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on 18 August 2013
I’ve had this monitor for just over a month before writing this review and I can say it does everything I need from a monitor very well. But there is a big concern about Dell’s warranty policy that you should be aware of before purchasing this item that I will get to at the end of this review if you read nothing else read that.

I wanted a monitor that would be suitable for a variety of tasks, gaming, surfing, photo and video work along with word processing. If you’re really into your photo and video editing or a heavy gamer you may want to look else where but for me it does everything I ask of it perfectly well.

Do a search for reviews and make your decision based on your needs.

I dislike the AG (anti glare) coating on monitors some are really heavy but this monitor has a glass panel that covers the screen and the bezel and it makes colours really pop and text is very clear. But be aware that this glass finish brings with it the problem of reflections from your surroundings and back lighting. The monitor also has very limited connection options, does not swivel into portrait mode or have a height adjustable stand it does tilt though.

I was fully aware of the monitors specifications good and bad before purchasing and so should you if you do your research first and make sure it’s the monitor for you.

Ok the big caveat to recommending this monitor is Dell’s warranty policy and the reason I would probably not buy any other Dell product again until they sort it out. This monitor is supposed to come with a Dell 3 years Limited Hardware Warranty in the UK but try registering the product and this is what happened to me.

I tried to register the product with Dell online but you need a service tag number and the monitor does not come with one as it was not bought direct from Dell. So phoned Dell’s support number and it was answered I think from India and that presented a problem in understanding between the two parties on the registration of the monitor.

In the end I was told that as the monitor left Dell’s facility several months previously I only had 2 years and 7 months warranty left on the product and was given a service number as proof of my registration.
The conversation beyond this point was pointless as the other person was just sticking to Dell’s policy. Basically Dell deems the warranty to start from the time it leaves their facility.

I had no luck entering the service number I had been given on Dell’s web site it would not recognise it. I have kept copies of my purchase records but have little faith in Dell if I do in fact ever have a problem.

Amazon were absolutely first class when I contacted them about this problem and even offered me the option to return the monitor but I like it that much that I have decided to keep it and I’ll cross any bridges if or when I have a problem.

I find it hard to recommend this monitor without reservation because of the Dell’s warranty policy and procedure and my lack of faith in it, I will give it 4 stars for the monitor alone but please be aware of Dell’s policy before purchasing.
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on 6 August 2013
I use my PC for a wide range of purposes but my main consideration when buying a monitor has been the editing and printing of photographs. I had been happily using a Dell U2410 for some 18 months.

Recently I started to use the monitor to watch TV and video and was disappointed with the loss of detail in the shadows. I recall watching some particularly long, dark scenes in the BBC TV series "The Fall" ... ... I couldn't see what was happening !

After some research it became apparent that whilst an excellent monitor, my U2410 did not have the depth of contrast I wanted.

Research revealed that contrast is a contentious issue, Manufacturers use different criteria to arrive at competitively high specifications. Eventually I came across the website TFT Central, ([...] where a wide range of monitors are independently reviewed and tested and it's possible to make meaningful comparisons.

The Dell S2440L has a particularly high contrast specification, which I can now confirm from personal experience, is justified. After using an Eye One colorimeter to calibrate the monitor, video and photo images were the closest I have seen to a high quality photo print, and that includes previously unseen shadow detail.

I was also delighted to discover that my occasional headaches and eyestrain had disappeared. Previously I had put this down to too much time spent at the monitor, but an excellent article in TFT Central explains how, until recently, most monitors have used Pulse Width Modulation to adjust the level of brightness. This causes high frequency flickering and may be responsible for eyestrain in those people who are susceptible. The Dell S2440L is one of a new generation of monitors which do not use PWM.

Unfortunately there are some compromises to accept, most of these seem to be cost saving measures, and I would personally have been happy to have paid the extra, had a choice been available:

First up, is the stand, which has no height adjustment. I can live with no rotation adjustment, because the footprint of the base is small, and the monitor is light and easy to swivel, but I do miss the height adjustment.

The second compromise is the lack of a USB hub and card reader. I have always found it convenient to be able to plug a keyboard, mouse, printer or camera card into the monitor rather than having to bend down to plug into my PC.

A third consideration which could be critical for some users, is the limited number of input connections: 1 x HDMI and 1 x D sub (VGA). I can live with this, but there are many households with a variety of games consoles, PCs and laptops who would want more than two inputs. There is also, only one signal cable included with the monitor (VGA).

I had anticipated that I would miss the extra screen height which I had found useful with the U2410. Both models are 24ins monitors but the U2410 is 16:10 format whilst the S2440L has the more common widescreen, 16:9 format. In the event I soon adjusted to the change, and it became a plus when viewing videos, as they now fit the screen: No more black bars at the top and bottom.

I have left the most striking issue till last. The S2440L has a glass front. For me this enhances the design. The glass is edge to edge and covers a narrow black bezel. This is coupled with a piano black base which makes for a pretty classy appearance. I found myself comparing the S2440l with the much more expensive glass fronted, Apple monitors.

The glass front contributes to the deep contrast, but mirror like relections can appear on dark images which are distracting. I would certainly caution any potential buyer to consider how much control they have over postion in relation to windows and room lighting before switching from a matt screen to a glass fronted monitor.

To summarise, I have been delighted by a significant improvement in image quality and an equally significant reduction in eye strain. I would not want to return to the U2410, but I do spend more of my time adjusting curtains and room lighting to minimise relections. I could be tempted to upgrade again, if Dell decide to produce the same monitor with more of the facilities available on the U2410, but for the moment I'm a happy bunny !
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on 28 May 2014
While the image quality is good, the monitor turns off unexpectedly several times per hour. This is extremely annoying as you might be reading or focusing on something and then the image suddenly disappears for 3-10 seconds. I think my hair has gone grey for the number of times this horrible monitor caused me anger.

This problem is documented in this video: [...]

Also, you cannot adjust the height of the monitor, so be prepared to put some books underneath it, but you probably shouldn't buy it in the first place.
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on 29 March 2014
wide screen with excellent resolution. great value for money. be aware that the screen is reflective, not matt so consider where you are going to be using it in relation to light sources.
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on 22 September 2015
Excellent monitor. Considering buying another to replace a second older monitor
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on 9 June 2015
Very good quality picture! I love it.
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on 14 March 2015
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