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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
The Slider 40th Anniversary Boxset
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£262.59+ £1.26 shipping

VINE VOICEon 4 January 2014
This is a review of the remastered (2CD, 1 DVD) Japan release. No matter how much of a fan I am, and I consider myself to be a very big fan, I really could not justify taking out a second mortgage to purchase the large and costly box set containing all formats of this superb work.

The Slider is a very wonderful album and in my opinion it is probably Bolan's best. I don't intend to review the music here as others have achieved this successfully elsewhere on Amazon. I would however comment that I believe The Slider to contain the most gorgeous melodies, the dirtiest power chords and the greatest surrealist lyric imagery ever put to vinyl. Bolan once made claim to be the Salvador Dali of rock and roll. His fantastical lyrics do attest to this "I have never nailed a nose before, that's how the garden grows" indeed Marc! (Bolan moved on to couplets about cleaning out toes and licking uncooked meat for his next opus but that's another magical experience altogether!)

This set from Japan consists of two CD's a DVD, 3 postcards and a 48 page hard backed book. It is in essence all I wanted from the original box set so I am more than happy with the contents. The book is square and around the size of a 7 inch single. There are envelopes within its inner pages which house the 3 discs, which are themselves in individual replica sleeves, and the postcards. The cover of the book is the front and reverse of the original album (the head and shoulders, slightly out of focus, monochrome shot of Marc wearing a top hat as enduringly iconic as the lightening streaked image of Bowie is on Aladdin Sane) and the pages contain commentary by Tony Visconti and an essay by Bolan expert Mark Paytress alongside era contemporary photographs, reviews and memorabilia. Most Bolan heads will have all the extras on the discs already but there's a lovely clear acoustic version of the slider included from Visconti's own archives previously unheard and quite marvelous.

The lengthy interview conducted with Visconti is really excellent. Massively insightful into Bolan's working processes but also touching and truthful in character analysis of Marc, June Bolan, Mickey, Steve and Bill. The interview genuinely surpassed my expectations with loads of new information for seasoned Bolan followers.

It has to be said that even at under half the price of the all encompassing box set this is still a costly package. The contents are worth the money though and, for me, it is the only affordable way to obtain a copy of the superb Visconti remaster.

On the strength of this remaster I'm very much looking forward to the Tanx reissue promised for 2014. Tanx, in my opinion, being Bolan's last truly great work. Sure, there are tracks from all his subsequent releases which I consider essential for any credible Bolan playlist but, and it's a big but, increasing reliance upon Gloria's warblings and Marc's cod Hendrix multi layered guitar histrionics did little for me I'm afraid.

`Dandy in the underworld' could have been a shining return to form were it not for the Bontempi style seaside organ synths which horribly dominate and now date the majority of the songs. Interestingly, in lyric and in tune, Dandy is a close relative of the Slider and I do wonder how it might have sounded if performed by the classic 1972 T.Rex line up with Visconti at the producers helm.

Whatever format or package you decide upon make sure that you have The Slider in your collection for it is easily one of the best albums of the 70's. A decade in which Bolan alongside Bowie, Lou, Iggy and (early) Roxy Music produced the most creative, exciting and influential music these ears have ever been fortunate enough to hear.
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on 16 January 2013
I bought this inspite of the price,It is very well produced and has things for old and new fans.They should make a cheaper version as Marc always wanted to give his fans value for money and may have thought this was a bit of a rip off.The music stands for it self and has stood the test of time,still sounding fresh and relevant even though it is over 40 years old.If you want it and can afford it get it only 2000 made and in the future these will go on e.bay for a fortune so maybe an investment for the future.
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on 16 June 2014
T.Rex were the first band I ever got into when I heard Metal Guru on it's release in 1972. I was already a music fan but didn't have "my own sound" until I heard that song. The slider was my first album buy & I still have the original copy today (along with a couple of vinyl reissues & 2 cd's).

This box set marks the 40th anniversary of The Slider's release & is one of the best box sets I've ever seen. An exact copy of the origin al album, and both singles from the album, Telegram Sam & Metal Guru. A further 7" vinyl with odds n sods connected to the album as well. A cd of The Slider plus b sides & a documentary with Tony Visconti. If you're a T.Rex fan & a little put off by the price don't be. You'll be proud to have it in your collection.
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on 5 February 2015
I just bought my copy of eBay, suddenly a glut of them appeared, I paid £45 for my copy, which included postage, then I found out Demon\Edsel had been clearing them out at £19.99 plus postage, now sold out. Needless to say I was angry paying £45 but anyone who paid £120+ must be furious. Anyway getting to the product, I love it all, from the silly sticker to the revamped Album. This was my 3rd favourite T.REX album, behind Electric Warrior and Tanx. The book which accompanies it, is well structured, lots of photos, columns of the period, but I hate the way Paytress rewrites his bit. Anyway I now have it, I will now add it to my collection, but I must stop buying Bolan re issues as I have all the Originals, plus reissues on vinyl & c.d.'s etc
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on 28 January 2013
One of my all time favourite albums, bought on the day of release in '72. After the "Electric Warrior: 40th Anniversary Box" I was really looking forward top this.
The £120 price tag made me sit and think very carefully about whether it could be worth it.
Alas I should have listened to the doubters. The Tony Visconti interview with Mark "probably made more money than Bolan has from T.Rex"Paytress looks like a media studies assignment gone wrong and what happened to quality control, can't even spell "Ricochet" right on the vinyl album inner sleeve.
Remember this is a review of the product not the album. The remasters and vinyl's would have been excellent value if priced at a similar rate as the aforementioned "Electric Warrior: 40th Anniversary Box", hope they make a better job on "Tanx" or this will be last nostalgia purchase based on the music alone.
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on 3 December 2012
A beautifully presented re-mix and re-master of the Slider album with associated video footage, interviews and pictures. However Tony Visconti has taken the trouble to re-mix and re-master the whole album but it is only available in stereo not in 5.1 as in his excellent re-mix of Electric Warrior. I feel that this is a lost opportunity to further appreciate the timeless qualities of Marc Bolan's music.

Even so the 2012 Slider is the best version yet! Are there any plans to re-mix / re-master the remaining T.Rex Hot Wax recordings?
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on 30 November 2012
Who'd have thought back in 1972 that The Slider would be released in this quite exceptional box set? I owned the album on vinyl then various CD's but this re-mastered version is the best of all. The additional tracks and DVD performances may not be new to dedicated fans but I have to highlight Buick Mackane 2 (previously released as Buick Mackane & The Babe Shadow). It's an amazing slice of Bolan Boogie which is as good as any song on the album. However, it sounds even more amazing on this release.

I love the book which is identical to the LP cover in format and size. In addition to the text if features numerous reproduction articles, adverts etc from 1972. Priceless memories for Bolan fans. The LP is exceptional quality featuring heavy grade vinyl and the three singles are great collector's items. There are loads of other collectables in the box which are listed on various websites but they also include a Slider bag and a couple of frameable photos.

I thought the Electric Warrior box set was superb but this beats it hands down. Now, how about a 40th Anniversary version of TANX for 2013?
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on 17 December 2015
Massive rip off. Marc must be turning in his grave. Why is this so stupidly expensive? Great album but just stick with the CD or the one with the alternate 'Slider' included.
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on 1 June 2015
Excellent item. Not much new in the way of music or footage. The Visconti interview is highly entertaining. Fantastic packaging too.
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on 28 June 2013
I was tossing up whether I needed another Slider dust collector and finally gave in. So glad I did. It is nicely packaged and full of cool stuff. For overseas buyers, like me, rest assured that this item is packed very well for delivery with no risk of damage, thank you Amazon UK
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