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on 15 February 2013
I have had a lot of tablets, computer and ultrabooks over the years and this, despite the fact it is both a tablet and ultrabook is the most practice I have every used. Its a stunning piece of kit, beautifully built, crisp large display, accurate touchscreen and that fantastic windows 8 operating system which is faster, more secure and more up to date than 7, what with the marketplace store you can download loads of apps and games from. The keyboard is very good, nice sized keys and a beautiful backlit keyboard that is very clear. It is very fast. I had an Acer iconia w700 which also had an i3 processor, but as I have found out, not all the same CPU's are made the same. The one used in this Toshiba is a lot more powerful and very capable. It plays HD videos brilliantly, apps start up near instantly and the boot up time from cold is 6 seconds thanks to the SSD. The speaker quality is acceptable for a tablet, the audio quality for earphones and headphones is very loud and adjustable via dolby SRS EQ. The tilting display is really great, it nearly goes to 90 degreees and is very solid and easy to pull out. The mouse pad is small but accurate and definitely usable. The battery life lasts me all day on balanced setting and I am constantly watching videos and word processing. Its not as heavy as one would imagine and its very well balanced. The only slight gripe I have is the windows button on the display is a bit mushy, it might get better over time, but this is just something to point out, not a bad point at all. It is fantastic. The best all round package I have ever used. Much better than any macintosh, much higher specs at a 3rd of the price.
UPDATE**** - Two weeks have no passed since having this computer and I am even more in love with it. It is a genuine alternative to a laptop. Its lightweight and very portable. One thing I must mention it the Wi-Fi antenna on this computer is one of the strongest I have ever encountered. Like I mentioned before about me having an acer iconia w700, I could not use it for love nor money due to the useless wi fi reception on it, I blamed this on my provider and all sorts, but as I found out with this Toshiba, it was the tablets very poor wi fi adapter. This Toshiba uses an Intel antenna which is by far the most stable I have ever used We have solid brick walls about I foot thick and the wi fi single rarely drops on bar. It is as fast 20 feet away from the router than it is 6 inches away from it. It is fantastic for the internet thanks to that great reception. Videos, application start up and run very smoothly, it is silent, the fan rarely cuts in, and this keyboard is so very good once you have adjusted to it. Fantastic piece of kit.
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on 4 August 2013
The laptops great, certainly better, faster, smaller and lighter than my last one, and Windows 8.1 is a dream come true. the only issues for me being the brightness, and back camera, but aside from that I'm fine. Can't forget to mention how sexy the magnesium chassis is. Though I would like to know why it was strangely reduced so much? I hope they weren't the prototype versions.
EDIT: The lower front bumper has come off in less than two months.. a production fault? All I know is Toshiba doesn't take it under warranty. Ah well. Anyway in order to keep the laptop running smoothly you MUST make sure you don't install too much bloatware. Intel Core I3 isn't that powerful, its Mac standard, not PC and with the massive selection of software pcs have you need to be careful lest your computer slows considerably, a common fate. If you're as obsessive as me do regularly maintain it with registry cleaners and defragmenters as well. I'm also upgrading the ram and processor in the coming weeks, and eventually will replace with a custom built Gemini Not as pretty but so much more powerful. I hope you guys make the right choice with your laptop based on your needs.
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on 15 April 2014
The SSD is subtier, with only a 300 MB transfer rate, which is pretty bad for an SSD nowadays.
Storage is low
Windows 8 does not function well
Flimsy build quality
Bracket has broken, which means that the screen can tilt and not close properly, or close at a slight angle
2 laptops, safe use, never dropped, bracket just breaks after time
Slow, CPU is very, very bad. They've relied on the SSD alone to make it a fast computer, not the CPU or even the RAM
Bad heating/fan problems, the fans over-react to say the least, the laptop cannot keep cool, it has to constantly turn on and turn off the fans, which gets very annoying.
the only good thing going for it is the fact it still works (Barely)
Toshiba have always been good, but this is a new low
Ultrabooks have failed to satisfy me, i'd rather go with a regular full sized laptop, that would've saved me £400 and had better components. This piece is overpriced garbage.
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on 11 March 2014
the device is powerful and does pretty well its job but what a terrible keyboard! sometimes I have to type the same sentence 3 times because the space bar doesn't depress completely and make the words jammed together. battery life is poor, around 2 hours in normal use, not surprising considering its processor. Good device although useless in absence of an electrical socket.
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on 28 March 2014
This seemed to be working fine to start with, however the screen stopped working. I paid £50 for a service and it still doesn't work. Toshiba say I need to go back to windows 8, even though it was working ok for a while on 8.1.
Really not very happy with this at all as it looks unlikely to resolve.
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on 7 January 2014
The company sent the computer the next day on normal carriage and the computer is terrific value with back lit keys.
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on 3 May 2013
Good points = display, touch screen, keyboard (backlighting a nice touch). Week points = the OS, the absence of either RJ45 or Dsub VGA ports, the touch pad, size, weight

MS have once again wished on the paying public an OS not yet out of Alpha testing. Generally, we expect the new one to better than the one it replaces but MS will have no truck with such conventionaly thinking. So, some of the things Win 8 won't do are maintain a wireless network connnection for more than a few minutes, hold up a VPN connection for even as long as that, and support VGA over the HDMI port. This last is a major bummer as it means the laptop can't connect to 95% of projectors.The OS is shockingly badly documented so I can't work out if the problem is fundamental or simply a configuration issue.

The touch pad is hard to use with any precision particularly for mouse click simulation. The unit is really bigger and heavier than I wanted but manufacturers seem to have decided that the 10 -11in bit of the market is not reserved for tablets.

Might be OK when MS release a working version of Win 8 but right now this is a disappointing machine
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