that beautiful black slab sitting on your desk. You might even want to place this in your entertainment unit beneath your TV and it prints wirelessly so does not need to be connected directly to your laptop (or anything else) at any time - the only trouble you'd have in such a narrow space would be using the scanner as this is obviously op-loading - paper in and out for the printer are handled through the hidden insides at the front of the machine so no space worries there.

The glass panel hides a full colour touch-screen display that is clear and bright when in use and the interface is clean and simple.

Cartridge loading is a breeze as is setup thanks to the video tutorials supplied via that colour screen.

-1 star as the print quality isn't truly top notch but it is very, very good indeed and you'd really need to know what you're doing to tell the difference so don't let this put you off.

Mine needed turning of and on again after it asked me to install the cartridges during set-up to actually register the cartridges were present - this might be helpful to you to avoid 10 minutes on confusion as I experienced. Other than that the whole process was a breeze.

Unlike my other reviews here, I did not buy this product from Amazon but felt the need to write a review anyway because of how happy I was with the Envy120.

Even the packaging is premium and hassle free.

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on 28 October 2013
I bought the HP ENVY 120 against my better judgement as I have been a CANON fan for years. However the CANON printers just seemed so big and chunky. I saw the HP printer in John Lewis and it looked so well designed, sleek, slim and black. Couldn't get it out of my mind and eventually bought it from Amazon. Arrived in 2 days and took less than 15 mins to set up. I have printed and scanned with it and cannot fault it. I am sure the tri-colour catridge will drive me mad but as a piece of high tech it does look good. Haven't found a fault yet, so quite happy.
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on 6 January 2014
This is a good printer and I would recommend it.
One point that is not clear in other reviews or in the description is that, due to all the fancy functions that automatically open paper trays and flip up control consoles, this printer needs room to grow whilst it works. This is not a printer for a small area and although you will be able to fit it in tightly in your workarea at the rear, left and right of the printer, the front will need at least a 12 inch space in front of it, otherwise it will detect an obstacle in front of it and refuse to work. Move the obstacle and it works fine. Just be aware. Other than this requirement which is not clear elsewhere, this is a fine printer.
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on 24 November 2013
I consider myself to be fairly tech-savvy. I was attracted to this printer because it is a multi-function, very small, has a fantastic build quality and looks amazing. The printer seemed very easy to set up, although, my iMac doesn't have a DVD drive, so I had to download the software - no big hassle. The problem came when I tried to scan. What they don't tell you is that you need to download the HP printer drivers from the Apple Support website first and then install the software. I would actually recommend installing from the HP website as it will be the most up-to-date version. Once I had enabled printer sharing and installed the software, I was up and running. The print quality is excellent, scanning seems good too, the scanner is upside down, which takes a while to get used to, but is a brilliant thing because, at last, you can see that you're getting all of the scan that you want. Took a little while to work out how to get it to scan in B&W only, but now all is fine. I can also easily print from my iPad and iPhone, very handy actually. Recommended buy.
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on 8 September 2013
Looks really good. The paper tray is hidden inside. The front panel opens up to let paper out when you print (and swings out a little arm to hold it) and closes again when you take the paper. If you don't scan often then it's perfect to go in a deepish shelf, a doorless cabinet, on or under a tv unit...

Do not install the supplied HP software. Just connect it to wireless using the excellent front panel, then add the printer on your computer. Your pc or mac already has all the drivers you need..

Thank god there's an alternative to all these enormous things other manufacturers are making. I guess they fit fine in their managements' huge Californian mansions, but this is for the rest of us.

**update** this works really well with my android phone (nexus 5), I didn't have to do anything to connect the printer, I just hit 'print' on a photo and it found the printer and sent it! Amazing! I'm told you can do the same from an iphone, but I haven't actually tried.

**update2** two years on and not a single problem. You can get them for £100 now - highly recommended
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on 15 December 2013
At last I can print from my ipad, iphone, laptop and desktop from anywhere in the home! Would recommend this printer
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on 30 June 2014
This is the first printer I have ever bought that looks as though someone has really thought about the design. It looks great and it works beautifully. It couldn't be easier to put the ink cartridges in (no more fiddling around in badly designed spaces), the front panel is just superb (no more trying to work out obscure codes). The scanning function is particularly impressive (innovative design).This isn't the cheapest printer you can buy, but the price is excellent for the quality you get. Take my advice: spend the extra and get away at last from the cheap plastic rubbish that is the norm for home printers, even some quite expensive ones.
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