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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First things first, the most important bit, what you'd buy them for - the sound quality. No complaints here. I've been using them hooked up to my TV for PS3 games and watching films, and they pack a punch. Clear mid and high tones, with clean, powerful, tight bass - adjustable so you're not overwhelmed, but with the capability to really get rumbling.

Overall, build quality is decent - they're big, heavy, and feel well made. The size of the box which arrived was surprising!

One gripe is that the plug to connect the satellite units to the sub (a PS/2-style connector) doesn't seem to fit very positively - it works fine, but has fallen out a couple of times when just briefly nudged.

The most annoying thing, though, is an odd high-pitched, intermittent whine from the power supply when the unit is switched off. It seems to make the sound briefly every second or so. It's not loud enough to be seriously annoying in a living room, say, but I used these with the bedroom TV, and the sound at night was annoying - I got into the habit of unplugging the power cord when done with them.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was a total HiFi geek when I was a teenager, able to quote technical specifications and performance data on request, thankfully I grew up a bit and starting listening to the music and not the HiFi but the audiophile nerdiness is still there just under the surface. These speakers from Klipsch brought a lot of that back - partly because I knew their name of old, they've been making quality speakers forever, and partly because the styling of these Pro Media 2.1 Speakers is admittedly a bit retro - but thankfully so is the quality. All the speaker units are solidly made and well-finished, although there's nothing very exceptional about them. They're all larger and more substantial than they might appear in the photo's - certainly a significant step up from your average computer speaker set. There's a very retro mess of spaghetti cabling round the back too - the amplifier is housed in the sub-woofer so it gets connected to mains power, then a cable runs to the control pod (underneath one of the satellite speakers) and then the main audio cable runs from that control pod to your audio source, for example the TV or computer. Finally each speaker gets separately wired into the sub-woofer - note the the speaker cables are no more than 2m long and are hard-wired into the speakers with bare-wire clip-connectors at the back of the sub-woofer.

The control pod is fixed to the underside of one of the speakers - I can't see any way to unclip the control pod, even though the photo shows this, but you should be able to wire this speaker up as either the left or right satellite to make the controls accessible in any set-up. There's just a single rotary control to switch on and to adjust the volume and this is slightly frustrating - it doesn't even take a full 360° turn to go from silent to full-volume and so it's very easy to turn the volume up too far when you first switch on. So then the first time your computer makes an error sound or you press Play you're blowing your ears off - these speakers are loud, very loud! The other rotary control is for the sub-woofer level and this is nicely configured to let you fine-tune the sound between a rich bass fullness or window-rattling thunder-claps. On the side of the control pod are two mini-jack connectors, one for headphones and one offering an additional audio input and this second input gets mixed into the signal from the main audio input.

So enough about the boxes, how do they actually sound? Fantastic! As soon as you switch them on you know you're dealing with a company that knows what they're doing and they have a really powerful yet detailed sound. Some sub-woofer/satellite combo's have a terribly matched sound - often you get fizzy hollow-sounding top end from the satellites with vague amorphous thumping from the sub-woofer and nothing in-between. There's no missing middle with this Klipsch combo, you get everything and it's all good with sounds like acoustic guitars and piano particularly well rendered and, unlike so many speakers, the sound seems to get better the more detailed and demanding the music gets. Bass-heavy dance or electronic music is handled well but they really sing with more varied sounds, the detailing is excellent. Inevitably for a system with a subwoofer the bass is very prominent, but it's accurate and appropriate to the overall sound. These have to be the best-matched satellite/sub-woofer set I've heard, certainly the best I've ever owned. I originally intended trying them with our TV too but so far haven't been able to drag them away from my Mac and iTunes - they make listening to your music a new pleasure all over again. The styling of these speakers might make them look a bit retro and tired but they certainly don't sound it! I have some issues with the controls, a separate on/off switch would be much appreciated, but I'm loving how they sound - highly recommended.
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on 28 February 2014
OK where to start. Let start Amazon's service, ordered it Thursday morning, received it Friday.

Now on to the Fun stuff, system is a doodle to set up - plug and play more than lives up to its name. Sound is smooth and silky, works well with just about every music type. Bass can be a tad on the heavy side if turned up - so I've kept my settings below the recommended optimal levels as I'm no bass druggy. I would suggest removing the covers as I'm surprised as to the difference in mid-range sound with the attached. I'm sure there are better systems out there but none will touch this for the £140.00 I paid.
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on 22 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Out of the box you get one (very solid and well built) woofer, 2 satellite speakers and the cables required to connect to an external source. There are, of course, also some wee foamy pads to put on the base of the unit.

First impressions good; it's well made, which is a good start as, though not expensive, they are also not desperately cheap.

Set up is easy; connect the satellite speakers to the rear of the unit, plug the input cable to the rear of the unit and the 3.5mm phono end to your source. Being a headphone jack, you can plug it into most devices, whether that is an mp3 player, mobile 'phone or a computer. It does specify, however, that you use the line out on your computer, as you may experience distorted sound, otherwise. Anyway, one this is all set up, check you're happy with the placement of your speakers and plug into the mains, switching on yout speakers from the right satellite.

So, all of the above is nice, but the ultimate test is how it sounds. I must say, I am impressed. They have a nice depth to the sound, with plenty of bass which (is adjustable) really doesn't drown out any of the finer detail in the sound. I've used it for a number of different albums, encompassing drone-y metal, electronica, rock music, classical, jazz and hip-hop. None of these have suffered, to my ear at least. It's a powerful set of speakers too, which is nice if you'd like a bit of distortion free volume. I really do recommend these.

One other thing - they do appear to be aimed at the computer market. The sound quality is certainly far superior to that which I get from my current Creative 5.1 speakers, though it doesn't have the surround sound, which is nice for many of the games I play. This does tear things a little, but that's really a personal taste thing. For a set of 2.1 speakers at this price, you really can't go wrong. Highly recommended.
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on 9 November 2013
I needed new desktop computer speakers for the purpose of listening music, making music, watching movies and playing games, in that particular order.

All around speakers is hard to find, especially if you are listening music good deal of time and not so much into games. Klipsche was not my first choice as they are in upper price range. I used Creative before, but after reading all reviews and impressions I give them a go, and I didn't regret ever since.

These speakers are running for last 2 months and my impressions are very good. These are not cheap speakers but looking at Logitech and Creative these days, they deliver excellent sound quality for the price you get. For comparison I had Creative Inspire 2.1 2400 and M-Audio BX5a on same table and I did some sound tests to see how different they actually are.

Excellent packaging produced quite big sub woofer and two satellites. They are a bit bigger than they were on images. Good material quality and they are meant for positioning them on your table next to monitor, but there are also options to set them on a wall as well. I appreciate additional input on side of one of the satellites for external sound source.

As for a sound tests I went with Seal (Seal II), Alicia Keys (Songs in A minor), Beatles (Love), Hotei Tomoyasu (Kill Bill), AC/DC (Stiff Upper Lip), Dream Theater (Scenes from a memory) and at the end of the day all I can say these speakers are brilliant. They are marketed as PC speakers but they are nothing of a sort. What you will actually get are 200Watt of excellence. Very detailed sound, excellent positioning and very well balanced high/middle and sub woofer range. You can tweak sub woofer level, but for listening music setting up sub at 10 0'clock (as proposed by manufacturer) there is so little overlapping, that every listening, no matter what genre it was, gave me new experience and drew me to listen all my albums all over again.

Games and TV? For them I set sub on 2 0'clock and was amazed. These speakers are powerful, no question about it, and there is no distortion at high levels, but they do shook the ground underneath me so well that I just had to see Band of Brothers all over again, just to witness those D-Day explosions again.

Looking back, would I do purchase again? Without a doubt I would, and recommend them to anyone that appreciate quality sound.
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on 6 March 2014
I just exchanged the Corsair SP2500's for the Klipsch Pro Media's (Thanks Amazon for your help!) and it's fair to say I should have gone with these from the start.

I watch lots of TV shows on my laptop and films as well as listening to lots of Score/OST's and this thing hits all the sounds perfectly. I'm hearing now some sounds which I never heard with the Logitech X530's I had or with my brief stint of the Corsair SP2500's.


* Sub Size..Its essentially a 25x25x25cm box and IMO has better performance of the 46CM wide Corsair SP 2500's!.
* Cable Management: The stands the speakers on allow for some cable management use which is great
* Can take the grills off the speakers - If thats your thing :)


* Subwoofer dial is a little stiff and the volume dial is flexible but I guess the latter isn't a bad point?

Closing Thoughts

This model is over 10 years old...AnnandTech have a review on this from 2001..The reason why it's still selling is because it is THAT GOOD especially for your PC. I would have liked an optical connection at the back so I could have connected my Ps4's up to these but thats pushing it. For the money, you won't find better.
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These are solid speakers that will readily provide crisp sound in the room where the computer they are attached to sits.

Overall, the subwoofer is slightly smaller than other similar speakers, and the two satellite speakers are slightly larger.

Controls are simple: one of the satellites has a power LED and two rotating knobs for subwoofer emphasis and main volume. Use the subwoofer control sparingly, because it will rapidly provide a greater than desired overemphasis in the bass range. The rest of tweaks to sound will come from your particular audio software.

These speakers provide the detail I expect for familiar music; therefore I believe they are providing good clarity for appreciating new content.

These are reasonably priced and deliver decent sound without surprises.
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on 7 February 2015
Perfect for now, absolutely no crackling (except on songs that have cracklings integrated ofc, be aware of that to not scare yourself like I did :p). I'll update my post if anything's changed in the meantime!

(+) Sound quality
(+) Not that bulky
(+) Not that expensive! (200)
(+) Sober style, not anything fancy nor cheap-looking
(+) Delivered in very well protected packages

(-) IF you have a cable plugged in the AUX output on the controlling-volume speaker, it WILL make a constant buzzy noise which will increase if you increase the speakers volume. Therefore, I just plug in when needed, as you can't hear the sound when playing music (or barely, but when idle, it can drive you crazy :p)
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on 21 January 2014
These speakers are just incredible! The highs are clear and crisp, the mids deep and detailed and as for the sub, its extremely powerful and full of bass! Surprising considering it's size. Admittedly it does distort a little and become "boomy" when its at very high volume, but when i say high, you won't be able to hear yourself think let alone speak! I have tested the Corsair SP2500 which yes do have a hell of a lot of bass and are well worth considering, but in my opinion these look better and for what it lacks at super high volume, it makes up for in a clean music playback! You can't complain for the price! Well worth the money!
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on 19 December 2014
Knocks the socks off my previous favourite, Boston Acoustics BA7500 which were I thought were unbeatable. These are loud, crisp, engaging and detailed, really fab and very happy with the choice. The sub-woofer can shake the floor and all in all I doubt their is a beter package out there for the price. Only constructive feedback is that its almost too loud at low volumes.
I use a Turtle Beach USB external DAC which I would recommend on speakers of this quality.
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