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on 15 March 2013
I have used Bullguard for a number of years. Never suffered any impact from virus's or malware - regular scanning ensures things are working very well - parental control is good and easy to use - backup cycles are also easy to set up and use.
The only thing to be aware of is renewing the annula license. As the time approaches, Bullguiard will remind you and start offering discount to update on line. IT IS MUCH CHEAPER TO REPURCHASE THE SOFTWARE - and updating the license info with new product is a breeze
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I've been using Bullguard for a good few years now after discovering that Norton was slowing my PC down big time and you try ridding your PC of it! It doesn't want to go! Then along came Bullguard.

How I found out about it was that my PC got a bad Malware attack and could not get rid of it. A friend suggested Bullguard. I installed it and within no time it got rid of it! I've used it ever since. This new version is the best yet without doubt especially with the new gaming mode if you're into online gaming and the parental controls are brilliant. It has everything such as Antivirus of course, Spam filter for email protection a totally adjustable firewall, backup facility, brilliant 24/7 online support icluding the forums and this all covers upto three computers from your address!

One of my favourite aspects of this is the parental control. It's brilliant. You can set everything up like what time you want your child to have access to the internet, what content such as Sexual, racial, alcohol, gambling, peer to peer, social media etc. You can control all this and it's password protected. If you feel the need to set this up bullguard also keeps a log of your childs website visits and if they've tried to visit banned sites or if they've tried to guess your security password! Times, dates the lot! It may seem a bit extreme but in todays world it may be required. I've stopped my 14 year old lad from accessing certain sites he was visiting and it's on a timer too so during the school week it just. . .turns off! This is all dead easy to set up too. The new user interface is brilliant and really easy to use. I also like that it pre-checks the sites that are listed in a google search. If they're safe a green tick appears next to them even before you've clicked on it.

This is the cheapest I've seen it for here on Amazon. The same product will cost you £40 plus on the Bullguard website! So this is a bargain. Forget about all this free internet security you can pick up across the net. With the increase in shopping online and internet banking you've just got to have a proper security package. This is a one year license for upto three PC's and the user interface has a countdown timer so you know exactly how many days you have left before you have to renew your subscription. Bullguard is the business for me and many of my friends and family.

Update 17/7/13. . .

Just bought another one of these for my new notebook which was pre-loaded with the dreaded Norton which I uninstalled asap. It took literally 3mins to enter the product key and be up and running.

The last one is still protecting 3 computers brilliantly and stopping everything in it's tracks!

First class security in my opinion folks.
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on 23 December 2012
Appears very good although I have used Norton and AVG and had no problems with either.
My only gripe is that all the companies try to rip off their customers with on line upgrades. Bullguard for example wanted nearly £50 ( Norton and AVg no different and both cheaper via Amazon). When it was nearly time to expire, they reduced this to around £30 and once expired, to around £25

Amazon on the other hand did not play games and provided a boxed version with a real disc and postage for £19.5. The above manufacturers should take note and reward customer loyalty. Had this cheaper option not been available, I would have changed brand out of principle.
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on 24 February 2013
As owner of a small business providing IT Support, we need to keep on top of the "best" anti virus products. As Bullguard topped Which's review 2013, we tried it out (we usually use and recommend G Data Internet Security).

We uninstalled G Data, and installed this version of Bullguard, to test on the same PC that has been working for a few months with no issues.

Compared to G Data, we had the following gripes:
- Firewall turned itself "on" by default. This isn't a problem, but Which highlighted that the Bullguard firewall was turned "off" by default. Either Which got it wrong, or Bullguard have changed their product.
- Nothing but trouble with Windows Live Mail, with both sending and receiving mail since Bullguard installed. Frequent server timeouts. Was never a problem with G Data. Have had to resort to turning the incoming and outgoing email scanning off with Bullguard so is actually LESS secure than with G Data. Sending and receiving works fine with Bullguard turned off.
- Causes network printer to work sporadically. Suspect this is due to Bullguard's firewall. Reinstalling the printer software did not fix the problem (and it was absolutely fine with G Data).
- Confusing firewall messages popping up frequently (in contrast to what Bullguard's marketing tells you!) which do nothing other than confuse the user.

In short - probably OK at stopping viruses, but too many "issues" to recommend. Still prefer G Data.
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on 15 January 2013
If you have had Bullguard installed before it one hell of a job trying to get your computer to give you the "key security" space to put the number from the Bullguard disc. It appears to only give you 2 options and neither of them are the ones you want, I contacted Bullguard" via their system but it was difficult trying to explain the fault via a written conversation. In the end after much playing about I managed to load the Bullguard onto my computer. One other problem is that it asks you if you want "backup", If you do it takes up loads of disc space and slows you computer down. I have used Bulldog before and it worked finne. This 2013 edition is somewhat more complex.
If you purchase the Bullguard direct from Bullguard at their very expensive prices then you should be okay but if like me you have purchased it through Amazon because it it at least £20 cheaper then expect problems when you try to load it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I must admit I often come back to Bullguard for the peace of mind and the cost and the efficiency at which it works and it works well.

It is easy to install and easy to walk through the registration if you haven't already got an account with them, well its easy if you have too.

It is unintrusive and never slows my computer down while it scans, but I like to leave it and go off and do other things. It never finds anything but then it shows it never lets anything bad through.
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on 4 July 2013
I've used a number of different Internet Security programmes over the years, usually having to switch because the 'renewal' is so expensive - i.e., it's cheaper to buy a new product altogether.

Since installing Bullguard, I've had nothing but problems. My computer is generally slower, which I guess I can live with. However, when using an open source software programme, it slows down almost completely and then freezes after about 5 minutes - meaning having to 'force reboot' each time. If I switch off the Firewall, the programme works fine - yet on checking the Firewall settings, the same programme is shown as one that is 'allowed', which means there's no reason why Bullguard should be interfering with it! My wife has also found that when playing a simple game like Solitaire, which is part of the standard free games supplied in Windows, the computer shuts itself down after about 20 minutes - again, something that never happened before we installed Bullguard.

It might work for some, but not for me. I shall be uninstalling it at the earliest opportunity.
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VINE VOICEon 3 March 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used just about every Anti-virus Product that's been released over the past years and they all constantly improve and tend to leapfrog one another adding more and more features.The problem is some then tend to slow your machine down.I used Bullguard a few years ago and loved it.Great interface,automatic updates and no loss of speed on your Computer.This release is even better than i remember.Full Scans take no time at all.I didn't have a CD drive but that wasn't a problem,i simply downloaded from the web-site and input the purchase code,inside the case, when i launched the Program.Installation was around 15 minutes in total and then it works unnoticed in the background.Brilliant value for money.Highly recommended,simplicity itself.
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on 3 July 2013
Needed an antivirus product and researched via many resources including which and decided on this product. It appears to do what it says it does and have had no problem installing and operating the software
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on 28 June 2013
This is the second year we buy this product for all our 3 office PCs, its so easy to use, we only installed it once the first time we bought second time just added the codes with their online quick help.

This is the only antivirus that did not slow down our PCs. Previously we used Norton, AVG and Kasperski, all were terrible as they slowed our PCs and were super expensive compared to Bullguard.
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