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on 23 May 2013
The second novel in the Walking Dead adaptations, The Road to Woodbury does not disappoint. Following on from the climactic end to Rise of the Governor, this Walking Dead novel takes it into the Governor's community as Lilly becomes the latest inhabitant.
As the novel begins, Lilly is living in a makeshift encampment with her friend Josh. Josh is busy hammering stakes into tents to secure the area when the dead attack the compound. Josh is left to tackle the onslaught as Lilly runs and hides, unable to face the threat. But as the threat is soon dealt with and Josh emerges unscathed, Lilly can't cope with the guilt of leaving him to defend himself. By some miracle, Lilly saves a few children hiding with them, but one of the teenagers is turned, and the father blames Lilly for being unable to save his girl. During the funeral he takes her aside and attacks her, breaking her ribs and Josh dives in to protect her. Following these events, Josh, Lilly and a small number of survivors leave the compound and head off in the wilderness, which will lead them eventually to Woodbury.
All of this action takes place in just a couple of chapters, and this is just right, as their arrival at Woodbury and the development of that community is what grips the reader. The threat of winter is approaching, the small group entering Woodbury has nothing, and they have to rely on the community to keep them warm, safe and alive, away from the walking dead.
This novel is very much about establishing the character dynamics as much as the action taking place. Speaking of action; it is bloody, visceral and brutal. Yet the text itself is also poetic and poignant at times. Bonansinga's text, in conjunction with Kirkman's story creates a truly enjoyable background to the comic books and the TV series, enabling us more insight into the Governor's motivations, the depth of variety of characters in Woodbury and the tension slowly building in the compound.
Lilly, who is the focus viewpoint of the novel, grows into a strong, powerful woman who jumps up from the page, just as Josh, who is physically powerful, is quite a gentle character yet a vibrant presence in the novel. At the end of the book characters have changed, developed and adopted new priorities. This is a good, solid adaptation that adds to the whole Walking Dead universe.
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on 27 December 2014
Great back story that fits perfectly with the TV program. Its nice to get a back story to what made the Governor the man he is. Brilliantly played in the series by David Morrissey. If you are a zombie fan you will love this.
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on 9 March 2017
Very fast delivery, new book, didn't like the story!
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on 13 December 2013
absolutely perfect - great series. can not wait for the last part now. highly recommend read - could not put the book down
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on 31 July 2013
The Graphic Novels many years agao were my first introduction into the world of Walking dead. Since then a great T.V show and now the Novels by Kirkman. Big fan of the Zombie genre, probably the best books ive read of this type, great chracters, story. You should read.
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on 23 January 2014
Great book good for fans of the series it answers a few questions from book one and explains what happened to Lily from walking dead the game
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 September 2016
Being a Walking Dead obsessive, I was pleased to discover these books; no, they're not those awful book-from-the-TV-series written by some-screenwriter-who-can't-get-any-screenwriting-work, but actually written by the man himself, Kirkman, the creator; they're not the story you see on the AMC series but the one in the comics, which has certain similarities to the TV series and some same/similar characters. I was glad about this in many ways, as I haven't read all the comic books and I didn't know what was going to happen!

This story is much, much darker than the one on TV, and Woodbury a much more scary place, as though all the worst characters have got themselves in one place. Not so viewer-friendly at all! The book starts off with main character Lilly in a camp that goes wrong, then leaving to go on the road with Josh (who reminded me of Tyreese) and Bob Stookey, who is nothing like the Bob Stookey in the AMC series apart from the fact that he's a nice guy who has a drink problem. Eventually, they end up at Woodbury. It's all most sinister and dangerous, but I was glad to see Martinez there as a 'goodie'; I always thought he would have been one of the decent guys if fate had dumped him with Rick's crowd instead of The Governor's.

I really enjoyed this book, the tension and suspense made me abandon the other things I should have done this afternoon, and I'm now going to start the next in the series - The Fall of The Governor, in which, I believe, some of the characters we know and love will appear.
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on 3 July 2013
A different angle on the Walking Dead Universe which gets a thumbs up from this fan of the comic and the TV show. As such it is limited by certain constraints (eg I know which characters are definitely going to survive!) - but yet it still manages to be an enthralling read (and is a distinct improvement on the 'Rise of the Governor').

The main character, Lilly, is an engaging young woman with many of the frailties that one would expect of anyone thrust into a Zombie Apocalypse, and as so instantly grabs the reader's attention as we live through the increasingly bleak world along with her.

All in all this is a good read even if you aren't familiar with the WD World, and works just as well as a one-off read - 4 stars out of 5. It loses one point for a rather weak ending which feels somewhat forced.

NB - There are a few concepts which TWD and other Zombie stories haven't covered which I'm saving for my own Zombie novel when I get around to it!
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on 31 July 2013
the walking dead, road to woodbury is a good read if you like zombie's and the walking dead season's you should enjoy the book. the reason I think its a 3 star is because I enjoyed it more when the characters are on the road, I enjoyed the 1st book more because of this.
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on 19 July 2013
We all know that some people are born with a lack of fear and a strong instinct to survive; and some are not.

Lilly's journey within the book is somewhat padded out but the emotions and details are somewhat necessary to really put you in her shoes.

As for the events in Woodbury, it gives an additional insight into the Governor and I did enjoy the book but it could have been better.

It is worth the read but it doesn't have that re-read factor to it.
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