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on 10 October 2017
Having read all of the late James Herbert's books and a lot of Stephen Kings All in paper format. I came across this by chance. This was my first ebook and I didn't know how it would go. Well straight off I was hooked on the story, I just had to read one more page then another. I know when I am reading a good book when I sometimes wake at night and start thinking about what is coming up for the character, how are they going to get out of the situation they have found themselves ECT. Well this book has it all! Really good exciting reading. Can't wait to start on the next one. Thank you for a great read.
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on 30 August 2013
I have recently read all 3 seasons of Yesterdays Gone and am sitting on tenderhooks for the next series. What do I read now Im lost...but wait a zombie series like my all time favourite TV show EVER Walking Dead and like the Hunger Games my alltime fave book EVER!!! Is this too good to be true.
I had to buy this book; but a part of me was already convinced it wouldn't matchup to these award winning books.

WOW I was so wrong, I have just this minute finished reading series 1 of Z2134 its fanbl**dytastic! Great fast paced plot believable characters and not too many characters to have to keep up with like Yesterdays gone.
Z2134 is an easy addictive electronic page turner that I couldn't put down till the last...er...electronic page.
The year of 2134 is strict and cruel and god forbid you cross the government. Three main stories around one family and each quite different from the other and all just as good. Even the supporting characters are interesting and add to each story well.
I can relate to all the characters and I love the similarity of the Hunger games, its no cheap knockoff. The boys have created another masterpiece of serials. They've taken the best parts of Hunger Games which we all loved with cruel twists and run with it adding The Walking Dead's world of zombies and added even more sadistic ideas of making the unlucky contestants kill their team mates.
Those bored with zombies give it a go as its not shoved in your face on every page and their creative style of writing makes this zombie book better than any others you may have read! You will hear the gnashing of jaws in your sleep its so well written. Well done guys you've nailed another great storyline!
Their imagination takes you into mind controlling government's, underground groups and deceit, not knowing who to trust? The boys have added their special imaginative twists that they are well known for which makes this book exciting and soooo addictive. If you loved Hunger Games and love Walking Dead Im sure you'll love this more. Make sure you spare the time to read as you wont want to put this down! I have to read more......But oh no its not out yet... what am I going to do?
Its Available darkness for me next off to click Buy now, I cant believe Im actually paying real money and buying another lol!
I need more zombie mayhem....hurry!!!!
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on 11 April 2013
Those who have read the 'Hunger Games' will immediately recognise the basis of the plot. The Zombie element is an added dimension to explain the isolation of the cities as well as an added and ever constant threat. Something I have never been able to figure out is how do Zombies continue to exist when most food sources (i.e humans) have been absent for so long? Can anyone out there enlighten me?

More brutal and raw than H.G with an 'in your face' approach to the deceit and manipulation by those in absolute power. The myth that provokes the fight for survival, and a promise of a better life if you win, still forms the basis for the rather clever story lines that combine to make the full book a good read. I found some of the characters a bit lightweight and difficult to believe in but that does not mean that I am not eagerly awaiting the next instalment - soon please!
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on 27 August 2013
Are these guys even capable of writing a bad story???? I think not! Zombies have always freaked me out more than anything which is why I was mega excited when I discovered my 2 favourite authors were writing a zombie series! They didn't disappoint! I was suitably freaked and engrossed in all the right places.

These guys are just amazing , they have such a unique writing style and totally compliment each other which I suppose could be quite difficult when writing a book together. I started out being a " Goner" but started to read everything they wrote and now I am a huge fan of whatever they write.

This book is another one of those roller coaster rides and is a complete page turner, the characters are well written and the story flows in true Platt/ Wright style.

NEVER stop writing guys, you are amazing!!!!!!!
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on 14 October 2017
I have only read the first installment of Z2134 buy really enjoyed it and will be completing the series in due course, it is well written with enough stories within stories to keep most people satisfied, throw in a few zombies and who could as for more?!
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on 12 September 2013
When I got my Kindle I was like a kid with a new toy buying any book for 99p. I think this was one of them as normally I would never consider reading anything zombie related.
I was pleasantly surprised. Zombies only play a small part in this post apocalyptic TV survival game story. A hint of the past too as I was reminded of the Roman gladiator duels.
Would recommend for guys who like a mixture of post apocalyptic zombie gore.
Not sure about this series season stuff. Why not just a follow-up novel?
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on 9 April 2013
The best way to describe this book is, "good value for money". It has everything you want from fiction, free from obvious typos and grammar mistakes, moderately entertaining story. No plot holes worth picking up on.

If you like zombies and the hunger games/battle royale, then this will appeal.

I felt that the setting wasn't quite as realised as it could be, the dystopian future didn't feel bleak enough, ironically, but whilst I realise I don't sound enthused, there are definitely worse ways to spend your time than reading this story.
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on 6 November 2013
Yeah I know - 'Zeke' books are like weeds, they pop up everywhere like last year's Vampires. This however is a very readable twist on the genre with a portion of Hunger Games chucked in the mix. There's a few dismissive reviews on here and admittedly Shakespeare it ain't - it's shamelessly derivative pulp horror fiction! Mr Wright however does keep his storyline trotting along nicely with enough interest and excitement to make one forgive the heavy leaning on Running Man, Logan's Run, Hunger Games etc. 2134 is a decent bedtime read that cleverly slots itself in amongst the world those stories created so brilliantly. I'm a sucker for a trilogy and I wish I had held back till 2135 & 2136 had been published so I could binge!
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on 12 October 2017
Awful. So poorly written I barely made it past the first chapter. Glad it was free because I would have felt robbed otherwise!
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on 5 March 2014
Take 1984, add The Walking Dead, season with The Running Man and stir in more twists than the Amalfi coast road and you have an irresistible smorgasbord of modern dystopia. The individual elements are familiar but combined in a new and exciting format. The authors have taken what we all know and turned it into a great story. Can't wait for the next book.
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