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on 4 June 2018
Moshi iVisor Case for 15 inch MacBook Pro Retina - BlackThe package arrived on time and was undamaged. Putting on the protector was relatively straight forward but a lot of pre cleaning and dust blowing is super necessary because once it's on, it's really difficult to remove/reposition. As it's quite tough and the adhesive is only on the edge, there are no air bubbles to worry about. I had to remove it to remove a speck of dust which got trapped in the middle of the screen at just the point I put the protector on. A little cursing and fiddling later I got it off and blew away what dust I could see and put the protector back on. It now looks great.

But.... This could be a deal breaker for some. It does dim the screen by at least two levels to what your used to, that said you get used to the dimmer light when leaving it on the middle level setting so it really ends up being the normal screen level. The other issue is the darker range for playing videos, especially videos when showing night scenes, unless you looking right at the screen you may some detail as it all blocks together. The remedy, brighten the screen to the max. Not perfect, but a compromise, to achieve some view-ability.

As a retoucher and photographer, this darkness has helped me created better images in photo editing programs as I am acutely aware of blocking in the darks and has helped (in part to remind me of this) so in a way this screen has helped me with this.
Also colour calibrating the screen did shift the tone slightly from the original glossy screen so there may be a slight colour cast inherent.

One last thing the keyboard keys will rub on the protector and leave marks on it. I suggest getting some grease proof paper or softer lint free cloth (super thin) to put in between the keyboard and the screen to save you having to wipe the screen more often.

All in all a choice and necessary purchase for me, but not without it's little issues.
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on 18 April 2014
Having purchased a new 15" Macbook Pro with the Retina scree, I was looking for a good product to take the hopeless shine off the mirror screen.

Where I use the laptop at home means the sun and daylight is coming over my shoulders and was turning the screen into a useless shiny surface, and the contrast between the shiny screen areas and those in some shade was awful.

This iVisor does the trick and turns the screen into the much loved matt screen of my original Powerbook that I had had for over 6 years.
The iVisor is quite "stiff" and therefore easy to apply first time, no air bubbles.
Although expensive compared with others, it is a good sturdy product worth the 5 stars. Have been using it for 4 weeks now and very pleased with it.
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on 16 May 2016
I don't usually write reviews but credit is due where it is due!

I've spent a good deal of time and money trying to install screen protectors on my mac to reduce glare (and hopefully be able to work outside now the weather is getting good), and regardless of how long or carefully I applied the things I'm always left with lots of little bubbles under the film that no amount of careful coaxing with a store card or other hard plastic would shift.

The Moshi was more expensive than the rest but its worth it - it just works - clean the screen, stick it on, no bubbles, no smoothing it out.
Just job done. Some people have said about it distorting the display but I cant see any particular issues.

Wish I bought this in the first place :)
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on 8 May 2017
Works great. Creates a matt screen that's somewhat dust prone and carries a pale imprint of my silicone keyboard protector though it's easily cleaned. I wouldn't be without this on what are now astronomically expensive laptops that need to maintain their value for resale or redistribution purposes.
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on 2 March 2015
This makes my screen look MUCH nicer! The glare is basically all gone and it no longer has visible fingerprints everywhere. It also makes me feel much safer using my MBP as I'm no longer worried about the screen getting scratched from dirt on the keyboard getting ground into the screen while it's closed (this happened to me before; luckily Apple replaced the screen).

The screen does look very slightly grainy. White backgrounds have a very slight texture to them rather than being pure white. So if you need your screen to look perfect this might bother you, but compared to glare, fingerprints, and scratches and dents from the keyboard I much prefer the way my screen looks with this cover on it.

It was extremely easy to install and since it's only sticky at the edges you don't need to worry about bubbles when applying.
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on 19 March 2015
Fabulous screen protector. I am delighted with the quality of this and have no issues with the way my retina screen looks with the cover on. I cannot tell that the screen cover is there, and neither could my son when he used my laptop.
The installation of the protector was really easy. The easiest screen protector I have ever fitted. Delighted with my purchase. A Big Thank you. It was worth ever penny.
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on 22 May 2017
Very happy with Moshi iVisor Case for 15 inch MacBook Pro, it does a great job diffusing reflections. Having the word 'Case' in the name is probably misleading, it's a matt screen protector. I use my MBP for coding - I have lots of windows open with small fonts, and the iVisor has no impact on readability for me.
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on 27 September 2015
I am writing this review after more than a year using this screen protector, which i got for my 15" retina, it is a game changer, i would recommend it to anyone who wanted to get rid of the glare ... is gives your screen a unique matt finish, excellent.
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on 7 December 2015
If you're just looking to remove the glare on your screen or generally prefer matte screens, there's not many better options than this. As others have mentioned, there is a fairy minor but noticeable drop in brightness but that's to be expected for screen covers. I've been through a lot of products similar to this, most do share some issues but few are as easy to apply without adhesive and to be fair, I'll accept the minor shortcomings as it is an effective product.
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on 17 April 2013
I did a lot of internet research before purchasing this item. I read some reviews reporting that the quality of the retina display is reduced. The only thing I can tell you is that I am very glad I decided to buy it. The quality of the image is acceptable for me, and the glare has gone away by more than 80%!! Just like using an anti-glare screen. I give 4 stars because it is a little expensive... (For the history, I have not used other anti-glare films like that, so I cannot make any comparison, I am just happy I purchased this one).
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